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    Botox and Beyond: The Fight Against Wrinkles

    in Entertainment

    Our Quest to Fight Wrinkles Continues with an array of procedures on the menu  and more exciting addtions to come.
    San Francisco Dermatologist, Dr. Vic Narurkar  discusses  the many options available for facial contouring, and what exciting treatments are currently in trials.
    Vic A Narurkar MD, FAAD, a past president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery and co-director of the Cosmetic Boot Camp LLC  is an internationally recognized board certified dermatologist and fellowship trained dermatologic surgeon
     In 2000, he was invited to join the premier cosmetic dermatology  practice of Dr Kathy Fields in San Francisco and now has built a successful practice with an international clientele, limited entirely to cosmetic dermatology.   He is a pioneer of several cosmetic procedures used worldwide and principal investigator for several groundbreaking clinical trials for injectable fillers including Juvederm Voluma XC trial, neuromodulators and energy based devices.   Selected as one of the “Best Doctors In America,”  he  has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business 2.0, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Allure, Vogue, Prevention, Shape and Ladies Home Journal.    

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    How To Get Rid of Wrinkles

    in Health

    On this episode of "Doc Talk", I'll share with you easy, practical ways to keep your skin wrinkle free.  I'll discuss moisturizers, foods for healthy skin, lifestyle tips, sun exposure and much more,

    Also, I'll share some over 30 skin care tips.

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    Secrets to Having the Skin of a Thirty Year Old

    in Health

    Bags, wrinkles, skin tags oh my, you are getting older and your face can scare away the big bad wolf.  Well today we are going to share with you some remarkable beauty secrets using essential oils that will have the big bad wolf chasing you all over again.  There is no reason to look your age when you can give Little Red Riding Hood a run for her money.

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    Scalar Energy Claims to Heal, Balance and Release - Let's See! Tom Paladino

    in Self Help

    Dr. Carol Francis invites Tom Paladino who invented a Scalar instrument based on Tesla Technology.  Scalar treatments claim to promotes health and wellbeing with phenomenal results.  Paladino claims to have successfully used his scalar instrument to remotely disassemble pathogens in the body (including HIV, Herpes, Candida and the Ebola virus.) He also uses the instrument to reassemble nutrients and balance the chakras. The Scientific community has known about Scalar energy for a long time and Governments are using it for their own purposes; however, Tom is a pioneer in Scalar Energy because he is using it to promote health and wellbeing. Tom has also created a Hormone Therapy treatment for both men and women, as well as a Fat Metabolizing treatment which facilitates weight loss without dieting.  

    Here is a sample of the results people have experienced from using Scalar Energy treatments:
    *Disassembling of harmful pathogens in the human body, results indicated by blood tests
    *Feelings of being stronger and younger with greater vigor and vitality
    *Fading of wrinkles and dark spots
    *Softer, clearer skin
    *Weight loss without trying
    *Elimination of Celiac disease related symptoms (I have experienced this myself)
    *Elimination of Psoriasis
    *Negative test results for HIV, Hepatitis C, Herpes, Lyme disease and other previously perceived incurable ailments
    *Deeper, more restful sleep
    *Feelings of being happier and more positive
    *Other results, too numerous to mention

    Join Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, Counselor and Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles Beach Cities area for this intriguing alternative treatment exploration.  

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    L'Dara Anti Aging Serum: 2014's Best by Art Bodega Magazine!

    in Health

    Tired of having tired, wrinkled or spotted skin?  Hear the latest updates from L'Dara's Dr. Sandy who will share how this Gogi Berry anti-aging serum works and how you can have healthier, younger looking skin faster than you ever thought possible!

    Have a question?  Call:  323 657-1493!

    To order L'Dara Anti Aging Serum or to find out more information click here!


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    The Dead Land's Rena Owen Cast in Vin Diesel's The Last Witch Hunter

    in Movies

    Nicholas Snow welcomes celebrated actor Rena Owen back to the show.  Owen became one of New Zealand’s most successful and recognizable Actors on the international film platform following her performance as Beth Heke in Once Were Warriors, New Zealand’s most successful film to date.

