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    Lewis Mabee - Professional Clairvoyant, Medium, Intuitive & Wellness Coach

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    Lewis Mabee is a professional clairvoyant, medium, healer, Intuitive and Wellness coach.  He works with his spirit guides and he reads your aura and your energy to get the messages to you from the Universe.

    Lewis has been able to reach people in over 23 different countries. His base continues to grow through word of mouth. The first awareness of what life was to going to be like for him happened when he was 4 years of age. He recalls "I remember experiencing lightness, leaving my body and floating above myself. I thought it was a game and believed that all 4 year olds were capable of doing this. During this out of body experience, I was reassured by a soft female voice that told me that there was no ‘need’ to tell others about this experience and other things that began to happen." This voice was his prominent Spirit Guide, Sylvia.

    Lewis wants to be able inspire everyone he is in contact with to “Stand In Your Spotlight”.  By Standing In Your Spotlight, you will be in your absolute truth and integrity.  You can experience a life long positive change in your everyday life.“Life can be easy, we just need to create the environment.” His goal is for you to  leave a session full of determination, hope, with all the right tools needed to get you to where you need to be.  His hope for you is to feel empowered, full of love, knowing that you have the ability to succeed and move forward in your life journey.

    Book your skype or phone session with Lewis Mabee now at http://lewismabee.com/book-session/office/

  • Aggie Villanueva

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    Media specialist, photographer and author, Aggie Villanueva, will discuss her recent publication, "The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art no Matter the Genre”. She is also the founder of Promotions A La Carte.

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    CHC Guests - Jo-Anne Eadie, Heather Masters & Kathy Wilson

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    We are going to start with discussions on how you live in this world, which covers relationships with your self and your surroundings.  This includes your relationships with money, your relationships with your home, your relationships with your body and how these relationships have an impact on your life.

    Joining us part way into the show will be Kathy Wilson, one of the speakers at the CHC, who will be presenting on The Power of Observation.  Kathy will join Jo-Anne and Heather as they discuss and share their experiences with the interesting times we live in.  

    Kathy Wilson is one of the founders and CEO of Healing Nexus.    "The name Healing Nexus came from a vision of a safe place or a nexus point where those on their healing journies could stop refuel and reflect.  A safe haven,  to connect with others of like mind and to exchange knowledge, skills and techniques."

    Kathy an avid dowser, has just stepped down from the role of the President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers. www.canadiandowsers.org    She co- runs 3 monthly dowsing groups The Barrie Dowsers ,  The North York Dowsers and The Peterborough Dowsers.

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    Messages from the Ancients

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    The ancient Egyptians were very gifted energy workers, within the body and other realms and dimensions. The ancients combined astronomy with the energies of the earth utilizing the frequencies in sacred geometry and spiritual healing. Understanding the energetic importance of their construction thousands of years ago, the ancients continue to communicate with us through the pyramids and sacred sites. Our guest, Larry Campbell receives and channels messages from the ancients, guiding us to a deeper understanding within our journey of healing self.

    Why does Larry craft his tools from Copper?  The Egyptians, 2500 bc had mastered copper working so well that they were able to make delicate crowns, sturdy religious items, and intricate pieces of art from it that survive even today!  Copper is a great conductor of electricity, and for this reason many healers use it to conduct vital life energy. Copper amplifies the flow of life energy within the body, and in doing so it also smoothes the thoughts, emotions, and energies. Copper is capable of  grounding and balancing us.

    Larry has experienced vivid psychic experiences from early childhood. Since the early 2000′s he has been researching auras and the energy fields; the energy stored as well as transmitted. during a session the ancients guide Larry though a process of restoring balance within ones energy field bringing forth a clearer path to your life’s journey.

    During a session with Larry and the ancients, you will experience messages from past and present lifetimes.  Copper sacred geometry tools are used for their energetic healing properties transmitting through the energy field as well as the body.

    Learn more or book a session with Larry by clicking here:   Messages From the Ancients

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    Vibration Activation with Andy Dooley, co-founder of TUT.com

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    Andy Dooley has created a process called Vibration Activation™. It’s the art and science of activating a positive vibration within yourself that becomes your new point of attraction. His clients have attracted loving relationships. They’ve manifested large sums of money, new clients for their business, better jobs and lost weight! The results have been amazing! Most importantly clients have come into alignment with their purpose and passion. Best of all, it’s FUN!


    Using Vibration Activation™, Andy has developed his own workshops and coaching practice. Soon he will design and offer a certification program that will teach others how to use this fun transformational process.

    Andy is a Law of Attraction expert, Vibration Activation™ coach and spiritual comedian. Lets sum it, he is a metaphysical alchemist ofvibration. He creates positive transformation.  These are all vehicles that enable him to serve you and deliver a fun, uplifting message to those who are ready to hear it and live it!

    Andy has been accused of having a unique, intuitive knowledge of spiritual truths and a feel for comedy that have been simmering over the last ten years. He has been told this mixture has a profound impact on his clients and audiences. “WOW! That is so cool!” he often says in response, trying not to blush magenta.

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    Discovering Dowsing with Sixth Sense Consulting Nigel and Maggie Percy

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    Join the fun as you discover about dowsing, how to dowse and why we all need this skill for our physical, emotional and spiritual developement. Maggie and Nigel Percey together run Discovering Dowsing.com and Sixth Sense Consulting.com, they are both accomplished dowsers with over 30 years of combined experience in the field.

