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    New Music Inferno w/ Wounds!!!

    in Music

    Wounds - Rock band from Dublin,Ireland...New Album "Die Young" out now on Razor & Tie.Check out their video for "War In The Sun"..Currently on tour w/ HIM & Motionless In White.Performing in Las Vegas on Dec. 19th @ House Of Blues inside Mandalay Bay..Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/WoundsBand

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    "No More Wounds, I Choose Freedom And Victory!"

    in Christianity

    Freedom and victory is a choice and available to all by God through His Son, Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ. Once we have received healing from wounds we once had the next step is choosing to walking in freedom and victory continually. How? I will share that in this episode.

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    Wounds That Effect The Soul And Body Part 3

    in Health

    We all know that wounds hurt, there are external wounds that leave scars and there are internal wounds. Many times we carry wounds unknowingly and even forget they are there but, whatever the case maybe those wounds must be healed to live a life of freedom, a life of health and wholeness. We must listen to our natural internal alarm that goes off when we are headed into trouble. What is our natural alarm?  How do we listen fof that alarm? What are additional steps we can take avoid traps that can result in possible internal or external wounds?

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    Exit Wounds: Overcoming Unprocessed Pain

    in Books

    It happened and it hurt you so bad. You've been wounded and it's impacting everything about your life, from your relationships to your health. You wish you could get over it, but you just don't know how.

    When a bullet makes a wound in the body, the way it exits creates a bigger void than it did when it entered. On its way through it alters everything in its path, sometimes irreparably. That's what happens as well when it comes to wounds of the soul, and it produces pain.

    Pain not only needs to be felt, it must be processed, layer by layer, issue by issue. But where do you find the support and guidance you need to do this? When you do decide to confront your pain, will you be ready to face what comes next?

    Tune in as we chat with Christopher F. Hartwell, Pastor of Crossroads Community Church and author of the upcoming release, Exit Wounds: Overcoming Unprocessed Pain. Join us for some real talk about the issues of life and how you can face and overcome them.

    Call 646-716-6910 or chat with us LIVE during the broadcast in our Javammunity chat room.

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    Life Warriors with Sam Cottle Bind Up The Wounds Forgive Immediately

    in Religion

    Life Warriors  Bind Up The Wounds Forgive Immediately


    Woman at the well

    Psalm Bind up the wounds 

    Bind on earth will be bound in heaven 

    Angels are ministering spirits sent to protect, guard, surround, war for our salvation
    Sam Cottle 
    PO Box 622
    West Branch, MI 48661



    All things are possible to them that believe,  I believe!

    Psalms 107:18-21
    20  He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.

    Proverbs 3:16
    Blessed is the man that finds wisdom because length of days is in her right hand and riches and honor in her left hand. 

    2 Peter 1:2-7
    3  ... His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue,  4  by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

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    Dark Godis Soul-day: Healing the Mother Wounds and Celebrating our Shakti

    in Radio

    Usually, she flies into your inbox with a bunch of stories about how badly someone hurt her. Note, this happens BEFORE YOU EVEN KNOW who she is. I am not talking about the kind of sharing that goes on within friendship. I am not talking about your ass being nosey and coming into someones inbox to ask them about a thing then judging them as DBR because you are a nosey gossip. 

    I am talking about a woman so wounded and broken, all she does is bleed. She doesn't want to heal, she is happy to just bleed and suck up your vitality to refresh her loss. 

    Now, there is medicine and poison in everything. While i respect that BW are being less emotional and more calculating, i do NOT respect women who are DBR emotionally retarded beings. The cause of this is often their mothers. I know it was my mother who created the emotional retardation within me. This disconnected me from my feelings and invalidated my right to feel at all. This is a consequence of the Mother Wound. When women HEAL those Mother Wounds, when we own our right to feel; we become infinitely more connected to other women. We become infinitely more connected to ourselves as Sovereign Feminines. It is our right to feel how we feel, we need only be careful about how it directs the course of our lives. Emotionally retarded women do not connect to their feeling. Unless or until they are trying to play the martyr or trying to emotionally manipulate others to curry their favor against another bw. The best way to deal with an emotionally retarded woman is to disengage and block her. Remover her from having access to you. The same way we tell you leave these emotionally retarded men alone. Because these people are prime predators (in the making) and your loving, generous, giving spirited nature is exactly what they desire to feed on. 

