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    Wraith Radio

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    The Wraith, and D.J. Austin do the very first Wraith Radio Show. Check it out, were gonna have news, music, and everything that has to do with entertainment. Only on Wraith Radio.

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    Jan. 6, 2016, 10pm (PDT) - Time Travel, The John Titor Story with Mike Sauve

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    The story and legend of the unknown man nicknamed John Titor took the Conspiracy and Time Travel groups by storm from 2000 to 2001. It was during this time, someone named "John Titor" starting using that name on several on-line bulletin boards claiming to be a time traveler from 2036.


    Titor made numerous predictions about events in the near future, a number of them vague and some quite specific, starting with events in 2004. He described a drastically changed future in which the United States had broken up into five smaller regions, the environment and infrastructure had been devastated by a nuclear attack, and most other world powers had been destroyed.


    Titor claimed to be assigned to a governmental time-travel project. Purportedly, Titor had been sent back to 1975 to retrieve an IBM 5100 computer which he said was needed to "debug" various legacy computer programs in 2036. The IBM 5100 runs the APL and BASIC programming languages.


    Titor had been selected for this mission specifically, given that his paternal grandfather was directly involved with the assembly and programming of the 5100. Titor claimed to be on a stopover in the year 2000 for "personal reasons", to collect pictures lost in the (future) civil war and to visit his family, of whom he spoke often. And then, after about a year of posts, he vanished: disappeared to who knows where?


    Mike Sauve is a big fan of the John Titor story/myth/legend. He has written non-fiction for The National Post, Variety, and HTML Giant. His fiction has appeared in McSweeney’s, Feathertale, Filling Station, and elsewhere. His novella Goodbye Pantopon Rose is available from the Chicago Centre for Literature and Photography. His novels The Wraith of Skrellman and The Apocalypse of Lloyd are forthcoming from Montag Press.

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    Tennessee Wraith Chasers- Ghostland Tennessee

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    Meet the Tennessee Wraith Chasers from the new Animal Planet show called Ghostland Tennessee. Join David Porter and other team members as they talk about filming for television, developing their own experimental devices and other methods and ideas they've had.
    Listen in as they talk about the Devils Toybox built for the show, and then the results they experienced using it. This will be an interview you don't want to miss.
    Tune in live at 7pm Eastern on Thursday May 16th or catch the replay on 95.7 FM Cincinnati Friday May 18th at 8pm Eastern.

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    Ya'll thought it wasn't gonna happen. Ya'll had doubts. Well now The Wraith is here, And Imma show ya what im about. Yes thats right Wraith Radio is gonna be in full effect!

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    What is Project Wraith and Who is the Person Behind it?

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    Sunday, January 20th.... Join Renee as she welcomes The Wraith Project, @ProjectWraith, to her show! So many questions and maybe some answers, as we discuss this project of the unknown!
    Also is Frank Cinelli's. @DrSpectre 's Health Tip of the Week.
    (909)265-9116 Press 1 to join in the conversation!

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    The Rebel Feat. The Wraith

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    Interview With Wraith Paranormal!

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    Check out tonight as we interview the people behind Wraith Paranormal. Ask them how they conduct their investigations, what are their best ones, and more! Tune in for an amazing hsoe

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    AMHRadio Enters the GHOST ASYLUM with Chris Smith and Steven "Doogie" McDougal

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    Destination America's hit show GHOST ASYLUM airs Sundays at 10/9c. On this episode of America's Most Haunted Radio, hosts Eric Olsen and "Haunted Housewife" Theresa Argie speak with the stars of the show and leaders of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers paranormal team, Chris Smith and Steven "Doogie" McDougal.

    On GHOST ASYLUM, the TWC team hunts down ghosts in the most frightening asylums, sanitariums, penitentiaries and haunted hotspots across the U.S. Stepping into abandoned locations that only the bravest dare enter, the team's goal is not just to conjure paranormal activity but to physically capture restless souls with their custom-created ghost traps.

    WC founder Christopher Lee Smith was born and raised in Gallatin, Tennessee, and raised a strict Southern Baptist. After a frightening experience in his grandfather's barn, Chris began researching the phenomenon known as "shadow people," shadow-like humanoid figures seen mostly in peripheral vision. They are often regarded as malicious spirits, or "wraiths."

    A skeptic of ghosts in the traditional sense, Chris believes that you die, you are judged, you go to your "long home." The nature of your home depends on your preparations with the "Big Man" upstairs prior to your appointment with the reaper.

    TWC co-founder Steven "Doogie" McDougal was raised in a historic, and many say haunted, area of Middle Tennessee, and his interest in the paranormal started at a young age. Doogie lives in what he believes is a haunted home with his wife and son, further influencing him to study the paranormal and investigate unexplained phenomenon.

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    Mind Games with Agent Wraith

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    Boldly bumbling where no ghost has haunted before!
    Mind Games™ with Agent Wraith
    From the depths of The Multiverse™ (his mother's basement), Agent Wraith (Necromancer Extraordinaire) brings you his unique DEMANDS (humble suggestions)! Talks of reality, META-REALITY, realty, Real Life Super Villains, Real Life Superheroes, necromancy, Global Domination, Henchman Acquisition, terror, and MORE!
    Stay tuned! This program is brought to you by R.O.A.C.H. "If Agent Wraith Won't Get Out Of The Damocles, I'm Going To Blast It Out Of Orbit!"  --White Skull

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    REEL Talk : Top 5 Best Car Movies EVERRRRRRRR !

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    REEL TALK  with Da Director


    Show order

    8:05 – weekend recap


    Show Topic(s) Top 5 Best Car Films EVER


    Fast and Furious
    Gone in 60 Seconds
    The Wraith
    Vanish Point





    8:15pm Previews/Review

    Film – Fast and the Furious 7

    Star(s)- Paul Walker , Vin Diesel , The Rock

    Director: James Wan


    Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for his comatose brother.



    Break (song)



    9:00pm – More topic



    9:15pm TV Shows Recap



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