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    Author Ellen Reid on Write Now Radio!

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    Viki Winterton interviews Ellen Reid! 

    Ellen Reid is a Book Shepherd, an author, and a speaker who practices what she preaches. Her primary focus is assisting authors in starting their own independent publishing company and producing a book that will represent the excellence of their message. She does this with an uncanny ability to get inside her clients’ minds, grasp their vision, then guide them in creating materials that take them to levels beyond what they had imagined possible.

    She has steadily built her reputation as one of the field’s premiere Book Shepherds by consistently producing top quality, often award-winning books for authors who chose the lucrative indie publishing approach to getting their books to the public. She is able to do that because her unique background gives her the experience and vision to assemble a creative team and, through her direction, inspires them to exceed the vision of her clients.

    Also her book, Putting Your Best Book Forward: A Book Shepherd’s Secrets for Producing Award-Winning Books that Sell has won several awards. She sponsors the National Indie Excellence Awards now in its 9th year. Ellen makes her headquarters in Southern California and serves clients worldwide.


  • Adding Realism to Your Book -- Write Stuff -- 10/13/2015

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    I read a historical romance set in the early 1800's England. I enjoyed the story of the book but there were some major problems with it -- it wasn't set realistically in the 1800's. There were words and phrases that were modern to the 21st century reader but not appropriate for the locale of the story. For someone who used to read giant, thick historical romances where the author entrenched you in the time period you were lost in, that lack of attention to detail did not allow me to enjoy it as much.

    Realism isn't just about dealing with tough subject -- it's also immersing your reader into the world. Whether it's a ball at the Duke's house or a Martian colony on the Red Planet, adding realism only helps to strengthen the connection the reader has with your work.

    With me to discuss how we authors can do just that is Dr. Linda Beed. You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/s/7995757. Or, download the WLUV radio mobile app. Tune in!

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    Write a book they say but how do you get started?

    in Current Events

    So what is your book, they say.  Where are you published, some ask.  What is your story is the new mantra.  Have you been hearing all these words and just don't have an answer?  Or do you have tons of pieces of writings that sit in notebooks or on the computer with no power behind them?  Are you totally overwhelmed at the process of putting things together to have a 'book'?  What does having a book on the market mean these days?  Remember the 'old' days when you needed a publisher to 'like' you and give his personal opinion whether or not you would sell?  Gone are those days and none too soon.  Time to release your new story and share you with the world.  Are you ready?  Take a leap!!

    Shanda Trofe, author, publisher and writing coach will be sharing how to take your idea through to a print book with the greatest of ease.  She is the founder of Spiritual Writers Network and Transcendent Publishing and her books are Write from the Heart and Illuminations of the Soul which are great examples of her process in writing.  She also has an online class throughout the year with several other writing ventures you may join at any time.

    For more information visit:  www.ShandaTrofe.com

  • Klarque Garrison of "Survive 365"

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    Mr. 365, D. Klarque Garrison, host of the blog, Survive 365, and the blog talk radio show, Survive 365: The Conversation of Survive 365 discusses his book, How to Survive the Next 365 | Your Lifeline to a Better Life.

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    Author Brian Whetten on Write Now Radio!

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    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

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    Viki Winterton interviews Brian Whetten! 

    By the age of 30, Brian Whetten had received a Ph.D. in computer science from UC Berkeley, raised $20 million for two high tech startups, became an internationally known academic and speaker, made and lost millions three times – and burnt out twice. He had gone from “being the one in high school that the chess team made fun of” to seemingly having it all. Yet he felt miserable. In the midst of an emotional and spiritual crisis, he began reaching out for help, and found his world view shaken to its core. This led to six years of deep inner work and a M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

    Today, Brian delights in doing business in a different, more loving, more purpose-filled way – and in helping others do the same. He specializes in supporting entrepreneurs and executives as they build companies that create both money and meaning. He writes the conscious business column for the Huffington Post and is the author of both Selling By Giving and the book Yes Yes Hell No! The Little Book for Making Big Decisions. Over the last 8 years, he has coached dozens of the top transformational leaders in the industry, and supported thousands of purpose driven professionals on their journey to six and seven figure success.


