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    in Self Help

    Being insanely busy all the time is not only bad for you;
    it also prevent you from discovering the human being you were meant to be. 
    –Andrew Smart

    EPISODE #94
    In this episode we will be covering:

    How slowing down can help you make meaning out of experience and ultimately help make you more productive, maximizing your impact, influence and legacy 
    7 ways to break your workaholic tendencies 
    The latest personal growth tool I stumbled upon and you deserve to know about!




    My babymoon relaxation weekend in Myrtle Beach



    Autopilot, by Andrew Smart

    Quotes from Smart:

    Our long-standing “idlephobia” has lead inexorably to our current near-obsession with busyness.
    In the short term, busyness destroys creativity, self-knowledge, emotional well-being, your ability to be social – and it can damage your cardiovascular health.
    True insight, whether artistic or scientific, emotional or social, can really only occur in these all-too-rare idle states.
    Allowing the brain to rest opens the system to exploiting these mechanisms of nonlinearity and randomness, and amplifies the brain’s natural tendency to combine percepts and memories into new concepts.
    Doing nothing actually makes your brain function better.
    Western society has instilled in us a belief that every moment of every day must be filled with activity. Indeed, it is almost a moral obligation in the US to be as busy as possible. I will try to show that for certain things the brain like to do you may need to be doing very little.
    Modern technology can literally make us dumber.
    On the contrary, when you leave important parts of your brain unattended by relaxing in the grass on a sunny afternoon, the parts of your brain in the default mode network become more organized and engaged.
    If you knew being idle (preferably whi

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    The Problem of Burnout in Your Life, Part 1

    in Christianity

    Our passage from the Word of God today is Matthew 11:28–30. It reads, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

    Our quote for today is from Sam Storms. He said, “You weren't created for boredom or burnout or bondage to sexual lust or greed or ambition but for the incomparable pleasure and matchless joy that knowing Jesus alone can bring. Only then, in Him, will you encounter the life-changing, thirst-quenching, soul-satisfying delight that God, for His glory, created you to experience.”

    Our problem today is "The Problem of Burnout in Your Life" (part 1) from the book, "The Guide to Biblical Counseling" by Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Ron Hawkins. 

    - Western culture continue to push the limits, has become increasingly obsessed with the “pursuit of excellence,” and burnout has reached epidemic proportions, even within the church.

    - Burnout is a stressful state characterized by physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion, chronic fatigue, and lethargy.


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    Jingle All The Way, 1996

    in Movies

    Workaholic Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) wants to make things up to his son, Jamie (Jake Lloyd), and wife, Liz (Rita Wilson). He promises to get Jamie the hottest toy of the season, Turbo-Man -- even though it's Christmas Eve and the toy is practically sold out. As Langston hunts down the elusive gift, he runs into mailman Myron (Sinbad), another father on the same quest. With the clock winding down, Langston's moral code is tested as he starts to learn the real meaning of Christmas.

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    Keith Roth , Musician , Radio Personality and much more!

    in Pop Culture

    For the past 10 years, Keith has been a producer at Sirius XM satellite radio. He coordinates rock icon, David Johansen’s “Mansion of Fun” weekly radio show, in addition to being an on-air personality for the “Hair Nation” and “Ozzy’s Boneyard” channels. Keith is also the co-creator and host of the “Electric Ballroom Radio Show", a rock n' roll specialty program that's been airing weekly since 1998. It is broadcast on 95.9FM in New Jersey. The show has received wide acclaim for its' impressive roster of guests (Joe Strummer, John Paul Jones, Brian May, John Entwistle, Alice Cooper and literally hundreds more) and Keith's knack for coaxing intimate, revealing interviews from its' high profile guests. This is in no small part due to Keith's profound love and encyclopedic knowledge of music and pop culture as well as his experience as a musician himself.A creative workaholic, he is also co- creator /Producer of Main Man records, a Red Bank,NJ based record label. Working with a wide range of artists from rock legends to up and comers, Main Man is currently preparing it's fiftieth title for release.As a musician, Keith started in Bad Biscuit, an influential punky, hard rock band, regarded by many as ahead of its time.The band was managed by Bon Jovi's BJM company and the band warmed up the crowd for the stadium rockers in 1995.Following this in 2005, Keith formed Frankenstein 3000, of which he is the singer and primary song writer.The band has had a rich history and is getting ready to launch their 8th album.Keith has also enjoyed a storied career as a session musician, performing with rock notables Cheetah Chrome, David Johansen,Silvain Silvain, Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow, Cherie Currie and Earl Slick to name a few.


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    Divorce your WORKAHOLIC Drama!

    in Relationships

    Are you one of the millions of adults who are CHRONICALLY OVERWORKED?  As a Nation of Workaholics we often we take pride in the fact that we work more than one job and/or work for 12 hours or more a day.  After all, it shows how tough and significant we are!  Yet the stress from life as a Workaholic can cause major DRAMA in your life, take a toll on your health (physical and mental) as well as marriage and other relationships.

    Join Melissa and guest, Dr. Greg Marcus, Author of "Busting your Corporate Idol", a self help book for the chronically overworked.  Dr. Marcus will teach us how to bust through our conditioning to embrace a Workaholic lifestyle and teaches us "whe you work less you're worth more".

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    The 100 Dates Challenge

    in Self Help

    At Fantasy Dating, we're all about daring to date. That's why we're psyched to talk to Jen H., a 31 year old, single, self-described workaholic living in LA. She's challenged herself with the ultimate dare - to go on 100 dates!

