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    The Pennsylvania Justice Project - A Wrongfully Accused Man's Story

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    It has been about 2 years now, since I began to research and review the facts in the Timothy McEnany case — one of the worst miscarriages of justice in PA history, in my opinion. 

    McEnany was accused of murdering a Hummelstown woman in March, 1993; and despite mishandling and tampering at the crime scene by the victim’s family, gross errors and misrepresentations of so-called “expert witnesses”, and a litany of inconsistencies longer than your arm, McEnany was tried and found guilty of the crime he didn’t commit.

    In this episode, we'll talk about the (poorly) manufactured evidence against McEnany, and the gross inconsistencies in the Commonwealth's case against him. How was this abusrd evidence not challenged? 

    And be sure to tune into our next program, when we take a look at one of the reasons that might have happened... It's called Incentivised Injustice... and it's all too commonplace in Pennsylvania it seems! 

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    Wrongfully Accused / Orphan to Career Success/ Child Centered Divorce Month

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    Author, Nick Yarris,  Entertainment Agent Barb Bailey, & Relationship / Child Centered Divorce expert, Rosalind Sedacca!

    "In The Spotlight" Segment: Traci talks with Nick Yarris
    Nick served 20 years in prison, convicted on charges of rape and murder that he DID NOT commit. He is the author of the book “7 Days to Live” and shares his story of abuse and anger. He is also a strong supporter of education for teens and helping other wrongfully accused inmates



    "Nation of Inspiration" Segment: Renee Ritchey chats with Barb Bailey
    Barb Baily is a successful entertainment agent. However, her life started out being left as infant in a cardboard box inside the front door of the Tally Ho Apartment Building in Wheeling, West Virginia. Barb shares her story of very meager beginnings, the family that took her in, and the determination she had to build her now successful career


    "Talking Expertly" segment:  Traci gets answers to YOUR questions from Rosalind Sedacca

    Rosalind is a Divorce & Parenting Coach and Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network. She is an expert in dating & relationship issues www.childcenteredivorce.com

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    Wrongfully Accused with guest Jennifer Wilkov on Empowered Living Radio

    in Self Help

    Empowered Living Radio host Tori Eldridge chats with Jennifer Wilkov, a business consultant and who was incarcerated in Rikers Prison for a crime she did not commit, about how to embrace life and love it under any circumstance--even when Wrongfully Accused.

    Tori Eldridge is the author of Empowered Living Expanded Edition: A Guide to Physical and Emotional Protection. Visit http://ToriEldridge.com for book, podcasts, and blogs on mindful living.

    Music by Jim Kimo West http://jimkimowest.com 
    Thanks to our sponsor Michael Lowndes and PML Media http://www.pmlmedia.com 
    This podcast is trademarked and copyrighted by Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC http://authorsontheair.com

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    Wrongfully Accused People | K7231

    in Health

    Roy talks about false accusations - if you accuse someone enough times, people will start to believe the lies.


    Callers: A gentleman has been listening to Roy for over 20 years and has recently become very upset over an incident with his son. He is now calling to confess and apologize. 


    Visit http://www.fhu.com for more information, and find out more about Roy Masters' book Meaning and Happiness here. 

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    Wrongfully Accused Wednesdays

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    Your Host BadGirl PollyAnna
    Tonight's WRONGFULLY CONVICTED: ANTHONY BROOM Locked up 30 years ,After reading this Website, you be the Judge – Should Anthony have been convicted of this crime? Better yet, did a crime even occur?

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    Trump Almost Right-Some People Arrested 4 Celebrating 9/11 But They Were Israeli

    in Politics Progressive

    As Donald Trump continues to insist that he saw “thousands” of Muslims cheering the destruction of World Trade Ctr. - let’s pause 2 remember that several Israelis were arrested, eventually deported 4 acting suspiciously on 9/11.

    Trump has said he personally witnessed large numbers of Muslims holding “tailgate parties” in New Jersey on 9/11/01, and his campaign manager suggested that “special interests” who control the media have conspired to bury video footage to back the Republican candidate’s claims.