    Dowsing IS an incredibly practical skill, but your results with dowsing will benefit from your having a clearer concept of what the heck dowsing really is.  Dowsing is WAY bigger than just a healing modality. Dowsing is a way of getting answers to questions you cannot answer using rational means. When done properly (which isn’t as often as you would think), dowsing balances the brain, because it uses both left and right brain to get results. Dowsing uses your left brain to create a good question and your right brain to get an answer via your intuitive senses

    When people get into a real dowsing state, they are actually in an altered state that has been measured by science to be a combination of a number of other brain states.  This is unlike any state you normally experience.

    Dowsing is an innate skill, but it must be trained in order to do it well.

    Sixth Sense Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Maggie & Nigel Percy for the purpose of helping people improve their lives using a variety of intuitive techniques. As leaders of the global Dowsing Tribe, they host many online events, offer courses and have created lots of free help for dowsers.

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    Insights and Healings with Jen Ward of Jenuine Healing

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    Jen Ward, LMT,is a Reiki Master. She is an intuitive, a gifted healer and an innovator of healing practices. She is at the leading edge of energy work; providing a loving segue for her techniques to clients, enabling them to cross the bridge of self-discovery with her.

    Her passion is to empower the individual in their own healing journey so that they can remain in their center every step of the way.

    Jen currently works as a long-distance emotional release facilitator, public speaker and consultant to high end clientele including celebrities, high end professionals and professional athletes. Her special modality encompasses a holistic overview of her clients from all vantage points, including their physical, emotional, causal and mental areas. This ultimately benefits every aspect of their life; including: work, home, family and spiritual life.

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    Ask Your Questions Now - Godscribe, Sondra Sneed Will Answer

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    Our first call in show with Sondra Sneed, Godscribe, was a huge success.  This prompted a monthly call in program for WOWFactor Media with Jo-Anne and Heather.  Call in live (516) 453-9465, or email your questions to joanne@poweroffreedom.ca

    What is a Godscribe?  The nature of the being that is the creator of all being is able to communicate to the human mind through a Godscribe. This human can interpret the vibrational signature of the being we call God, (a.k.a. Source Energy, The Force, Force of Being, Great Spirit, Four Things Given, Alpha Omega, The One, etc.), into language.

    When all people learn to Godscribe, there will be what Jesus made into an important form of being, which is the nature of Christ-being.  What is also referred to as Buddha Mind or Yoga Mind is the same as Christ being.  This is a way of ‘making God on earth.’

    When I refer to “making” God, I am not referring to making God up, but make as in “bring into being.”  When one brings God into being, through the Self, one learns what one is in relevance to God.  This is when God becomes us and we become God.  When that happens there is no question that one cannot answer.

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    God Answers Your Questions through Sondra Sneed, "GodScribe"

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    Join us as we interview Sondra Sneed, Godscribe and call in with your questions.  This two hour show will be packed with insights, wisdom and readings.

    Each person is at a unique level of mastery.  What you can expect is extraordinary changes in your perspective about yourself, your problems, and your solutions.  The way to listen to God on your own terms will be increased, as you hear God through me.  You will start to understand what God pays attention to in you, and what is a totally unjustified way of learning without God. In other words, 98.9 percent of your problems are concerned with what the world feeds you.

    When you learn the other 1.1 percent is actually how you believe the world is, and how it interferes with your ability to hear God, you will learn how to tune it out, and how to start making your way into the magnificent means. But that won’t be accomplished in a single hour.  In one hour you can get the most vivid realization about the source of your worries.  You won’t be told how to fix things, but how to think about them in a way that WILL fix them.  So long as you are willing to surrender to the advice God gives, you will be led into the direction that feeds your soul.

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    CHC and Hypnosis - Clay Dinger and Bob Huttinga

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    Rev. Clay Dinger has been using hypnosis to help people for over 25 years. He is certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists and has been trained through the Banyan Hypnosis Center for 5-PATH™ Hypnosis and is a certified teacher of 7th Path™ Self-Hypnosis. He is also an ordained minister.

    Bob Huttinga is a Certified Physician Assistant and a Certified Natural Health Practitioner.   At the Healing Center he practices Holistic Health using Traditional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine and more.   Dr. Willis Gaffney, MD is the Medical Director.   Bob did work at the Urgent Care at Gratiot Medical Center in Alma, Michigan, and is now full time at the Healing Center in Lakeview.

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    CHC Speakers - Maurice Kershaw and Jennifer Brighton

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    Maurice Kershaw (MA, FNGH), is an award-winning international teacher, lecturer, and professional hypnotherapist for over 50 years, having founded the Canadian Institute of Hypnotism in 1953. He is a student of Dr. Milton Erickson (often cited as the father of modern hypnotherapy) as well as J. Warren Beresford (of the British Society of Hypnotherapists) and Dr. William Bryan (founder and first president of the American Institute of Hypnosis and considered to be, along with Dr. Erickson, one of the two main figures in the field of hypnosis during the 20th century). Maurice Kershaw is also the first Canadian to have been President of the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis ( AAEH ) and is certified by AAEH as well as the International Society for Professional Hypnosis ( ISPH ), and the National Guild of Hypnotists ( NGH ). He is also chairman of the NGH board certification examiners.

    Jennifer has over 15 years of experience in the medical and mental health systems. In Jennifer's pre-graduate years she began working at an adult drug rehabilitation centre as well as a local crisis centre. This is where she learned the true nature of what it meant to be a support person, advocate and counsellor.   Following post-graduate studies, she furthered her career working at an adolescent treatment centre and then moved on to the hospital system where the majority of her years were devoted to working in psychiatry. Jennifer also served as the Ombudsman for the same hospital, honing her mediation skills.

    Jennifer is delighted to have recently joined Reverse Management Associateswhere she will be providing Executive Coaching and Synergistic Team Building services. 

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