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    World Cup 2014: Semifinals Preview

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    Listen to our comprehensive World Cup 2014 Semifinal Preview show as we analyze this week's upcoming games.  In this episode, we will discuss whether Brazil can overcome the loss of two of its key players when it faces Germany.  We will also break down the clash between Argentina and the Netherlands.  In addition, we will recap the performances of the USA and Mexico in this tournament.  Finally, we will conclude by giving out our tournament awards for the best individual performances up to this point.   

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    Positively Insane 2 - World Cup 2014 On RyoSports.com

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    It is their lucky day; they get to run onto the World Cup Soccer field and raid two jersey’s - one each - off of the backs of any two World Cup Players. On RyoSports.com with Eric Florance (US), Taylor Granville (US), Jose Godoy (Spain), Ludi Lobo (Spain) and Daniel Hernandez (Mexico). 

    Which two jersey’s would you have run off with? 

    Blood is flying everywhere. See the 50 most shocking World Cup Moments Ever.

    The Hunks I Dreamed by Neville DeAngelou
    50 Most Shocking World Cup Moments Ever 

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    REAL TALK SPORTS:NBA DRAFT PARTY HOSTED BY ATLANTA HAWKS, WORLD CUP 2014. Broadcast originally from Phillips Arena in Atlanta . The Highlight Factory' was buzzing with excitement as the Hawks hosted an NBA Draft party for season ticket holders and oter select fans. We get comments from people on the scene about draft and chnces of free agents Carmelo Anthony or Lebron James coming to AT. Plus commentary from Vincent Turner-;Mr. Football, and World Soccer ambassador Qiana Martin who brings her Word Cup insights.

    Check out our website at www.realtalksports.net. Here us LIVE on WIGO AM 1570 on Mondays 8-830pm, and Satruday 11-1130am. The show can be heard online at www.wigoam.com, or on the FREE TuneIn Radio app for Android or IOS devices.



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    USA vs Belgium World Cup 2014 Edition

    in Sports

    Sports Talk 924 is giving you an special soccer edition on the USA vs Belgium World Cup 2014 match..


    We're giving a perspective that only we can..

    Plus all the news & notes in sports

    Rough Rugged & RAW radio!!!


    Tune in!!!

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    Join us for "TACO TUESDAY SHOW" tonight in honor of Mexico vs Brazil in World Cup 2014


    2 Chicks on Sports (Radio Show) is a fresh and fun LIVE Sports Radio Show hosted by 2 Chicks committed 2 entertaining the lives of passionate new and seasoned sports fans 2 Chick moments at a time!

    I am pleased to announce that Teri "Flaca" Jean will be sitting in for the remainder of 2014 as the permanenet Co-Host to Dana but we are also seeking budding show hosts for those interested female sports enthusiats.  If you are a female sports entusiast with a desire to be on the radio as a broadcaster, please contact us as we have changed the format of the show in 2014 to a permanent show Host, Dana Shafman, with multiple co-hosts to add a distinct flavor to the show and an added bit of variety.  

    As the NFL and NCAA seasons kicks off, we will also be finally adding some guest interviews to include former players, coaches and staff for some real insight into the game of football as well as interviewing those from other sports too (let's face it, it's really all about footbal anyway right?).  

    Contact us to be on 2 Chicks on Sports as a co-host or guest interview...we welcome guests of all sports and varieties on the show!  Our goal is to provide a safe and welcome sport environment in whihc to share some basic sports knowedlge to our listeners topped off with a whole lot of fun reviewing the week in sports 2 "chick moments" at a time.

    Join us every Tuesday at 8 PM Pacific time...

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    Inaugural Episode - Donovan mourning over lets Preview the World Cup 2014

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    Welcome to the Inaugural Episode of "Soccer Saavy"; presented by the Red Light Sports Network.  Your host; Troy Otradovec, will spend 30 minutes breaking down what he considers one of the toughest draws in World Cup for the United States. In what many consider shocking news, Landon Donovan was left off the World Cup roster.  The debate was whether this was the right move.  Troy will give you his straight thought on what he thought about this roster move, was it good or was it bad? You will have to listen in; call in with your opinion about this.  Fasten your seatbelts and put your foot on the gas - lets kick the ball around the pitch!

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    Neil and Craig preview the 108th Apple Cup

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    Tune in as CougCenter's Craig Power's and Neil discuss the 2015 Apple Cup, and what the No. 20 Washington State Cougars need to do to secure their ninth win of the season.

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    Tonight and the rest of this week we are going to discuss Cleavers NOTES ON NATIVE SON.  In this we will discuss the theory of self hate and displaced love for those who are your enemy and enemy to the thought of a life of liberation for Black People. "After reading a couple of James Baldwin's books, I began experiencing that continuous delight one feels upon discovering a fascinating, brilliant talent on the scene, a talent capable of penetrating so profoundly into one's own little world that one knows oneself to have unalterably changed and liberated from the frustrating grasp of whatever Devils happen to process one.  Being a Negro, I have found this to be a rare and infrequent experience, for few of my black brothers and sisters her in America have achieved the power, which James Baldwin calls his revenge, which outlast kingdoms:  the power of doing whatever cats like Baldwin do when combining the alphabet with the with the volatile elements of his soul.  (And, like it or not, a black man, unless he has become irretrievably "white-minded, " responds with additional dimension of his being to the articulated experience of another black---in spite of the universality of human experience.) 
    I as I imagine many others did and still do, lusted for any-thing that Baldwin had written.  It would have been a gas for me to sit on a pillow beneath the womb of Baldwin's  typewriter and catch each newborn page as it entered this world of ours.  I was delighted that Baldwin, with those great big eyes of his, which one thought to be fixedly focused on the microcosm, could also pierce the microcosm. And although he was so full of sound, he was not noisy writer like Ralph Ellison.  He placed so much of my own experience, which I thought I had understood, into new perspective."  SOUL ON ICE by Elderidge Cleave


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    Robb Pair Talks Real Estate On Harlem World Radio

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    Get some tea, and listen to Harlem real estate man, Robb Phair, Robb is founder and president of Harlem lofts, Harlem Lofts is As President and Founder of Harlem Lofts Inc., Robb Pair possesses 30 years of experience as a successful real estate developer and broker, and expertise in sales marketing. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in New York, North Carolina, and Virginia, and a licensed contractor in New York. He combines an uncanny ability and unique passion for connecting buyers and sellers with an unsurpassed knowledge of the Harlem New York real estate market. Since 2001, Robb has lived in a Harlem brownstone that was developed by his firm. He and his wife are raising their family (four boys) in Harlem - he talks abut the new  3rd quarter Market Report for Harlem and Upper Manhattan real estate and more! Today's show was taped live with Danny Tisdale on Harlem World Radio. www.harlemlofts.com

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    It's A Kentucky Basketball Recruiting World

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    We will talk about all the Kentucky signees from the early signing period, name that recruit, and much much more. Tune in 516-595-8069.

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    Feldman World Review Thanksgiving Edition November 25, 2015

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    A "Free Speech Zone" 

    Our New Daily Magazine: https://paper.li/FeldmanWorldGrp/1414459375 

    Our NEW WEB SITE: http://www.feldmanworldgroup.com/ 

    I'm only asking for 2 hours a week, every Sunday 11:30 AM EST and every Wednesday 10:00 PM EST!!!! FEATURING: The Jewboy Journal. Current Events, Political Discussion and Opinion. 

    Call us and Talk!! 347-202-0433 Or forever hold your piece!