    As Frances Morton reports for Stuff.co.nz, "To be an actor in Los Angeles takes hard slog and sacrifice – and though she came close to quitting as recently as August this year, she now feels that after 14 years in Hollywood, she is entering a new stage in her career, finally in demand for roles that tap into her experience.  Donning a short wig and wrinkles, she is unrecognisable in cinemas this month as the grandmother in Maori action film The Dead Lands. Meanwhile, she's filming two major projects back-to-back: she plays a healer in Sundance TV show The Red Road and a modern-day witch in studio film The Last Witch Hunter, featuring Vin Diesel and Michael Caine."

    For everything Nicholas Snow, visit www.NicholasSnowLive.com.

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    Skin Deep - Premature Aging, Wrinkles and Dark Circles...Help???

    in Women

    Expert A's to Your Beauty Q's: Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Spots. Wondering which products work best for reduces signs of aging and lightening unwanted spots? Plus,  What type of foods trigger and/or prevent these annoying skin problems? Lisa Graziano, Holistic Health Pratictioner share all her tips and recommendations on how to improve our skin from within. 

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    LIVE! with Cathi---The skinny on skin!

    in Fitness

    FACE IT...do you like what you see in the mirror?  Mirror, Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all!

    THE FACE is the only part of the body you can't cover.  I know in some cultures, women cover their faces, but let's get past that O.K.

    Research has shown that traumas which happen to us every day, aggravations, injuries, disappointments, improper diet, environmental pollutants as  well as social and family problems become embedded into every cell of our body.  Just as sound waves leave an imprint upon recording tape, these daily events leave a signature upon the human cell.  This is what aging consists of, not the mere flipping of the calender page.


    Techniques that help reduce the residue...etc.

    Skin products designed to work with the...etc.


    Handling skin improperly...etc.


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    "Living Wrinkle Free" Pastor Clara Peters

    in Women

    Join me on Monday, September 22, 2014 at 8:00PM CST 

    i will speaking on Living a Wrinkle Free Life


    You can click the link to listen or you can dial in which you will have a chance to ask a question or make a comment at the end by pressing the the 1 key. I look forward to meeting you on the call. The call in number is 718-508-9987. 

    God Bless You Pastor Peters


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    7 Reasons Why Women Don't Love Themselves Author Kelly Falardeau

    in Women

    When I think of how fussy women are about their looks, it drives me crazy. We aren’t perfect, we never will be and that’s ok. We weren’t made to have perfect bodies, our bodies change constantly. We were made to ‘be’ and ‘look’ different, but because we don’t look like the magazines are suggesting we should look like, that’s ‘not’ ok according to the media and our world.
    In this e-book, I’m here to tell you that the media is wrong and it’s ok to look and be who we want to be regardless of whether you’re a size zero, 10, 24 or 34, whether you have freckles, a big nose, tiny eyes, wrinkles, flabby arms, bone rack, rolls of fat or not. You are ok no matter what the media says and you need to stop letting the media control your thoughts because they aren’t the ones living your life, you are!

    Kelly Farladeau Website

    click here

    Kelly Falardeau is a burn survivor since the age of two-years-old on 75% of her body and constantly struggled with her self-worth and confidence. She found a way to go from near-death to success; from the ugly scar-faced girl to the Top 10 Most Powerful and Influential Speaker, Fierce Woman of the Year, an International Best-Selling Author (4x), recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and most recently a YWCA Woman of Distinction. You have to ask yourself how? How did a burn survivor who constantly struggled with rejection, staring and teasing burst through all the negativity in her life to succeed? You have to hear her speak or read her books to learn the stories of how she did it.

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    Wrinkles Don’t Hurt: Aging Mindfully

    in Caregiving

    We all know that as we age we should welcome each day with joy and optimism, but it’s not always easy to know how to get started especially if we suffer from aches and pains or look in the mirror and wonder what on earth happened to that young person who used to stare back at us.
    Ruth Fishel’s latest book, Wrinkles Don’t Hurt, is not only inspirational and loaded with practical suggestions, but it acts as a gentle guide coaching us in how to use the power of our mind to learn to live each day to the max!
    Joyce talks with Ruth Fishel about aging, especially when one has a serious medical condition or disability.

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