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    Special guest Dr. Hendo I.L. Henderson, Ad Hoc Judge of the World Court

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    Special guest Dr. Hendo I.L. Henderson,

    The History of Dr. Hendo I.L. Henderson, Ad Hoc of the World Court. King Henry of England was a Blackamoor, Black or melanin man. His bloodline is the lineage of the tribe of Judah (Yes ALL 12 tribes of Israel are Blackamoor, Black, Naga or melanin people.)

    The History of Dr. Hendo I.L. Henderson, Ad Hoc of the World Court

    King Henry of England was a Blackamoor, Black or melanin man. His bloodline is the lineage of the tribe of Judah (Yes ALL 12 tribes of Israel are Blackamoor, Black, Naga or melanin people.) The Vatican had its' traitors inside of King Henry's court who ultimately betrayed him and infiltrated the throne.

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    AIL Welcomes the Ad Hoc of the World Court—DR. HENDO I.L. HENDERSON!

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    Join host Tanya M. Dixon for another edition of ART Imitates LIFE Radio Show as she welcomes the Ad Hoc of the World Court—DR. HENDO I.L. HENDERSON on the "AIL Spotlight"! Dr. Henderson is also the Elect Steward of the Melchizedec Trust and Trustee of Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights Trust and we will hear from him on subjects such as the Global Monetary System and Reset as well as his works in restoring peace, humanity and justice to the world.  We’ll also check-in with the AIL Team for "Hot Off the Press" and "Healthy Lifestyles".  In the 2nd hour of the show Dr. Henderson will join Tanya and the AIL Team on "The Living Room" forum to continue discussing issues and answering questions for the live audience.

    Call us during the live show at (347) 945-7191!

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    HELL IS FOR CHILDREN - Protective Mothers fight for their court-abducted kids!

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    Welcome to HELL IS FOR CHILDREN – a blog talk radio program for and by Protective Mothers with your host Geerte Frenken. Today’s guest is Protective Tina Kufner. She lost her 2 children to their pedophile father who took them to Germany 9 years ago. Tina is the Founder of the Melo Project Runway Program that organizes The Indigo Ribbon Challenge; a fashion project that support child abuse victims. So what is a Protective Mother? A Protective Mother tries to protect her child or children from their abusive father by many means necessary, which is an uphill battle in today’s corrupt Family Court system that thrives on paternal entitlement. However, Protective Mothers worldwide are uniting to fight for the right to keep their children in what could be called a new Civil Rights movement. Needless to say, we are not interested in haters here. We offer a safe haven for Protective Moms to share their stories (can be anonymously). And we don’t just want to share our horror stories here. This program is meant to be a platform of constructive support and a think-tank for solutions. Other guests who can contribute to this topic in a positive manner are welcome as well. Are you a listener who has tips for our guests? Then please call in at 347-850-1243 at 12PM EST! Are you ready? Operation EXPOSE continues! 

    Visit Tina Kufner’s Melo Project Runway Program here: http://meloprojectrunway.com/

    Information about The Indigo Ribbon Challenge can be found here http://www.melo-international.com/i-.html

    Click HERE for previous episodes of HELL IS FOR CHILDREN 

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    Belvaspata World Radio: Tools of Wonder

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    Welcome to Belvaspata World Radio. This week Malue and Denise are excited to share information on the recent webinar with Almine. Please join us and learn more about mastering manifestation. 


    A problem is the unkown challenging you to turn it into the known through experience. To the victor goes increased power and vitality. Innovative solutions can be found in the heart of the problem by embracing the unknown. Divinity Quest #43

    To learn more about Almine please visit www.spiritualjourneys.com or Belvaspata visit www.belvaspata.org

    Questions, comments? please contact us at belvaspataworldradio@gmail.com

    Thank you for listening in....you make the show possible.

    please note this show is pre-recorded.


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    Why is Love so hard, When lust is so easy? Part 2

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    Dig Deeper.  love s hard, But Lust......comes easier.

