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    RocStarRadio & DJHustlaP present Dizzy Maine

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    Darien Castro was born January 25th 1989. Growing up in the 90's was like being hip hop's younger brother. When his ears could first recognize sound-waves they heard biggie on the radio. A young Darien Castro was raised by a single mother after his father was deported from the states when he was only a baby. It wasn't easy growing up with a mother recovering from addiction and having close to nothing. Struggling to fit in with what seemed like rich classmates in a catholic school young Castro turned to hip hop and exercise as an outlet and honestly a companion. At a very young age he learned to be very independent as he watched and learned from the mistakes from his family and community (Boston area, Chelsea, Malden to Melrose). Every Wednesday during English class was poetry day. At age 12 he was expelled from the catholic school for writing a hate-poem insulting a classmate. Little did he know this was his first diss-rap. After being expelled he went on to public high school in Melrose MA. With a much older mind he often felt like he didn't belong doing the "same old". He played sports, had girlfriends and overall had an enjoyable high school experience. There is no doubt that walking down the hall he would have his headphones plugged in bumping either Eminem, 50 Cent or Lil Wayne. Trouble with the law delayed his graduation and he didn't transfer to a four-year college when all his friends did. This set-back left him in his home-town forced to go to Community College. With what seemed to be wasted talent and skill he finally turned to making his own music. The rest is history in the making.

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    RocStarRadio and DJ Hu$tlaP present Didda Joe

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    Bio: Born D' Anthony Davis (or DJ), Didda Joe found love in music at the tender age of 3 yr's old when trying to play instruments with His father's nightclub Band. By the age of 10 Didda had found a passion for singing, and began to learn reading music, but singing wasn't enough for DJ. throughout the years he began Rapping, leaving his singing on the back burner. Although, Didda still wasn't satisfied, so in the next few years he had taught himself to play drums, bass guitar, piano, and Lead Guitar. While Didda was becoming a well known rapper in Indianapolis, he was overheard singing by someone who had told him he had real talent with it. Didda Joe had then released his first ALL R&B mixtape "For the Love of Didda"..Didda Joe has had the opportunity to play oversees in Europe, and has opened for Waka Flocka Flames at Indiana State University. Now at the age of 20 Didda Joe is becoming one of the hottest young artists locally known Having his own Station on Pandora online Radio as well as Spotify. For more info about Didda Joe's music contact @ diddajoe317@gmail.com twitter: @DiddaJoe or www.facebook.com/diddajoe

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    RocStarRadio and DJHustlaP present A-N-T

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    A-N-T can only be described as multifaceted. As a music producer and prolific Mixtape king, he has released 9 Mixtapes since 2005, working on solo projects as well as collaborating with artists such as Ed Muffs to form the smooth rap super-group Daiquiri. A-N-T is garnering praise from music critics and fans alike, from his native Bronx neighborhood to Westchester. Most recently you can catch him on Whadafunk Clothing’s new Mixtape "Never Forgive Action", featuring songs by the hottest up and coming and established names in the hip hop community.