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    Catch up with Kori

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    Join Kori as she tells you what you missed and what's happening next.
    Kori's chatting with the creative minds behind Writer.Ly. They've hosted a few great hangouts on Google+, but what else do they do? Listen in to find out!

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    Interview with Author, R. Kayeen Thomas

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    Antebellum by R. Kayeen Thomas When R. Kayeen Thomas published his first book, LIGHT: Stories of Urban Resurrection, while still a junior in college, award winning author, Kwame Alexander had this to say about the budding literary sensation: “So deft, so cool, so unashamedly  writerly, he just may be the most gifted author under twenty-five in America.” His sophomore offering, ANTEBELLUM (July 2012; ISBN: 978-1-59309-425-6-1 $15.00/$17.00 Can.), promises to solidify his place in the literary landscape. In a story reminiscent of the late Octavia Butler’s Kindred, ANTEBELLUM’S fluid language and intriguing story line will challenge reader’s beliefs on what it truly means to be enslaved in the 21st century. R. Kayeen Thomas is one of Washington, D.C’s hottest writers.  Having lived in the nation’s capital since the age of 3, he self-published his first book, Light: Stories of Urban Resurrection, during his junior year at Carleton College in Northfield, MN.  Upon returning home to D.C to market his first work, Thomas sold 1,000 copies of his book in the Washington Metropolitan area before returning back to finish his undergraduate studies.  Now, at age 27, he is an author, poet, playwright, hip-hop artist, journalist, and social justice advocate.  He resides in Southeast D.C. with his wife and daughter.  

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    Recalibrating Writing/Life Balance in a Digital World

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    Bestselling author Dani Shapiro and She Writes Founding Partner Deborah Siegel contemplate the precarious balance of being a writer while living this social media-filled life.  How do you carve out time when Facebook and email beckon? Does your outer atmosphere reflect your inner writerly needs? Listen for thoughts from two wired authors, both currently between books, on the quest for quiet.  
    Dani Shapiro is the bestselling author of the memoirs Devotion and Slow Motion, and five novels including Black & White. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Los Angeles Times, and more, and has been widely anthologized. She has taught at Columbia, NYU, The New School and Wesleyan University, and is co-founder of the Sirenland Writers Conference. She is a contributing editor at Travel + Leisure. 
    Deborah Siegel, PhD, founding partner of She Writes, is an expert on gender, politics, and still-evolving feminism. She is the author of Sisterhood, Interrupted: From Radical Women to Grrls Gone Wild, co-editor of the anthology Only Child: Writers on the Singular Joys and Solitary Sorrows of Growing Up Solo, founder of the blog Girl w/Pen, and co-founder of the webjournal The Scholar & Feminist Online. Her work has appeared in venues including The Washington Post, Ms., The Huffington Post. In The Pink and Blue Diaries, Deborah blogs about gender, parenthood, writing, and life. 

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    OUTing The Music Industry w/ Raspin and Tom Kidd

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    “A tremendously soulful singer and songwriter who has been described in recent reviews as a force ‘of nature’ who is ‘in the business of show stopping,” by:Paul Zollo songtalk/blueline
    Eclectic song stylist Raspin Stuwart who, on this CD "We Do What We Do", takes so many approaches in his song writing that critics have said, "his songs place a premium on intelligent lyricism, demonstrating a clear and almost writerly (as in print) sensitivity- an all original catalog that bears an eye opening, ear opening blend of influences." The songs are perfectly suited to such environments as Los Angeles and New York, reflecting diverse cross-cultural song writing and performing-having a life outside of what could be contemporary. Acoustic folk pop, jazz, R & B, even sprinkled with a touch of gospel--it's all in the music and is created out of a spontaneous energy that is very much Rapin's stylized original vocal and performances trademark. That's why Raspin's adult contemporary music with an offbeat twist is appealing and has an impact on listeners.
    Having worked in public relations for over a decade, and having been a journalist for more than 20 years, Tom Kidd knows that it’s not so much the people you know as the people who know you. Working full time in public relations, Tom has been instrumental in the Oscar nomination campaigns for the scores to “The Passion of the Christ” and “March of the Penguins.” In addition, he has helped drive the successful Grammy nomination campaign for Chris Walden’s “Home of my Heart.” Through the years, Tom had worked with clients including Sixties acid guru Dr. Timothy Leary and Eighties Grammy winners Men At Work. His work as a journalist continues to appear in Music Connection, Gorgeous, Boulevard and Long Beach magazines.