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    Survivors World - Secondary Wounding

    in Self Help

    WELCOME TO SURVIVORS WORLD!!Tonight is SURVIVORS WORLD!!! Men & Women who have endured pain, trauma, abuse and/or violence from a parent/partner/spouse; this is your SAFE PLACE TO SHARE!!!
    Survivors World was created as an online support group back in November 2010 as I was reaching out to connect with others in the healing path. Today we may not be as big online but our Radio Broadcast continues to climb each week.
    Survivors of pain, trauma, abuse, violence; there is another type of wounding we are forced to accept, SECONDARY WOUNDING. The wounding from the friends and family who turn a silent ear to our sadness. The society around us that doesn't understand why we still struggle. The employers who cannot work with our up and down days. This is SECONDARY WOUNDING and this is society's way of handling a traumatic event, turn away and pretend it didn't happen.
    Join us tonight live as we open the phone lines for your stories of secondary wounding, coping, accepting. You can call in live at 347-215-7754 or join with others in the chatroom. I will always do my very best to protect your identity and YOU are in CONTROL of what YOU share.
    We thank you little butterflies who share our shows, support them, and pass them on to others. It's incredible we continue reaching hearts around the world. I would like to thank every SURVIVOR who finds the COURAGE INSIDE THEM to join in and be a part of our progress.
    Trish McKnight & Michal Madison are two survivors of a lifetime of trauma. It is their bonding which has built this programming and we hope you'll use the information available through our website and Facebook Radio Group to empower yourself to be a hero for another.This program in no way is a substitute for professional psychiatric or mental health experts. Please take caution while listening
    CEO/Exec. Director: Patricia McKnight Assist. Director: Michal Madison  

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    The Psychic Wounding of Verbal Abuse

    in Spirituality

    The only real way to heal the deep wounding of verbal abuse is to not be alone with it. Come join California Psychic Tori Hartman as she discusses simple, yet powerful ways to begin to heal from verbal abuse.
    As always, Tori will give LIVE mini-readings On Air. She is the creator of the Color Wisdom Cards and will use her oracle to tap into an answer just for you.
    You can use the cards free at ColorWisdomCards.com. Call In at (424) 222-5249.
    Find out more about Tori at ToriHartman.com

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    Wounding The Black Male

    in Entertainment

    She had a name for me, but she could not lay claim to me, I called her my queen of desire, that would set any mans soul on fire. Her back door she was willing to open, but I told her because of the men before me I only wanted to come to the front, and not made to feel like the slaves before me. It was bad enough that, because of the pigmentation of their skin, they were able to get deep inside her and spill their seed, while I was in need, at home wondering, if she would come home impregnated. The cabin floor, knew the pattern of my feet as I walked back N forth wondering, is she crying, and have her tears started to dry on her face and show the pain she has to endure her nightly shame. Returning to me, with his scent in her hair, as I attempt to hold, her as I have done, so many times before I smell, as I inhale the essence of this animal that has taken my wife’s virtue when he wanted. Each day I awake, I go out into the fields and cry out to the creator to give me strength to hold on, as I weep from being tiered of my role that is not easy to maintain. My children belong to him, but she birthed them, so I must love them because they are a part of her.

    Somewhere in the future I pray that what has happened to me will help change the thought process of what we may have to go through in life. The element of what you have to experience will last as long as it is supposed to. Re-evaluate what you currently have and what you do, just understand it is not about you.

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    Conquering Through Jesus That "Thrown Away" And "Thrown Out" Mentality

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the Spirit's power to lead us out of that thrown away and thrown out mentality.  Some spiritual pain is so deep that is buried alive in the recesses of the soul, and other types of spiritual pain are articulated through somatic wounding or injury.  The power of God is available to lead us out of the wilderness of spiritual darkness.  God's power or dunamis is given to those who believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him Out.  

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    The Normalization Of Perversity Through Relativistic Nihilism

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the explosive growth of nihilism in post-western culture. What is, is right is the mantra of post-western nihilism.  The content of western culture has been expertly removed without alarm or even feeble protest from the bewildered masses.  People have been so manipulated by unrelenting pseudo gamesmanship that they are exhausted, bewildered, and wounded without relief.  Traumatic wounding is the perfect vehicle for the introduction of greater trauma.  People have been persuaded to compromise, truncate or give up their faith, and to be more receptive to other "beliefs." Empty morally vapid jargon rules the day.  Perversity has been normalized as the official post-western social construct with nihilism as its consort.  The Word of God is desperately needed in these desperate times. 

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    Silly Messy Humans: Devi Ward, the Oprah of Sex

    in Romance

    “Let’s face it, sexuality is an area where we could all use a little help…We receive very little 

    education in our [North American] culture about our bodies and our pleasure beyond the basic 

    mechanical and anatomical instruction” says Devi Ward, the Oprah of Sex. Devi joins Tara 

    Caffelle and Jeff Hendler to discuss why pleasure is medicine, and practical ways for adults to 

    break free of their unrecognized core wounding, and subconscious patterns holding us back.  

    If you're craving…Deep, soul atisfying Intimacy?? Sacred, Conscious, “ Spiritual” Sex? Then this is 

    the show for you – and just in time for Valentine’s Day! 


    Devi Ward was a monk, and a stripper, who has devoted her entire adult life to studying the 

    “essence” that infuses all of life through meditation, Tantra-Yoga, Sensual Dance and 

    Compassionate Communication. she is an author and radio show personality, and has appeared 

    on Men’s Health Magazine, CB , and NBC.  

