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    What's your Role?

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    Co-host Artemus Scissum & The ShopTalk Crew

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    Tami Ross shares lessons on Diabetes

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       Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes, with 1.7 million new cases diagnosed each year

    -86 million Americans age 20 and older had pre-diabetes in 2012, up from 79 million in 2010

    -Approximately six million Americans use insulin to manage their diabetes*



    Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes, and about six million people use life-saving insulin to manage their diabetes. The disease is complex and often overwhelming, creating barriers that may prevent people with diabetes from enjoying the same opportunities as everyone else.


    Certified Diabetes Educator and Registered Dietician, Tami Ross joins us today to talk about things people with diabetes can do to simplify their lives. Welcome!


    What are some of the challenges people with diabetes face on a daily basis?

    What tips do you have for people to best control their diabetes?

    Can you tell us about the “Dynamic Duos” education campaign and the role diabetes educators play in working with patients?

    Are there new technologies that reduce the steps to insulin injection and conceal the needle?

    How much of a game changer is this new needle where you don’t have to actually see the needle itself? How big of a deal is that for diabetes patients?

    Where can we go for more information?

    Diabetes requires continual blood sugar monitoring, meal planning, exercise and stress management. Medication may be needed for the rest of their lives, including insulin, which often requires multiple injections per day.


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    Player Spotlight: Ross Scheuerman, Lafayette

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    Lafayette running back Ross Scheuerman joins the NFL Draft Bible Player Spotlight Show with host Ric Serritella.

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    Game Talk UFF of America Playoffs

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    Game Talk UFF of America Playoffs

    Our Guest line up:

    Jeffrey Waters: Glynn County Revolution, John Chandler: Treasure Coast Bengals, Timothy Miller: Broward County Barracudas

    2015 Divisional Championship April 18

    Revolution (7-4) - Veterans (10-0) - Franz Ross Park 6:00 PM

    Bengals (9-2) - Ravens (9-1) - Hickory Tree Park 7:00 PM

    Winners will play each other for the North Conference Championship

    Stingrays (8-3) - Blackhawks (8-2) - Betty T. Ferguson Sports Complex 6:00 PM

    Barracudas (9-2) - Browns (10-0) - Joseph C Carter Park 7:00 PM

    Winners will play each other for the South Conference Championship


    Got a favorite game for this weekend.. cast your vote here:2015 Playoffs

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    Junior communications pros play key roles in making the function indispensable.

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    Junior communications pros play key roles in making the function indispensable.This is Part 3 of a RossTalk Extra for the week of April 13, 2015.  In RossTalk, strategic communications consultant Gary M. Ross takes a brief look at issues in the news and how they relate to best practices in communications. New episodes are usually posted on Mondays. www.garymross.com   @garyrosschicago

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    Music with a Message with Champale Parks

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    Music with a Message with Champale Parks

    Stay tune to be bless with the talents of Tawana Ross: a Ministrer, a Christian Artist, and a woman of God. She join Champale Parks as they bless us with Music with a Message.

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    NBA Full Court Press is back after a few weeks away with Our Playoff Preview!

    Danny Thompson (@nbadt29) is talking everything trade deadline, with some of the best columnists, beat writers and NBA Personalities in the game. You never know who will call in and talk NBA with Danny

    Tonight's Guests include

    Ric Bucher (SirusRadio Host, Bleacher Report Writer and NBA Insider)

    Rosalyn Ross (Yahoo Sports and LadySingsTheSports.com Founder)

    Jason Patt (Managing Editor for Today's Fastbreak and Contributor for SB Nation)

    Ronald Agers (ESPN TrueHoop Writer)

    Randy Zellea (BackSportsPage Founder)

    Call in at 347-857-1947 or join us on the chat on blogtalkradio.com/happyhournetwork

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    DIAMOND SHOW "Spring Roundup" Special Guest '19 Cody Ross (OLSH) PA

    in Sports

     We are pleased bring to you Diamond In The Rough Football Recruiting Show! Our live weekly talk show on blogtalk radio! Join us as we discuss the real deal regarding football recruiting. Join Host Robert Denson aka Coach D on Sunday,Wednesday, Thursday at 6:30PM-7:00 PM EST.

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    Bonnie Kaye's Straight Wives Talk Show featuring Therapist/Author Ross Rosenberg

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    Tonight Bonnie Kaye welcomes Ross A. Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT is the owner and works in Clinical Care Consultants,a counseling center in the northern suburbs of Chicago. A psychotherapist since 1988, he is considered an expert in codependency, sex and love addiction, and Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorders.

    Ross has earned an international reputation as the go-to therapist for some of the most challenging cases/clients. Ross's psychotherapy style has been described as supportive, solution-focused, analytical and educational, while also being warm, intuitive, healing, spiritual and compassionate. He believes that "for every problem, there is a solution; and within the safety of a trusting and respectful therapeutic relationship lies the power to overcome the most seemingly overwhelming obstacles."

    His bestselling and award winning  book "The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us" is an excellent resource for women going through co-dependency issues. Many of our straight wives suffer from this. Ross's work has been highlighted on various TV programs including ABC Late Night and Fox News.He is a regular contributor for  The Huffington Post. Ross also has a Youtube channel which highlights his work on codependency, narcissism and sex addiction, will reach one million views (3,000/day) by January of 2015. His website is http://www.rossrosenbergtherapy.com. 

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    Cray Cray Hump-Day. Episode 19

    in Entertainment

    Today's discussion topics include:

    *Arron Hernandez's 1st degree murder conviction and upcoming trials he will be facing.

    *NBA Playoff Picture, whos in and who's out and Predictions from our show hosts.

    *Drake and Madonna's make out session

    *Upcoming shows in the central florida area and surrounding areas.

    *Also the latest and greatest in the music industry with the newest releases from Lil Wayne, Tyler the Creator, Drake and many more artist who aren't Rick Ross or soulja boy because those two suck. just saying.

    * Todays debate : Religion in schools


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    Authentic Woman: Turning What You Have Into What You Need To Survive & Thrive!

    in Moms and Family

    Join Chloé Taylor Brown, host of Bread-Winning Moms with Chloé as she connects with Jeri Ross, an authentic woman who knows how to turn her thoughts into things and into a business. This is what Jeri is doing today with CelluliteRx, a clinical body care product and an international sensation that for more than eight years has been helping women look and feel better about their bodies. Jeri is the CEO/President of Institut' DERMedbody and has personally attended CelluliteRx launch events in America, France, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, and soon in Brazil! 

    Chantel Thompson, Director of Client Engagement for Sweet Job Spot and recurring contributor for Bread-Winning Moms with Chloé shares new trends in careers for bread-winning moms, working women and women business owners.

    Chloé Taylor Brown’s step-by-step program, How To Discover Your Authentic, Innermost Self is a progressive, powerful way to start thinking, feeling, being and acting more authentic every day to be more you, more attractive and more beautiful, from the inside out.  Tweet Chloé @ChloeTBrown

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