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    Author Joy S. Jones 9:15 ; Are you your own worse enemy in relationships? 10 PM

    in Lifestyle

    CALL IN OR JUST LISTEN VIA www.blogtalkradio.com/sweeteawac

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    TONIGHT:  Author and storyteller

    Joy S. Jones is an experienced communications professional. She is a magna cum laude graduate of The University of Pittsburgh with a double major in political science and philosophy. 

    She earned a master's degree in public administration from Bernard Baruch School of Public Affairs upon being awarded a nationally competitive graduate fellowship from National Urban Fellows. She also attended the prestigious Stanford Professional Publishing Course. 

    A storyteller at heart, she writes inspirational nonfiction, short stories and young adult fiction.

    Contact: joywriteon@aol.com Visit: joyjonesgiftbooks.blogspot.com

    10 PM


    Are you your own worst enemy in relationships because of historical baggage?  How do you STOP the video from playing in your head? How do you get past the trama of days gone by?  TRUST, HONESTY, COMMUNICATON... easy to say but not so easy to do.

    Let's hear your story


    Gemini, Sweet Pea, and BryanMac

    Tune in and have your say...


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    INNERSIGHT FREEDOM FOUNDATION - Which is worse denied your eyes or to have your

    in Self Help

    INNERSIGHT FREEDOM FOUNDATION - Which is worse denied your eyes or to have your eyes and not be allowed to use them?

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    Critical Discourse - Can it Get Any Worse???

    in Islam


    Given the events in Virginia this week, it goes without saying, "Violence is as American as Apple Pie".

    By no means, any attempt to be dismissive or insensitive, in light of the shootings of two reporters, this statement, made long ago, conjures images of what modern-day print and electronic media allows us to experience, almost first hand.

    Clearly, things have spiraled out of control.

    As expected, the left focuses solely on gun control, but if we are to take the position that is shared by many 2nd-Amendment supporters, "... people kill people". 

    So, this begs the question, "what's lurking in the hearts of minds of men"? 

    Then of course, there's still the "Trump Factor" and its pivotal role in both GOP and Democrat politics.

    In fact, speaking of illegal immigration, we witnessed a Univision reporter, having to be escorted out of the room where Trump was holding a press conference, in a rant about citizenship "rights" for illegal immigrant children - OK, he didn't phrase it quite like that.


  • Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy: For Better or For Worse

    in Sports

    It's the middle of August, and both the NFL Preseason and fantasy draft season are in full swing. With that in mind, Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy hosts Gary Davenport and Walton Spurlin are headed down the aisle (no, not together -- not that there's anything wrong with that) to look at which players fantasy owners should be marrying this year and who they should be asking for divorce.

    Can a healthy Sam Bradford really be a viable weekly starter? Can Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill build on last year's strong second half. Is all the hype surrounding New Orleans Saints wideout Brandin Cooks and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant justified?

    Who's overvalued? Where are the draft-day steals? -- Join Wally and Gary Wednesday, August 19 at 9 PM EDT to get the latest fantasy scoop!

    Come on in -- the water's FINE!

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    Planned Executions vs Parting out the executed, what's worse?

    in Entertainment

    Sponsors are denying funding Planned Parenthood because of the revelation of PP parting out body parts of executed children and selling them. But why now and what's worse?


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    Hip Hop, without NWA, better or worse for it?

    in Current Events

    What was NWA's impact on hip hop?  Were they gangsters ushering in reality rap to bring awareness to the devastation of the crack era; or simply a ministrel show design to counteract the conscience movement in hip hop?  BLACK SOCRATES and co-host CHRISTY GAYNELL bring on educator, activist, & real Femcee, DR. KHALILAH ALI and Def Jam Poet, and cultural critic, TOMMY BOTTOMS, of Educated Gangster 101 fame to dig into impact of the World's Most Dangerous Group in hip hop and and American culture.  For the Money and Power 15 (11:00-11:15am EST) we bring in commodities trading advisor, MICHAEL SUTTLAR, principal at SC Capital Managment to discuss the financial impact of hip hop on Black America. Don't miss this show as MD breaks down these Boyz in Da Hood like only we can.  

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    Who's No Worse Than Anyone Else Running For President?

    in Politics Progressive

    It's earlier than Christmas gear in August. 2016 conventions and elections are far away. Yet, news is oozing memes. It's the Republican clown car. Hillary awaits coronation. Yadda Yadda.

    Feel free to call and rant on your own (718-664-6966, then punch 1 to show me you're on. No anonymous calls though.)