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    Diamond's World Presents Novelist MT Pope

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    Join me as I talk to Novelist MT Pope about his mind-blowing series, "Both Sides Of The Fence 1-4" as well as the other books in his catalog. 

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    "Internal differences within the Nation of Islam forced me out of it.  I did not leave of my own free will.  But now that it has happened I intend to make the most of it.  Now that I have more independence of action.   I intend to use a more flexible approach toward working with others to get a solution to this problem I do not pretend to be a divine man, but I do believe in divine guidance, divine power, and in the fulfillment of divine prophecy.  I am not educated, nor am I an expert in any particular field.....but I am sincere an my sincerity is my credential."

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    5 Reasons Cross Promotion Brings Us Victory - Featuring Kiler Davenport

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    Lame stream media power has been consolidated into the hands of a few. Internet TV and radio, coupled with social media have provided powerful tools for everyday people to level the playing field.

    An army of citizen alternative mediat activists has now developed into one of the most formidible forces in the array of tactics available to everyday citizens to oppose tyranny.  People desiring justice must support alternative media. Alternative media producers must cross promote each other. 

    By interviewing each other and promoting each other's shows alternative media producers can realize:

    Increased audiences (they will gain the audiences of each other)

    Increased donations

    More robust synergy

    Increased power

    Expand reach while lowering expenses

    Kiler Davenport and associates will be on this important show to share with us how we can win the war against tyranny and grasp the freedom, prosperity and justice we all deserve. Do not miss this show. Share on social media. Get involved. Help us help YOU win!

    We are all tired of the rat race, crooked politicians, corrupt courts, greedy unethical corporations and ever increasing prices.

    We can share each other's stories and keep each other informed. In collaboration, we can use our numbers to realize victory over those who wish to put profit, greed and power over justice, freedom and prosperity. 

    Listen to Kiler Davenport as he guides the conversation on how we can overcome injustice. Visit his website at http://www.KilerDavenport.com. Visit and share his radio channels at Alternative Public Radio International.  Visit http://www.citizensdemandingjustice.org. 

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    Anthony Eaton Talks Vy Higginson On The Danny Tisdale Show

    in Lifestyle

    Danny Tisdale talks to leader guru Anthony Eaton about his ground breaking interview with Harlem legend Vy Higgensen founder of The M.A.M.A. Foundation on The Danny Tisdale Show.

    Related: Read the entire interview by Anthony Eaton with Harlem legend Vy Higgenson.

    Mr. Eaton talks to Harlem's Ms. Higgensen, whose family worked at the Apollo Theater, she was the first female ad exec at Ebony Magazine and the first woman on prime time radio, and founder of the Mama Foundation and much more - www.themamafoundation.org/

    Today’s show was taped live with Danny Tisdale on Harlem World Radio.

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    Why are Political Candidates Not Discussing Corruption in the Court System?

    in Politics Progressive

    Jill Jones Soderman, Founder of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court and Producer Walter Davis discuss the 2016 election and the absence of discussion about the corruption within the court system. We will explore this reality and discuss solutions for it.

    The courts need cameras inside of court rooms. We need statistics on each judge (how many kids were taken away, how many reunited with families, how many black kids, white kids, latino, asian etc. were taken away/reunited). Voters go to the polling booths and as asked to vote, yet, we have nothing in terms of data to use to vote intelligently on the judges. We have no accurate statistics on how many kids are raped in foster care. How many kids are getting psychotropic drugs? What kind of political contributions are being made to politicians? Who is sponsoring judicial immunity laws?

    Why is it that both Democrats and Republicans ignore this topic as though the legal system in America is operating smoothly and with integrity?

    The first part of the show will be discussion and factual presentation. We will entertain callers during the second half.


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    January Jones - Hershey's Chocolate World

    in Health

    January Jones interviews the official spokeswoman for Hershey's Chocolates, Mindy Bianca, and chocolate expert John Schaffenburger with an interview about their companies that any true chocoholic will enjoy!

    Now you can hear all about Hersey's Chcoclate World in Hersey, Pennsylvania.