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    Part Two: How to write a For Dummies book with Gwen Hernandez

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    Hey Behind the Prosers,

    I know you've been waiting for part two of the awesome interview with Gwen Hernandez, and here it is! In this episode we talk about crafting introductions, how the writing software Scrivener helps "plotters" and "pantsers" - (listen to find out which one you are), how Hernandez uses Scrivener to structure her books with four parts, and what about self-publishing appealed to her and how she's done so successfully with her romantic suspense novels.

    I've got many great authors cued up for you in the next several episodes including:

    Dinty W. Moore's Creative Nonfiction Writers' Conference Presentation (Dinty has a great new book out by the way! If you write, you should def add it to your library.)

    Scott Hess, author of the historical novel, The Butcher's Sons

    Sean Ennis, author of Chase Us, a collection of short stories

    Susan Shapiro, New York Times Bestselling author of What's Never Said, a novel 

    You know what to do next: Listen. Learn. Write.

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    How to write a For Dummies book with Gwen Hernandez, Scrivener For Dummies

    in Writing

    Many writers might covet a byline on one of the most popular educational, instructional series ever, the For Dummies line published by Wiley. 

    But not many can snag that gig. For Gwen Hernandez, her story shows how a writer follows a passion that puts her in the “right place at the right time” to compete for a contract on Wiley. In other words, it’s the magic of the universe and Gwen’s quite familiar with the serendipity of things.

    In this candid interview, which will be released in two parts, we break down how Gwen matched the witty and quick voice that is trademark to the stories, how she organized a 400-page book (hint, hint), and whether landing a For Dummies book deal means she’s hit the big time.

    For show links – visit Behindtheprose.com

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    Your Book...Write It Right!

    in Business

    You have ideas strategies and concepts you want to share with the world.  Is a book the best way for you to do that?  How do you start?  Do you self-publish or have someone do it for you?  What are some of the common pitfalls?  How will you effectively promote your book?  You'll get the anwers to all of these questions and many more from author coach, Jamie Saloff on this week's ediiton of Sales Chalk talk!  Don't miss it!

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    Book Marketing Strategy: The Write, Publish, and Market Approach

    in Entrepreneur

    An author writes books for a myriad of reasons for a plethora of purposes. So, you have been thinking about finally writing that book. What is your why? What are your reasons for wanting to be an author? What result do you expect to occur? Once you have realistically answered these questions, you must then define your target reader, identify apparent niches, and determine your author competitors. In other words, your book marketing strategy is called into action before typing your first book-writing-keystroke. What process might an author use to more accurately determine how their book will be received by the book's target audience? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Author Jackie Lapin on Write Now Radio!

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    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Jackie Lapin! 

    Jackie Lapin is the founder of The Conscious Group of Companies, serving people and organizations that are changing the world. Her companies provide a wide range of resources for authors and businesses to grow and expand their message, influence, client base and sales — one-stop shopping for the Conscious and Transformational marketer!

    Among the Conscious Companies is Conscious Media Relations, a media relations agency specializing in all matters relating to mind/body/spirit and conscious living--with its signature radio media tours introducing authors to more than 3,000 radio hosts who are seeking interviews in personal development, spirituality, wellness and inspired living. 

    Jackie serves her clients by providing comprehensive or à la carte publicity services, but she also creates special resources for those who wish to do their own publicity. Most recently she launched Conscious and Transformational Speakers, a speakers’ bureau designed to advance opportunities for those people yearning to have a wider audience for their message.

    Jackie is also a best-selling author. Her most recent book, Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires (Findhorn Press) was chosen best spiritual book of the year at the International New Age Trade Show.


  • Author, Miranda Parker

    in Books

    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".