    For the full scoop on this show and its hosts, cruise on over here.



  • #210 Embodying Divine Wisdom & The Sensual Life with Marja West

    in Spirituality

    Waking Gods & Goddesses: Embodying Divine Wisdom & the Sensual Life with Marja West

    Marja West will share the following topics from her new book, F'd Wide Open:

    F'd - Pick an F word, any F word...
    Waking Up
    The Illusion of Separation
    Your Purpose
    Our Sexual Wounding as Food for the God-Goddess Eaters
    Remembering and Reclaiming Unity Consciousness
    Invitation to Divine Love
    Divine Love Agent Provocateur
    The Spiritual Practice of Love
    The Totality of Human Experience

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    Secret pain

    in Politics Conservative

    Life happens and it is not always joyous. There are times when we are challenged so much that our soul hurts. This happens for a number of reasons. There could be an ill parent or spouse, money problems, our own health, child abuse, worries about our children and much, much more. We come to live in fear of any difficult outcome in our lives, and we begin to feel alone. In short, our soul starts to hurt, leading to a deep wounding pain that blinds us to anything other than our pain.


    There are two ways we react to a wounded soul. One is anger. The other is depression. In reality, they’re one in the same, as depression is anger directed inward. When we’re depressed, we direct our anger against ourselves because we feel helpless to change what is happening in our lives.


    Regardless of how anger manifests itself in our lives, we can hurt others when we are in pain. We may lash out at those around us or we may withdraw from those who love us. Either way, the quality of our lives is greatly changed. If we do not choose to address our pain, we may be in for a long-term cycle of pain.


    Millions people suffer from some form of mental illness. Ongoing anger and depression are only a few of the maladies that encompass mental illness. One thing is certain—the longer we allow ourselves to be victim to our pain, the more entrenched in emotional illness we will become.


    While seeking spiritual guidance to help address the hurting soul, it is also important to seek help medically or through counseling. Spiritual guidance can help us understand what we’re going through, but we can only heal by stopping the mental and emotional cycle we may be experiencing.

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    Wisdom From The Other Side, Medium Cathy Towle, Matthew Engel

    in Spirituality

    Messages from the Other Side with Cathy Towle and Matthew Engel

    What does Spirit have to say about themes of wounding, death, life on the other side, surviving loved ones who are still on earth, and human struggles? What research is going on pertaining to life after death? This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Intuitive Channel, Matthew Engel will be chatting with Psychic-Medium and Writer, Cathy Towle about all of this and more.

    Cathy Towle is a psychic medium who provides spiritual guidance and intuitive tools to help people live more authentically. Her clients say that sessions help them to reconnect to their loved ones, heal wounds, understand relationships and not feel alone as their loved ones and ancestors are always with them.

    One of the few mediums certified by Forever Family Foundation, Cathy is an Interfaith Minister, Reiki and Seichem Master, and Hoodoo Rootworker. Cathy is a member of the Executive Council of the Committee for Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns at the UN. She writes for The Villager Newspapers in NYC, and is a member of Sturges Paranormal in NYC. For more info, please visit:  www.cathytowle.com

    Matthew Engel is an Intuitive Counselor, Psychic, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Writer, Spiritual Teacher and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in activating their higher potential by using a variety of modalities for 18 years. For more info and to sign up for his popular newsletter, please visit:  www.matthewengel.com


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    Its a Family Affair -Secondary Wounding of PTSD and Family Violence

    in Self Help

    Tonight on 'Its a Family Affair' on Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio, we are joined by two special guests. One, Ms. Barbara Avila, a Certified Peer Specialist and Volunteer with Have a Heart & Make a Difference, LLC; then Ms Beth Reugge a person who's been impacted by the secondary wounding, as well seen how it cycled into her daughter's life.

    Earlier this month I posted a blog titled, 'Prisoner of War - hell inside the house down the street'.  In this we looked at Complext PTSD, and then through sharing it out on my Linkedin groups a discussion was prompted so we are bringing those ladies who responsed to a live discussion on the air with us. Let's take a look at the violence inside our families and more importantly how the psychological impacts of this type of trauma will cycle into our children's lives if we do not face the emotional dysfunction which may have been left behind.

    If you would like to share a comment on this topic there are two ways to get directly involved with our live broadcast. You can give a call to 347-215-7754 or you can connect with our Butterfly Chatters in our SAFE room. We strive to meet your expectations in personal connections, so please let's invite our teens in for a chat, invite your friends & family to share their thoughts or anonymously share their stories. We create change by discussing the tolerance and trained acceptance of these types of actions within our family unit, you are the beginning of change and what you teach your children WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR PERCEPTIONS OF A SAFE RELATIONSHIP. 

    Not a professional psychological or therapeutic resource. Please contact your local emergency response if you have just been assaulted, even by a family member or friend. Connecting hearts & holding hands for a safer world tomorrow!! 

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    America's Enemies Within

    in Religion

    Another American doctor has contacted Ebola. A horrible  high school shooting in Washington State has led to the deaths of two teenagers, including the shooter taking his own life! A crazy Muslim sympathizer attacked police officers with an axe, critically wounding one of them. More and more states are on the fast track to legalize same sex marriage and allow homosexuals and lesbains to ADOPT CHILDREN. Plus another lunatic invades the White House grounds. This is Godless America and not the great Christian nation that God blessed! We now have Jihad in America but the politically correct are too afraid to say it and the Lesbian Gestapo is out to destroy Christianity. Join us as we discuss these topics and much more

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