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    Today we will discuss worthiness. How do you find it? How is it defined? How can I show up in the world worthy?

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    RJ Banks on Worthiness and the I AM

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    Join Mr. Banks as he delivers more power through the I AM to help increase the need to feel worthy!


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    Holistic Health Hour-The Gift of Authenticity

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    Want to hear more about the current cycle of change we are all experiencing? Aleka utilizes the current astrological cycle of Jupiter retrograde in the sign of Leo (December 2014- August 11 2015) to understand the gifts and challenges of authenticity, creativity, worthiness and joy. If you are ready for real change and to align with your inner spark of inspiration, passion and purpose, take a listen to this show.  

    Join Professionally Certified Holistic Life Strategies Coach Aleka Thorvalson, CPC, PCC for the Holistic Health Hour. This unique and inspiring show allows us to look at our lives in a "whole" new way; tuning in to our health, wellness and happiness from a mind, body, spirit and soul perspective. It's Aleka's intention to create a new kind of dialog about our health, bodies, relationships and lives --  empowering transformation from the inside out.

    *Aleka Thorvalson is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) trained through the International Coach Academy in the Advanced Coach Training Program. She is also a member and a Professionally Credentialed Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. Feel free to contact Aleka at www.alekasky.com or alekasky@gmail.com. She welcomes comments, questions and show

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    WH002: You Are Worthy

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    Hello! Welcome to the 'How to be Wealthy and Happy' Podcast - episode number 2. Today we are talking about the topic of worthiness and why some people more worthy of success than others. 

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    BYO Brilliance: Linking Your Self Esteem to Your Environment

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    Have you ever thought about the influence your environment has on your self esteem?  Yes there's Feng Shui, but without going into the complicated intricacies of that practice, your environment tells you a lot of who you are.  Are you settling?  Do feel you don't have the right to something?  How are you stifling your Brilliance by ignoring your self-worth, based on others' thoughts, assertions, or beliefs?  Who's dictating your worthiness?  

    Join me and let's take a look at the validity of who you are by what surrounds you

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    1951 Sawtooth Wilderness Cherokee Massacre Survivor - Grandmother Earth Thunder

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    Newspaper Bio 

    I offer to teach peoples of what wild-nature taught me and my families. I now live in urban Idaho and the Wilderness of Northern California. We have manifested ways to integrate these Wild Wisdoms into doable daily - worthiness, wellness, purpose, relationship, abundance, prosperity, service and seeking.

    From birth to age 11 we lived so mountain-remote I did not know there were other humans living on our big planet.

    EarthThunder’s shared perhaps the most remarkable story I have ever heard. She was born around 1947 in Idaho, where she lives today. Both of her parents were indentured servants who were prohibited to have children. I know that this is hard to believe still possible in 1946. When EarthThunder was born her parents were murdered and she was given to her grandparents and extended family to raise. She spent the first 10 years of her life in the wild not knowing that there were other human beings in the world other than her family. She never saw a highway, a car, other people, airplanes, or electrical lines. Summers were spent in the mountains of Idaho at 8,500 feet above sea level and winters were spent in caves with food and animal hides to get them through the bitter cold, When EarthThunder was 10 her entire family was murdered in front of her, then thrown into a mass grave. Those unimaginably horrifying images still haunt her. 

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    Do Men Typically Define Themselves Through Women?

    in Relationships

    What's the seeming reality or fiction behind this statement?

    Find out on the next pluto-Nalagy Show hosted by Jahwie & Nalagy

    Be There!


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    Ask the Pastor Live Call-in with Gregory Dickow

    in Christianity

    Today on Ask the Pastor, Pastor Dickow offers valuable insights for your real life challenges.

    Question Topics:

    Can God heal you?
    Is it wrong to sue a Christian?
    What does God say about tattoos?
    Will you help me better understand I Corinthians 11:27-29 where it talks about worthiness to take communion?

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    Co-dependency Checkup - Part One

    in Relationships

    Because it is nearly the end of the year, this is a great time to reflect – to see where we are, and what we have grown through this year.

    I believe a big part of that is checking in with where we are at with co-dependency. Are we still handing power over to things and people outside of ourselves, or are we more anchored into our own internal solidness?

    “What Is co-dependency?” My definition of it is this: “trying to seek wholeness and internal peace from sources outside of self, rather than establishing those states within self”.

    What this means is: we can feel empty, fragmented, afraid and powerless when things don’t go right, or life hasn’t turned out the way we wanted it to. We can get panicked and feel unsafe, and in this state we can hand our power over and make repeated choices which don’t serve us.

    Co-dependency can be very serious. It leads us further away from integration of self (authentic powerfulness) and takes us down a slippery slope of disintegration of self (powerlessness) – especially if we continue to hold people and things outside of ourselves responsible for the state of our lives.

    This radio show is a Part One deep spiritual journey into why we are co-dependent, the many ways that it manifests, and how we can shine light into our disowened parts in order to become a true Source to ourselves, rather than trying to gain false substitutes for love, worthiness and wholeness.



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    Who's in Charge & Doc's Choice

    in Education

    The next installment of "Who’s in Charge?"

    Monday, November 17, 2014, 8:00 PM Eastern Time

    Calling all Patriots!  We invite you to join us for the next installment of “Who’s in Charge?” as we start another week of our continuing mission to find solutions for the problems facing the average American today. 

    Monday’s show is a most timely heads up for Americans. As we are busy making our holiday plans, we still need to remain on our guard as consumers.  Mike will be alerting the listeners about some of the scams and con games going on that are hoping to catch people so caught up in the holiday spirit they aren’t as vigilant as they probably should be.

    Also Mike will be sharing information on how to evaluate the worthiness of charities you may be considering donations to as part of your holiday generosity.  When you get the facts about some of the most publicly visible organizations you may be shocked about how little of what you give really goes to help anyone at all.

    Finishing out the broadcasting day in our last hour, 10:00 to 11:00 PM ET, Dr. David Meola will be doing a selection of holiday episodes of old time radio shows sure to bring back many great memories.

    As always the forums and phone lines will be open for the listener’s questions and participation.

    If you want to find out why tens of thousands of people around the world have come to trust and value Mike’s teaching, we invite you to examine his bio and lifetime achievements at www.AmericanPatriotRadio.com under "Our Team" tab.


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    Talk Cinema Esp One-Marvel's 'Black Panther

    in Entertainment

    What is Marvel Comics Thinking? Their view of the first black super hero?. Really Black panther?.In issue #52 of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards receives a cryptic message from the Black Panther. The message is an invitation, offering the team a chance to visit Wakanda, his secluded home country hidden away in the jungles of east Africa. After the Foursome proves their worthiness in a fight, the Panther counts them amongst his allies and asks for their assistance in defeating the nefarious Ulysses Klaw. In time, the Black Panther would come to join the Fantastic Four and other American heroes like the Avengers and the X-Men on a number of their adventures.I yell B.S Wtf are they thinking. We will make a live call to Marvel and say just that. and we will explore the real black panthers to see what are their thoughts Join Us live.

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