    In lieu of callers, I'll present my own semi-reasoned analysis. Why did we have a scrum of 17 announced GOP candidates? Why did the Dems wait so long to step up to challenge Hillary Clinton, even though she laid a big egg running against an unknown state senator named Obama?

     I propose there are different brains at work, and that the candidate strategy for eh two parties reflects how they think now and how they'd govern. It's a wonder to behold, awful in all senses of the term.

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    The Bible is its WORSE ENEMY

    in Spirituality

    Does the Bible testify against itself? for in its very title indicates the qualities of CONFUSION. Bible, code word for BABEL. BABEL of Genesis 11. The BABEL, indicative in its fragmentation of doctrine, its LOVE, its HATE, its PEACE, its WAR, its FEAR, its COMFORT. For if as its author claims that HE IS A GOD OF LOVE, Then why the qualities of hate, destruction and FEAR?. Why alongside the claim of LOVE, indicated is EVIL; and still verified and BOASTED at Isaiah 45:7?. 

    How has the world for so long been plagued by a book of internal strife, dicotomy, confusion, ambiguity and approved duality?. Has humanity been created with the PROGRAM and DNA SIGNATURE to acccept their own torment?. The Cognitive Dissonance and approval of the brutality that in any other entity we would deem it evil?,,,,,Why has the demonized Satan been named such based on HIS VERY QUALITIES OF EVIL? and yet, the God of the Bible conducting the very SAME SIGNATURE of evil; receives a pardon?. 

    Journey with us today into the world of EVIL, upon the pages of a book we were taught to esteem and accept as being INSPIRED BY "GOD". In truth, when dissected with SCRUTINY, finally in the AGE OF I KNOW; its truest of creators EXPOSED: THE ANUNNAKI.

    In my published book "The Age of I Know, Unmasking the Magicians:The Bible Exposed" By Me Vera Courtenay, May be purchased here http://www.amazon.com/The-Age-Know-Unmasking-Magicians/dp/1505303877. This book, as it has others, WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, from one of beLIEf to FINALLY; one of KNOWing. 

    Please, if this platform has assisted you IN ANY AWAY, i aks that you please donate in order to expand my desire and need to EXPOSE THE MAGICIANS to a broader audience. I truly appreciate your allowing my expression and continued support. DONATIONS can be made to tcourt55@msn.com PAYPAL account. I HUMBLY THANK YOU ALL.

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    Well Off Worse Off

    in News

    Well Off Worse Off

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    RGIII done in D.C.; Cubs' hidden ace; college football is almost here

    in Sports

    RGIII done in D.C.

    greatest rookie QB season ever in 2012
    first 'Skins division title since 1999 season
    knee injury
    ran off Shahahan
    worse off with Jay Gruden, who didn't like RGIII at all

    Stretch run for baseball

    Jake Arrieta no-hitter
    Derek Holland 11Ks
    Blue Jay lumber
    NL East

    College football is right around the corner

    Gus Edwards out for the season for Miami
    Vernon Adams Jr. will be the starter for Oregon

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    Export Analysis -Stock Market Meltdown w/Chris Markowski; Weekend review

    in Politics Conservative

    Program Time: 8AM-10AM EST

    Review of the weekend in politics followed by Chris Markowski - Watchdog on Wall Street and Analytical Financial Expert- will be joining us ""In the Pickle Barrel". Get all the answers from the Watchdog on Wall Street. Hear how the stock market works. Find out what’s next! After seeing 6% of their money evaporate this week to drop 8% from the recent highs- investors are wondering how much uglier things can get.Seeing such a rapid decline is a reminder this bull market has gone untested for too long and the pain could get worse - much worse to bring valuations back in line with reality.

    * What is a Bull Market?

    * What is a low market under pressure?

    * Why is it hard to predict the stock market fluctuations?

    * What is going on in today’s market?

    Chris has gone head to head with and exposed the large brokerage houses, the dot-com scams, Enron, Credit Crunch, Madoff Scandal, WorldCom, the real estate bubble, Corrupt Politicians and the Nefarious Activities of the "Too Big to Fail" Banks…Chris used his Wall Street position to expose the Villains and Facilitated in bringing down the Very Firm that he Helped Build, Sacrificing Millions for Honesty and Integrity.

    In addition, we will take a look at updated political news, rumors, and junk. I will let you decide which is which by sharing your views in the online Chat Room or by calling (toll free) 855-236-2486 to share your points live on air.

    See you at 8AM-10AM EST.