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    My Journey of Faith

    in Women

    My Journey of Faith  with Host, Cynthia McCutcheon
    Every Thursday at 2:30pm
    Today's Show: Join Cynthia for part two with Diane Bailey as they discuss the woundings of our lives that come within God's family.

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    Restore Self Confidence

    in Spirituality

    This show is a healing session to Restore Self Confidence.  Low Self Confidence can have a seriously detrimental influence on our thoughts, choices and actions.  We often miss out on positive opportunities because we are disconnected from our confidence and may not recognize a good thing even if it is right in front of us. Also, Low Self Confidence causes us to allow negative things, situations and people to have a continual foothold in our lives. 


    In this session, we will heal our low self confidence beliefs and underlying woundings as well as restore our connection to our inherent value and strengthen our Confidence Fortitude.


    Join in for this 30 minute soul re-alignment process! A transmission of channeled healing technologies which restructure your creative source grid.  


    Pure Soul Alchemy is a channeled energetic field where transformative operations and procedures are enacted for you while you comfortably relax. Through Gabriella's perception and vocalization of the inner energetic landscape, we are opened in ways which allow for these processes to come into our physical reality and enact change on our behalf. It’s optimal to lay down for the duration of the session but feel free to play it low and go on about your day.


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    Horizon Oracle Readings and remembering the lost

    in Spirituality

    This is another episode of Walking on the Side walk with Psychic Medium Kevin Baird of www.templeofgaia.com and https://twitter.com/templeofgaia

    Tonight Kevin will be doing general readings, but will also be taking calls for people who still carry a wound marked by an event in their past that left them feeling is if they failed in some way.  Kevin will give his Spiritualist view about how the wound is a message that has been shared again and again during the journey with the burden of what was thought could have been avoidable.

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    Giving - From the Heart and not the Head

    in Lifestyle

    It appears that we are finally at the end of this long and drawn out drama. As we have anticipated this abundance for some time, many of us have spent considerable time and energy mapping out the extent to which, and to whom, we will share our blessings. But, arguably, the more important consideration is the "Why" of our sharing plans.

    If, for each person, church, charity or cause that you intend to support monetarily, if you were to ask yourself "Why do I choose to provide money to this particular person/church/charity/cause?", examining each one very deeply, the answers might surprise you. For many that are willing to be truly honest with themselves, the answers may be guilt, sense of obligation, habit, fear of reprisal if I don’t, wanting to be the hero, wanting to be the saviour, wanting to end suffering, etc.

    These, for the most part, are "Head" decisions which will be greatly influenced by our past experiences and woundings. Tune in as we delve into this topic and discuss how making these decisions from the "Heart" rather than the "Head" can totally transform the experience, and the outcome, of your giving. You are not only giving money, you are passing on the consciousness behind your giving as well. Join us for an enlightening discussion.

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    Fighting Bob Radio

    in Politics Progressive

    Today: Nick Turse, author of Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam, will discuss his best-selling 2013 book with hosts Eric Schubring and Ed Garvey. Award-winning writer Turse is managing editor for TomDispatch.com and a fellow at the Nation Institute. His new book chronicles for the first time the systematic atrocities resulting in millions of civilian deaths and woundings during the American War in Vietnam which officially ended in 1975, the year the author was born. Nick Turse's live conversation on Fighting Bob Radio preceeds by two days the 45th anniversary of the My Lai massacre, when American soldiers murdered more than 500 men, women, and children. The My Lai massacre is emblematic of the rest of the story told by Turse following his investigations into long-suppressed war crimes and visits to rural Vietnam where civilians suffered and died at the hands of American soldiers acting out the official policies of their war leaders.

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