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    LADIES SHOW tonight !!!...call in and get your sports questions in....we are gonna discuss WORLD SERIES...NBA OPENING NIGHT......WEEK 8 review...WEEK 9 preview....NCAAF COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF vote.....NHL....YOUR CALLS and of course THE THREE MINUTE RANT......come thru and bring your A game......646-478-5337

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    On the Bench with Mike B

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    Segment #1 Headline Sports News

    Segment #2 Why Are Fans So Invested In Their Team

    Segment #3 This Week in the NBA

    Segment #4 Battle of the Fan /G.O.A.T.S/ Picks of the Week

    This week On the Bench with Mike B. and the Benchwarmers breakdown all of the exciting headlines during one of the busiest weeks in sports. Everything from The World Series Winner, College Football initial rankings, to the FREE Gurley release date will be discussed in the Headline News.

    During Segment #2, The Benchwarmers will tackle an interesting topic of  Why Fans Became So Invested in Their Teams.

    Bouncing into Segment #3 The NBA Season starts off with teams already behind the 8-Ball. Find out what the Benchwarmers think about that.

    In the final part of the show, Mike B. and the Benchwarmers introduce a New Segment called Battle of the Fan, along with their Weekly G.O.A.T.S. and Asses of the Week, and finishing up with theirs Picks of the Week.

    Make sure you join them Saturday Nov-1 at 9AM on the Survival Radio Network. 

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    2014 World Series Preview, NFL Week 7 recap, & NCAA football week 9 rankings!

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    A packed show for your pre-Worldseries show. I'll also breakdown football from the NFL this past weekend and also give you my insight on the week 9 polls in college football as we can ever so close to the college playoff bracket polls

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    Week 8 College Football Recaps with Steven Meador:

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    Tonight on Sports Talk with Bryan Nolen, Steven Meador and myself look at all the crazy College Football games that were contested on Saturday afternoon/evening! We will give you our thoughts and a look ahead to tomorrow’s first ever College Football Playoff Rankings! Update from #Texans/#Steelers and Game 1 predictions for the #WorldSeries. Top headlines and more as we are LIVE!

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    Bootch and Pat Show with Bob

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    Tonight on the show we are live and commercial free at the #Jenkintown #VFW Post 1711 as we regroup from an #Eagles #BYE week and look ahead to the #Arizona #Cardinals. We want your take on what to expect. We still have players out due to injury but some sound like they will be back soon. We will break down this weekends games including a divisional game between the #NFCEast #Dallas #Cowboys and the #NY #Giants. We have #GameOne of the #WorldSeries tonight between the #Royals and the #Giants. Plus #NASCAR #Flyers and much to Bobs chagrin, maybe we will discuss #Sixers. If there's time maybe we will play "Gruden: Say What?!" And as usual we have our "Turd of the Week", "WTF Moments of the Week"; all this and more - tune in and call us up tonight 347-850-1427. 

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    Real Sports Talk

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    Wednesday Nights are Fun again as Randy Zellea is live for Real Sports Talk Radio..Call the show 762-283-0846 and tweet us at @randybsp
    NBA Preview Night!! Anthony Mullivill joins Randy to discuss the NBA NFL and WorldSeries!! Big night #backsportspage

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    Dirk Hayhurst Living the Dream After Baseball

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    Retiring professional baseball players, like pitcher Jim Hannan, keep the love the game alive. Stepping out of the dugout after the final pitch is the first move into actively sharing their time and passion for their sport as ambassadors of the game. Major League Baseball Alumni Association is more than a collection of aging ball players. The charitable wing of the organization has raised more than $21 million; benefiting groups such as Children's Hospital, American Diabetes, Boys and Girls Clubs, Cystic Fibrosis, Special Olympics, Leukemia Society of America, the Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels and Little League Baseball.
    Jim Hannan, retired pitcher, joins us LIVE Wednesday April 3rd @ 7PM EST at BEYONDtheCheers on blogtalkradio. Dial-in TOLL FREE 1-877-357-2448 in Canada and United States to ask a question and talk with us or send an e-mail to us in advance of the show.

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    MLB Universe: Season 1: Episode 4

    in Baseball

    Welcome to the 4th Episode of MLB Universe!
    We love doing episodes, and you should like it too! :)
    The people who are making this for you:
    Spencer (Talking)
    Jordan (Music Editor)
    Jackson (Pictures)
    We will be talking about a lot of things today, so you will be informed! Also, if you want to watch football, totally fine, but just plug in your ear plugs and listen!
    Hope to see you on this show!

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     A weekly Sport Talk radio show produced by James E King III (@wcsteelerfan), and moderated by  Joseph Herron, featuring Matt Shetler (@bucco12)NBA writer-Fansided.com & CityofChampions.com), James Sullivan (Sports Intern at Texas A&M, Bleacher Report featured writer, and Seth Austin( @Seth_Austin) Ohio University (Bobcats) correspondant and AFL Pittsburgh intern. We discuss the latest Sports subjects and personalities, each with our own unique styles. Wcsteeler is the old school (emphasis on "old"), "Diabolical Hater", in-your-face type, with 'no conscious', as he pounces on "targets of opportunity", and has no problem, expressing his sometimes 'dry humor', and sarcastic feelings, in no uncertain terms. Joe Herron is the 'ying', in the contrasting duo. Joe is an avid Cinninatti Reds and Dallas Cowboy fan, who brings his passionate, journalistic, but mild-mannered approach, to the program. He writes various articles at, FightSaga.com.where he is the primary contributing editor. James is the owner of:www.kingzkrib.com, a daily Sports Information and Fantasy Sports site.  James also produces "Tailgating at Tha KRIB", our sister show,  that covers the NFL/FantasyFootball season.  Join us on Wednesday nights, from 5:00 - 7:00 PM(PST),
      Wale and Ray-Ray, from @UrbanSportsScene cover the DMV Sports scene, and bring us a "fresh" prespective, to the workings and insght of sports, around the Nation's capital. Justin Davis Jr(@jersymikejr ), one of our "original gang' joins us, when his time permits, and he continues to pursue his education, and support his Carolina Panthers, and Charlotte Bobcats.
      We have an interesting array of "Featured Guests" from all facets, of the Sports world, which we hope will add an interesting sense of 'spice', to a listeners, and potential callers.