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    Like Grandma Moses and her paintings, 76 year-old Dorothy Rossi (mother of host Richard Rossi) started writing her story-songs later in life, inspired by the soldiers returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Join us for a show about PTSD and issues wounded warriors face. Her book "Soldier Songs" is available on Amazon.

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Jonathan Winchester & Wounded Warriors

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    Sargent Jonathan Winchester is a friend of mine.  Jon became a professional photographer after 18 years of active duty in the Army; we worked many ballgames together during my sports writing years.  The career Army man didn't reach the 20-year retirement mark because of a TBI and PTSD.  Medically Retired.  We, in the Canal Town area are so proud of his duty and service - 2 tours in Iraq and 1 near deadly tour in Afganhastan (sp),  We'll talk more about the Veteran's Administration, and it's 'form' of recovery.  But Mr. Winchesters post service duty bars none.  Often a pall bearer for those who didn't survvive the wrath of war, Jon has seen Presidental Duty in motor cades, bike rides, memorial motor bike rides and even had his picture on a bike with Pres Obama taken (shut up!).  

    We'll run other PTSD interviews as time allows.  Also looking forward to an update from Sue Root (maybe), Dr. Kevin Butterfield, Gina around midnight and of course, Sam Way!  

    Between surgeries and having issues, bare with me.  But, I ALWAYS SHOW UP FOR WORK (now, what I do once there is another opion,)   

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    Brett A. Scudder presents Healing for the Wounded Warriors

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    SISFI presents “Healing for the Wounded Warriors” on Tuesday Oct. 15th at 9pm on SISFI Radio. This is a special presentation from Mr. Brett A. Scudder, The Abuse Czar as he brings Love, comfort, togetherness and peace to the advocates and humanitarians that are selflessly sacrificing their lives every day in the pursuit of the greater good of humanity and our society. Everyday wounded warriors stand up to the challenges of fighting for others so they don’t suffer the same fate as they did without asking for anything in return. Their Love, passion and commitment for the greater good goes above and beyond themselves without having anyone or any resource to turn to for themselves.There are many times warriors find themselves lonely, hurting, in need of company, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on and someone who can understand and relate to what they are going through but it’s never easy as they are looked upon as being strong and can handle whatever life throws at them. This is not true, it’s far from it. Warriors that were once wounded are sometimes scared deep and isn’t something that can be overcome easily or quickly and so constant healing, meditating and replenishing is needed.Join us for this special dedication of healing of the Wounded Warriors. All advocate and humanitarians are invited to join in the session as we cleanse, heal, replenish and uplift each other.Much Love Always and God bless as we continue to fight the good fight for the greater good.One Love,~SISFI~

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    TUFFTalk: Wounded Warriors and ObamaCare

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    Joining Pete Parker, former Navy Seabee and Professional Strength Athlete, for this month's “TUFFTalk” edition of Changing Worldviews is retired Air Force doctor and Iraq vet James Pollock to discuss his work with Wounded Warriors as well as his insights on the dreaded Affordable Care Act.

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    Jason Redman; Wounded Warriors

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    In September of 2007 while acting as Assault Force Commander to capture an Al Qaeda High Value Individual, LT Redman’s Assault Team came under heavy machine gun and small arms fire and he was severely wounded in the ensuing firefight. After 37 surgeries, Jason uses his positive attitude to motivate others and to continue to raise awareness of the sacrifices of America’s military forces and their families. This drive led him to create Wounded Wear, a Non-Profit organization, and to promote awareness throughout the country of the sacrifices that wounded service members have made in the name of freedom. In his book; The Trident, Jason traces the evolution of a modern warrior, husband, and father, a man who has come to embody the never-say-die spirit that defines the U.S. SEALs. Mr. Redman lives his life as a testament to wounded warriors and all Americans that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome if you have the drive, the determination, and the tenacity to rise above. You can learn more about Jason HERE or on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Wounded Warriors Pt. 2 (Fire & Grace Church)

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    Fire & Grace Church Sunday Worship and Preaching with Pastor Dean Odle. FGC is a Pentecostal, Holy Spirit led church that preaches the Bible and the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We focus on repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus, healing, gifts of the Holy Spirit, deliverance from demons, spiritual warfare, and end-time Bible prophecy.This message is about being wounded in the battle and becoming a healer and deliverer of the brokenhearted. 

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    Silent Heroes - Teens Caring for Wounded Warriors

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    According to the website, “Helping Hands For Freedom,” over two million children have a parent who is in the military. Over 48,000 have a parent that has been wounded or killed during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

    Imagine two close knit families. The children said goodbye to one of the most important people in their lives, their dads as they departed for deployment, destination: the combat zone. They worried they may be injured or worse.

    Later, they learn their dad is coming home unexpectedly, but it’s far from a time to celebrate. Their parent, the person they love, admire and look to for strength and support, is now in need of both. He is fighting for his life.

    The children’s lives are suddenly turned upside down, never to be the same.