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    Soul Emergence Radio Episode 102 "Sacred Wounds"

    in Spirituality

    Join Peter E Matthews with his special guests Emma Eagle Heart-White, Oglala Lakota, domestic violence counselor and advocate - Onieda Nation, WI and trauma counselor and contemplative activist Teresa Pasqual in a conversation about mending wounds.  We will also feature singer songwriter Peyton Davis.

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    Book Club Series Pt. 2: "Exit Wounds" by Chris Hartwell

    in Books

    Don't you just love getting knee-deep into a great book? It's even better when you engage in it along with other passionate readers. At GGAL, we only feature books that are going to help you get good at life, so there's the bonus!

    Tune in for Part 2 of our GGAL Book Club series on Exit Wounds: Overcoming Unprocessed Pain, the latest book release by Christopher F. Hartwell, Sr. Pastor of Crossroads Community Church, Pearland, TX. Click the link and get your copy today! Kindle Edition is also available on Amazon.

    Today we're covering chapters 1 - 4 of this sensational, game-changing book, highlighting hot points about identity, self-esteem, and uncovered truth. It's all can't-miss chatter that matters! Call in, 646-716-6910, or log in to our Javammunity chat room during our LIVE broadcast and chat along with us.

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    Turning Wounds into Wisdom - The Women of Transformation Summit

    in Current Events

    This special edition is dedicated to victims of domestic and sexual violence, and the survivors and advocates that have committed their lives to help them suffer in silence no more.  We will discuss the "Turning Wounds into Wisdom:  The Women of Transformation Summit" with our guests:

    Ebony Saffiyah Muhammad, publisher of Hurt2Healing Magazine, owner of Origins Massage Spa, and creator of Wounds2Wisdom

    Kelly Sargeant, survivor and international award-winning speaker

    Sadiyah Evangelista, survivor and attorney-at-law

    Mavis Jackson, survivor and founder of Overcomers Foundation

    Deric Muhammad, author and founder of Hurt2Healing

    Charissa Hall, licensed professional counselor and owner of Positive Fruit Counseling Services.

    Join us for this discussion and the summit, which is free and open to the public.

    Sat, Dec. 13, 2014, 1-5 p.m.

    Shrine of the Black Madonna Culture Center, 5309 Martin Luther King Blvd., Houston, TX  77021

    HURT2HEALINGMAG.COM/WOUNDS2WISDOM or 281-704-0801 for more info.

    If it's impacting our community or can uplift us as a people, let's talk about it!


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    "Time Heals All Wounds," and Other Lies.

    in Self Help

    Where did you learn about the process of heartache? When I was growing up I heard pearls of wisdom like, "Time heals all wounds," "Don't talk about your troubles; no one wants to hear about them," or "Just get over it!"

    If you are like me you probably learned these, and many others, from your parents. Your parents learned from their parents, and inaccurate or incomplete information is passed from generation to generation; family patterns are set.

    Learn more effective ways to resolve heartache or any other upset, you may be experiencing. It is possible to resolve and let go of your past and live a free and happy live. Listen in and find out how!

    Bill and Irene are transformational life coaches and hold master’s degrees in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica. For over a decade, they have worked with individuals moving through life transitions in their private practice and have facilitated workshops across the country. As powerful motivators and inspirational public speakers, they have appeared on public radio and television. They live in southern California

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    in Religion

    In last weeks episode, we began our discussion on wounds and how they keep us from living the life that we are called to live and the life that we desire to live. Over the next several episodes, we will look at wounds in more detail, their origin, the lies the evil one tells in association with them and how we can gain freedom from the bondage associated with them through Jesus Christ. You will not want to miss these episodes.

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