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    Part 4 of exposing Corruption at the World Bank

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    1) Program intro

    2) Tonights program will be Part 4 of the interview with Karen Hudes on the World Bank Corruption

    3) the playing of part 4

    4) Music break

    5) Finnal Comments

    6 Colsing Music , O Canada Them Song  

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    Part 2 of exposing Corruption at the World Bank

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    1) Intro to Program

    2) The program tonight is Part 2 of the interview with Karen Hudes that exposed Corruption at the world Bank 

    3) The playing of Part 2

    4) Music Break , Song about Liberty

    5) Finnal Comments

    6) Colsing Music , O Canada Them Song

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    Hacking the World Bank

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    Jim Yong Kim has an unorthodox background for a World Bank president -- and his reign thus far is just as unorthodox.

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    Part 3 of exposing Corruption at the World Bank

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    1) Program introduction

    2) Tonight program will be part 3 on exposing World Bank Corruption

    3) The playing of Part 3

    4) A Music meditaion Break . be still  and let the Truth be made known to you

    5) My finnal Comments

    6) Finnishing Music , then song of O , Canada

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    Part 1 of exposing Corruption at the World Bank

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    1 ) Intro to program

    2) We are strating a New Topic on The Corrution at the World Bank.

    - To night we will be playing Part 1 of a interveiw with Karen Hudes that was a legal Secetray at the World Bank . When she exposed illegal activity she got fire . And she is now exposing the Truth about the corruption at the World Bank. 

    - One of the key things she exposed was that the major NEWS net works fliter News that exposes corruption in the banking system and who are the people in control .

    3) The playing of Part 1 of the interview with Karen Hudges .

    4) my closing comments

    5) Finnish them song , O Canada   

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Second Teflon President?

    in Politics Conservative

    The Obamedia assault on Ben Carson yields the good doctor a cool $3.5 million in fundraising as he overtakes Donald Trump in South Carolina - maybe that's why Hairboy fears him so much; The EPA's ruinously expensive math deficiency; The coming 2016 #BlackLivesMatter coup de tat; The World Bank joins in the swirling psychotic global warming hype; Barack Obama's strutting, stumbling clusterfark of a road to war with Russia; and maybe more.

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    World Bank/IMF Corruption NWO

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    RNR Radio speaks with Karen Hudes who worked for 20 years in the World Bank's legal department. Ms. Hudes is a whistleblower involved with the laundry list of corruption that has begun to rear its head in The World Bank. On today's worldwide broadcast, Jason and  phil confronts the globalist cabal as it cranks up the heat on the world economy and exploits the war on terror to increase the police state at home and terrorize its citizens.

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    in Health

    n 2007 Karen warned the US Treasury Department and US Congress that the US would lose its right to appoint the President of the World Bank if the current American President of the World Bank did not play by the rules. The 66 year old Gentlemen’s Agreement that Europe would appoint the Managing Director of the IMF and US would appoint the World Bank President ended in 2010.

    Two days after informing the Board’s Audit Committee of the cover-up in the Philippines, Karen was reprimanded and placed on probation. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the World Bank’s Audit Committee to look into the cover- up. Instead, the Chair of the World Bank’s Audit Committee requested an inquiry into the World Bank’s Institutional Integrity Department. The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations followed up with three letters to the World Bank. The World Bank forged documents and fired Karen in contempt of Congress. The World Bank also fired the Staff Association’s lawyer. The Staff Association stated that what had happened to Karen had damaged staff morale and prevented others from reporting misconduct. The World Bank’s Ethics’ Officer left in frustration after her request for an investigation by the World Bank’s Institutional Integrity Department was turned down.

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    Spirituality & Medicine with Dr. Manoj Jain on America Meditating Radio

    in Self Help

    Dr. Manoj Jain is an infectious disease physician, a writer, and a national leader in healthcare quality improvement. Dr. Jain writes regularly for the Washington Post, and the Commercial Appeal (a Memphis newspaper). His writings also appear in the New York Times and the Times of India.  He has served as a consultant to the World Bank on HIV, and has been interviewed by CNN and National Public Radio.

    Dr. Jain has also conducted research on spirituality, meditation and medicine and is adjunct assistant professor at Emory University and the medical director at Tennessee’s Quality Improvement Organizations.

    He is also a faculty for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and is on the leadership team for the Healthy Memphis Common Table Community Partners Council and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant. He has founded and chaired the Annual Nonviolence Conference in Memphis. Visit http://www.mjainmd.com

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna. Like America Meditating, Download our FREE Pause for Peace app.

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    Harlem World Reading Series Team Talk Books On Harlem World Radio

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    Join authors Eartha Watts-Hicks, JP Howard, CC Minton, emcee Dontre Conerly and organizer Yolande Brener as they talk to Danny Tisdale on The Danny Tisdale Show on Harlem World Radio Podcast about the upcoming Harlem World Reading, Part One event. They discuss the delicious home made treats created by healthy eating advocate, CC Minton, and Harlem World food writer, Lil Nickelson. Listen and taste the Harlem experience Friday, Dec. 4th at 6:30 pm, at Sisters Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center, 1942 Amsterdam Ave @ 156th Streeet, New York, NY 10032, http://harlemworldmag.com/harlem-world-magazine-reading-series-part-one/

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    "The psychic distance between love and hate could be the mechanical difference between a smile and a sneer, or it could be the journey of a nervous impulse form the depths of one’s brain to the tip of one’s toe.  But this impulse in its path through North america nerves may, if it is honest, find the passage disputed: may find the leap form the fiber of hate to that of love too taxing on its meager store energy—and so the long trip back may never be completed, may end in reconnaissance, a compromises, and then a lie..... "

    This myth of the creation of the white race, called “Yacub’s History’” is an inversion of the racial death-wish of American Negroes today.  Quite simply, many Negroes believe, as the principle of assimilation into white America implies, that the race problem in America cannot be settled until all traces of the black race are eliminated.  Toward this end, many Negroes loathe the very idea of two very dark Negroes mating.  The children, they say, will come out ugly. What they mean is that the children are sure to be black, and this is not desirable.  What they mean is that the children are sure to be black, and this is not desirable.  From the widespread use of cosmetics to bleach the black out of one’s skin and other concoctions to take Africa out of one’s hair, to the extreme, restored to by more  Negroes than one might wash to believe, of undergoing nose thinning and lip-clipping operations, the racial death-wish of american Negroes—Yacub’s goal—takes its terrible toll. What has been happening for the past four hundred years is that the white man, through his access to black women. has been pumping his and genes of the blacks—i.e., has been fulfilling Yacub’s plan and accelerating the Negroes on death-wish." SOUL ON ICE by Eldridge Cleaver