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    In The Streets with Beverley Smith: #BlackLivesMatter at PantheaCon 2015 (Ep 17)

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    Week 3 of Black History Month brings news and reviews of PantheaCon 2015, an annual convention of Pagan, Heathen, Wiccan, Indigenous, spiritual, and magical people who gather for worshops, rituals, caucuses, and presentations. Find out how pagans of color are addressing the needs of the social justice in the Black community in the context of the pagan community. The weekend was not without controversy, and thus opened the door to conversations, hostility, microaggressions, but also a deeper understanding and acknowlegement of solidarity where it exists. Also the news, On This Day in Black History, music from Lauryn Hill, Bernice Johnson, Tef Poe, Jamal Graham, Big Mountain, and more. And please check out Jamaal Graham's video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEOBJvz96nQ.


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    Conversation and Poetry with Scott Williams

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    Welcome to conversation and poetry with Scott Williams. A native of Baltimore, in 1971 he accepted a position at the State University of Buffalo as professor of mathematics. He has won awards for his scholarship in that field. Scott's most recent focus in poetry is in the writing of the anti-ghazal, and he has conducted writing worshops in this poetic form. His full bio can be found at: buffalopoets.blogspot.com  

    Scott Williams' book of poetry, A Tooting of Horns, became available at the Amazon Kindle store on December, 22, 2014. 





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    Seeking Guidance ~

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    We will be exploring the various tools that are avalible when seeking guidance.  Offerings ways towards a deeper and more meaningful connection to guidance in your life.   

    Have you been asking for (seeking) more, clearer guidance in your life?  How do you experience guidance? Is it an image, a play, a feeling, an impression?  How often do you reach out for Guidance?  Where do you reach?  

    What is the difference between guidance and ego?

    What has been your experience with divinitory pracitces?  Have you tried?  There are so many things out there that bring you closer, it is just about finding yours.  Pendulums, Runes, Tarot, Assorted Decks, Cards, Animals, Crystals, Psychics, Channels, Mediums, Books, Teachers, Gurus, Masters, Vision Quests, Sacred Fires, classes, and clinics and worshops?  


    Try one new way to seek Guidance aligned with the Highest Good today.  


     Take a walk to meditate, allow yourself to experience the world around you.  


    Next Broadcast...Seeking Love!

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    Tamara Ceo Knighten "Why" Scared

    in Motivation

    Replay forJoin me your host Jane Coy as I welcome Tamara Ceo Knighten she is the “Customizer of Confidence”, how you may say by way of a tragic burn that happen at the age of six. Her mission is to “inspire, empower & enhance your confidence to ensure you become more productive instead of destructive, dry your tears to conquer your fears, & build your self-esteem to achieve your dreams.” One of the ways that she fulfills this mission is by way of writing books the latest being ‘Kaiyla B. – That’s Me Dashing and Confident” the other is by way of workshops.  You can connect with Tamara Knighten here to find out more about her, the books & the workshops or by way of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@Iamher21).

    Remember "Like" my FanPage & leave a comment. Please remember my service project to the Break Free Charm which helps break the silence of child sexual abuse through awareness, prevention, & healing programs, through your purchase of this charm. Also if you are looking for a unique permanent 'Hallmark' visit me BeautifyWithJane.

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    Ego Lies and Relationships

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    Slade Suiter is joined with co-host Tricia Dycka. A provocative exploration of the world of relationships and the Ego.  We all have them, both relationships and egos.  We may not be aware of who is in the driver’s seat most of the time.  Our egos are looking to expand their territory, by hooking the other, looking for reaction and thriving in the tension. To schedual coaching or worshops with Slade: Coach@SladeSuiter.com

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    Author Mr. Charles Chatmon of Chatmon Books

    in Writing

    Executive director of the L.A. Black Book Expo, an annual literary event in the city. We present authors, exhibitors, panels, workshops and prov...ide a free event for the city. Our goal is to encourage the youth to read more, their elders to write more, and for readers and families attend this worthwhile expo.See More Authors N Focus Founder · Apr 2006 to present Authors N Focus started out as a blog promoting the best up and coming authors, then website and as of March 2011, a television program. Very grateful for the opportunities. Get ready and tune into Let's Talk, Real Talk with Toughcookie and get some answers from Mr. Charles Chatmon about being and author and what is ahead for him and more.