    In this episode, we will meet the youngsters of two families that are willing to share their stories of patriotism, sacrifice, loyalty and bravery as they openly share what life is like for the families of a wounded parent.

    Jordan Saffron’s dad, SSGT Terry Saffron, was wounded in Bagdad, Iraq on May 5, 2004 when an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded, killing two soldiers and causing critical injuries to their dad. Her Mom, Colleen Saffron has also faced her own battles. 

    Sheldon and Bailey Hale are the oldest siblings of four children. Their father, SSGT Aaron Hale, also suffered catastrophic injuries during an IED explosion. Complicating things further, their mom, Kelly Hale was then diagnosed with cancer.

    November is National Military Family Appreciation Month, and it's also Warrior Care Month. Join us as we talk with Sheldon, Bailey, and Jordan, and gain a candid view of family strength, resiliency and hope through their eyes.

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    Wounded Warriors , How to get prepared to fight to Good Fight

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    This Week on Real Men Speak, The discussion is going to be on prevention. Our guest speakers are from The Philadelphia Police Department, yes you heard right, The Philadelphia Police Department.  The best defense is a great offense so we on Real Men Speak want to teach you our listeners the offense of protection.  Our guest speakers are going to help us understand and implement ways that we can protect ourselves when being stopped or being confronted by the men in uniform. There is a lot of talk, there is a lot of protesting, now there needs to be a lot of teaching.  Our people are perishing due to a lack of knowledge.  So on this show we want to help you to increase yours.


    Remember we at Real Men Speak want to make options available.  it is time for change especially in our communities and in our nation.  Chief Justice Holder cannot do all the work himself.  He needs our help and support to help with decisions and in implementing new tactics that will be put in place. We the people can help in securing his purpose and plan.

    May God help us all.

    George Stevenson

    CEO of Real Men Speak Inc.

    Making Options Avaliable 

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    R4Alliance introduces the first Military Family Caregivers Program

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    Listen Dec 11, 2014 or anytime later to this program by www.r4alliance.org - an Alliance of 44 Military Support Groups.

    Listen to Military Family Caregivers:

    Jeannette Davidson-Mayer. Her Husband DeWayne following his 5th accident, returned home in Oct 2005. He was diagnosed with TBI, PTSD, spinal injuries, along with a few other medical issues. As a family, they have learned to live together again.

    Juliet C. Madsen was severely injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom and was medically retired from the Army in 2006 after more than seventeen years of service. Juliet makes quilts to raise awareness of, and raise money for veteran’s charities through www.strokeofluckquilting.com

    Peter Madsen is a former Marine and Army Aviator and Juliet's Husband.

    Jeannette and Juliet serve on the Board of R4Alliance. Please SHARE!!

    Details at: http://thankyouforyourservice.us/issue/december-2014/article/listen-to-the-first-r4alliance-wounded-warriors-caregiver-program  

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    Women For Wounded Warriors LIVE at Union Leauge Club Chicago

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    The Soldiers Family TV & Radio are proud to present:
    " Women for Wounded Warriors"
    "LIVE" at The Chicago Union League Club ,Thursday October 18th, 6-8pm with your host:Steven Tomaszewski CE) SFTVR.com
    “providing mentors to women veterans or the spouse of disabled veterans starting or growing small businesses”
    Thursday, October 18
    6 - 8pm
    Please contact Karen @
    312-846-6918 ext. 210

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    James McCormick: Helping Veterans Succeed After Service

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    In coordiantion with Citizens Commssion on Human Rights International (CCHR)

    Tonights guest is James McCormick

    James McCormick is currently a member of the West Virginia Governor’s Council, which serves to advise the Governor and Secretary of Veterans Assistance on matters concerning veterans and their families.

    He is the State Director for the West Virginia Veterans and Warriors to Farming and Agriculture program, a program that assists veterans in becoming involved in agriculture with a real opportunity to enter in to the field of Agriculture and Farming with access to state resources, giving the veteran the maximum opportunity to succeed.

    Owner/operator of Raising Cane Farms www.raisingcanefarms.com

    Former State Chairman for the West Virginia Veterans Coalition, Chapter Commander Post 1863 Military order of the Purple Heart.

    Military Enlisted: Infantry and Cavalry PVT –SSG, Military Officer: Armor/Air Defense/Transportation and Logistics 2LT-CPT

    Retired CPT O-3E in August 2009 Army Wounded warriors AW2 due to combat injuries incurred during Operation Iraqi Freedom, served 16 years enlisted prior to becoming an officer.

    Military Awards: Bronze Star Medal with combat V, Purple Heart Medal , Meritorious Service Medal, ARCOM , AAM , Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal, SW Asia campaign Medal with three service stars, Iraq service medal, Armed forces expeditionary medal, War on terrorism service and Expeditionary medal, Reserve Component Achievement medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait and Saudi Arabia), Combat Action Badge.

    Combat Service in Operation Desert Storm 1990-1991 (2/18th Infantry BN 24th Infantry Scout Platoon)

    Combat Service Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004-2005. (518th, 1487th and 106th Trans Battalion).



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