    The GOP frontrunner has dug himself in so deep defending those claims, which are not supported by law enforcement or media accounts that he mocked a disabled reporter who questioned his recollection.

    Police detained, questioned and eventually released a # of Muslims in New York City area who were accused of behaving suspiciously following the terrorist attacks but investigators found most of those claims to be unfounded.

    A New Jersey woman, however, reported some suspicious men she saw recording video from a moving van that actually did result in arrests.

    Police detained, questioned and eventually released a number of Muslims in the New York City area who were accused of behaving suspiciously following the terrorist attacks but investigators found most of those claims to be unfounded.

    A New Jersey woman, however, reported some suspicious men she saw recording video from a moving van that actually did result in arrests.

    The woman, identified by police and news reports only as Maria, said she spotted three men kneeling on the roof of a white van outside her New Jersey apartment building as she watched the towers burn through binoculars.

    She called police, who arrested 5 men identified as Sivan Kurzberg-Paul Kurzberg-Oded Ellner-Omer Marmari-Yaron Shmuel - not muslim names.

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    Rose Colombo N THe Justice Club/Exclusive Interview/Vico Contino v. Legal Abuse

    in Current Events

    Listen LIve at 9:30am to 10:30am pst on Friday, 11/27/20115, or 12:30pm - 1:30pm est - Post-Thanksgiving Exclusive with Vic Contino, President of Maxell who more than 25 years and now finds himself inside the dark side of justice after being sued by the Glock high profile team of lawyers.  If you've never been inside the web of deception spun by lawyers or read my book, Fight Back Legal Abuse, an Irwin Award WInner, and 5 Star Review, sold around the world then you probably aren't familiar with Chapter 10, Justice for $um and Justice for Some.  Innocent people really do get accused of crimes whether civil or criminal and lives really can be destroyed as well as businesses and families and some people go to jail who are innocent while others can go to their deaths.  It is a frightening system if you are caught up on the dark side and a judge said, "We found her or him guilty at the last hearing" and you weren't notified of the hearing and you are now traumatized.  The deception runs deep  Don't miss this exclusive interview.  Rose Colombo N The Justice Club airs live every MWF from 9am - 10:30 am and 12-1:30pm est - All shows archived at Fredomizer radio or at www.rose4justice.com

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    Beyond The Cover with Cate Holahan and a very special mystery guest

    in Books

    Beyond the Cover is hosted by John Raab and Jeff Ayers. Tonights show we have a very special guest coming in the second half of the show, but first we are very excited to bring on Cate Holahan.

    Cate Holahan "Dark Turns": 

    When young New York City ballerina Nia Washington is sidelined by a broken heart and a bruised Achilles tendon, she escapes to an easy teaching gig at a posh upstate boarding school to heal. 

    But when she discovers the body of a murdered student, she also discovers the dark side of this beautiful lakeside campus.

    Drawn into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with a ruthless killer,

    Nia must use her street-smarts to protect her dancers, save a wrongfully accused pupil, rescue the man she loves, and identify the murderer before she becomes the next victim. 

    It’s a fight to the finale—one dark turn at a time. 

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    in Women

    But it’s a special kind of hell for men and women thrown behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit. Imagine serving a life sentence – or even awaiting execution – knowing that you are the lone voice among thousands who is actually telling the truth when you cry out, “I didn’t do it!”
    In Stolen Years: Stories of the Wrongfully Imprisoned, nationally recognized journalist Reuven Fenton takes a candid look into the lives of ten remarkable individuals from across the country who fended off the  blackest despair to keep fighting for their freedom. Once out, they faced a new struggle: getting back to living after losing so many years behind bars.


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    Wedding Crasher Caught The Garter, Then Received A Beatdown By Groom

    Pregnant mom fatally stabbed by woman who cut child out of her womb

    Man Accused Of Beating Up Girlfriend For Refusing To Smell His Armpit

    Female babysitter, 21, charged with abducting two-year-old girl from her bed

    Teenager, 18, brutally murdered her cousin, 17, with a kitchen knife during a sleepover

    Accused Flasher Says He Was Trying To Remove Bug

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