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    WHO ARE YOU MISSING? UNSOLVED YET NOT FORGOTTEN? "If you have a missing or unsolved case that you would like to vent or express your concerns about, then email the topic to me.
    *Remember to check the follow button..to learn when your views will be discussed.Readings seminars and worshops info: send email

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    6 Tips for Finding Recession Proof Jobs

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    Recession-proof jobs are usually the most popular among jobhunters who are probably considering the same strategies as you right now.  It's likely that for every recession-proof job that is available out there, there are thousands of other jobhunters out to get it.  
    Recession can be a very stubborn thing.  Once it drops by, it can take a while for it to fade away and disappear.  However, that doesn't mean that we should simply sit back and let it overcome us.  It can, after all, wreak havoc on our finances and personal lives.  In these tough times, finding a job already seems improbable – just imagine being in the market for jobs that are not affected by recession.  But take heart.  There's still hope yet. 
    Here are top 6 tips for finding recession-proof jobs.
    If you'd like more tips, please visit www.kivacareertalk.com and sign up for the SPAM-free Tips by Inbox. 
    Also take a look at one of the worshops and webinar events Dr. Ande produces while you're there. One may be able to help you with your career search or you can take advantage of her one on one career mentoring program.
    In today's employment market it's important to be your own brand. Let the experts at SignMark Graphics Limited help you with yours by putting together one of their job seeker packages.

  • CJ Paranormal talks to Vivien Powell

    in Paranormal

    R.A Paranormal & Supernatural - RAPS

    June 2014  –  February 2015  (9 months)

    Vivien Powell is a natural Medium, for over 30 years, who has worked and served spiritualist churches in Greater London.
    She has studied at The College of Psychic Studies London and here she learned more about possession and spirit rescue. Vivien has gone on and helped people with problems in their home. Her research has taken her all over the world from India, Egypt and the US.
    Vivien also holds Clairvoyant Master and Tasseography & Lithomancy diplomas and also holds Consultant Clairvoyant Certificates.
    Vivien has run circles, Transmediumship circles and worshops. She has also supported Tony Stockwell.
    Although Vivien now works in the paranormal field, trying to obtain proof of the afterlife and helping business and individuals with problem spirit, she still gives readings and talks or workshops from time to time.


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    Interview with Kim-Char Meredith - Spritual Mentor, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression, Author

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    [Note: this program was recorded] Originally from Hawaii, Kim-Char Meredith is currently based in the Chicago area. Her first five independent albums of faith-based music -- the first released in 1985 -- garnered three Na Hoku Hano Hano Award nominations (Hawaii's version of the Grammy). In 1998, Meredith went "mainstream." She has enjoyed success along that path as well, receiving the Hawaii Music Award for "Favorite Pop Recording Artist"). Slender Line of Lavender was released in 1998, followed by Give and Take in 2003 (which Meredith co-produced with the Grammy-nominated production team at Hobo House on the Hill). Paper Knife, released in 2007, marked Meredith's joyful return to faith-based music and SpiritRise Worship Volume 1 (2008) is Meredith's latest musical expression of faith. SpiritRise Volume 2 is currently in the works, with a projected 2010 release.

    Kim-Char Meredith currently serves as the Music Director at Unity in Naperville and tours on a regular basis, all-the-while donning several other hats: She is a teacher and author of "Let Go of Your S#it! Discover The GoldThrone Method”; she established and maintains SpiritRise Radio (an online station, 24/7) and the newer SpiritRise Media Channel (spiritrise.org), supporting and playing positive music and video programming; Meredith produces and teaches SpiritRise Songwriting Worshops to encourage and assist others in developing their writing skills and expressing Spirit through song; she is a NGH Certified Hypnotherapist who maintains a thriving practice in Naperville, IL. She frequently offers "Meet-n-Greet Your Higher Self through Self-Hypnosis" and other hypnosis workshops for Chicagoland groups and gatherings. To find out more: www.kimchar.com

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