    When asked, "Why 100 dates?" Jen replies, "Because it has to get better. I kid (kind of), but I think it’s really easy for people to be scared and negative about dating and about the opposite sex and just sit idly by. I never want to be that person. I mean, I’m scared of everything, I’m kind of a nervous person, but I don’t want to let fear dictate my life or my choices. Plus, I know so many great people – so certainly there must be more! I also want to live out of a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity. I want to expect good things."

    We're expecting good things too! Join us on Wednesday, December 2, at 5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 Eastern as Jen H. tells us about being single in LA, what inspired her to do the 100 dates challenge and what she's learned so far.

    We dare you. After all, you might just learn something too.

    About Fantasy Dating: Fantasy Dating provides singles with an alternative to scrolling endless online dating profiles by challenging them to dare to date in real life. Like in other Fantasy Sports, players form leagues, set stakes and compete against each other to earn points. But when they Fantasy Date, they earn points by dating.

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    Thank God It's Wednesday! Realizing Purpose, Passion and Life/Work Balance

    in Spirituality


    In 2004, in full health and at the pinnacle of his life and career, Mark contracted a very serious, penicillin resistant (MRSA) infection from a routine arthroscopy. After a dozen surgeries and forty-one days of lying immobilized in a hospital bed, Mark experienced a life-changing encounter with what he can only describe as the “Divine.” He communed with a presence that revealed to him that his life purpose is to help and heal others. From this epiphany, Mark developed an intense interest in spirituality and spent the next 10-years studying and working with spiritual leaders. Interest turned to inspiration when Mark realized that he could do the most good by mentoring business professionals using his 25-years of successful corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Harvard MBA and coaching training. He decided to transition out of the corporate world and founded C-Synergy, LLC to help both people to get clear on their purpose and calling, to develop manageable action plans and to connect and operate from their inner wisdom.

    Mark’s mission is to help people tune into their inner genius and to unleash the creativity, joy and energy found in living in alignment to purpose and exercising personal passion. Mark believes that businesses and the people who create and run them hold the ultimate answer to the many crisis’ facing our planet today. He would like to see the corporations that lay claim to the majority of the world’s assets to be led by men and women connected to their higher consciousness so that they make decisions from a mindset of oneness, abundance and love instead of scarcity, fear and greed.

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    Reader's Entertainment Radio Presents: ReShonda Tate Billingsley

    in Books

    Don't miss our show this Thursday, November 12th at 6pm EST. My guest will be #1 National Bestselling Author and NAACP Image Award-Winning Author, ReShonda Tate Billingsley. A former news reporter and anchor, who now writes books full-time, ReShonda has penned over 35 books. Her sophomore novel, Let the Church Say Amen, has been made into a movie, directed by actress Regina King and produced by Queen Latifah's Flava Unit, Royal Ties Productions and Bobcat Films.

    Book Blurb:

    When her son is in trouble, a heartbroken mother finds the courage and faith to save him, in ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s powerful family drama—a novel as timely as today’s headlines.

    The breaking TV news rocks Jasper, Texas, to the core: a white police officer is fatally shot in a scuffle with three black youths—and a cellphone video captures Jamal Jones, the sixteen-year-old son of esteemed Reverend Elton Jones, escalating the tragic encounter. Now, as the national spotlight shines on a town already rife with racial tension, Jamal is a murder suspect on the run. And all of Jasper—even the Reverend’s congregation—rushes to judge the boy they thought they knew.

    But Gloria Jones knows her son best, and she races to find Jamal before the law does—to the outrage of her workaholic husband. Once she finds him, she has to decide whether to turn him in or help him run. With ruthless prosecutor and Houston mayoral candidate Kay Christensen hungering to put another young thug behind bars, Gloria will face her biggest battle yet. And when long-hidden secrets and shocking lies come to light, throwing Jamal’s case and his destiny into a tailspin, all Gloria can do is pray that the truth—and a mother’s unconditional love—will be enough to redeem the mistakes of the past and ultimately, save her son.


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    Are You Living Your Life in Balance?

    in Spirituality

    Are you extremely laid back?

    Are you married to your job?

    In this fast-paced world, some persons mentally check out, while others rush from one frenzied task to another.

    Is there a middle ground - a balance?

    Can we really spend more time with ourselves, our family and loved ones, while still earning enough to take care of the needs of our family?

    Dr Chan and Coach Seah explore Finding the Balance in this week's episode of Growing Consciousness. Call 347-308-8709 on October 7 to participate in the discussion.

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    Baby Boomers Live Guest Actor, Producer, Director & Writer "Donald James Parker"

    in Entertainment

    Baby Boomers Live Like our FB Page Follow to enjoy our BBL Pics & Flix 

    Every Mon. 10 a.m. PST 



    Baby Boomers Live  Hosted by Reatha Grey & James Zuley Baby Boomers Live, "All things Baby Boomer, from a Baby Boomers perspective.

    Special Guest:  Actor, Producer, Director & Writer "Donald James Parker".  In 2006, I was a workaholic computer programmer who didn't know a lot about what was going on in the world. Then God intervened. I awoke at exactly 2:00 AM with the sensation that I'd heard a voice saying "Write a book about evolution." I was not a writer and didn't know much about evolution. I just went back to sleep. In the morning I awoke and remembered that experience and went to prayer asking, "Lord, did you ask me to write a book about evolution last night?"  Since then I have written 20 books, mostly involving evolution, the occult, and the sexual revolution.  I've written and co-written several movie scripts and have produced seven of the scripts as feature films.  I have my own Blogtalk Radio show, Wielding the Sword of the Spirit, where I interview people in the entertainment industry and in ministry - or preferably in both.

    Jim's Hot Topic - The Unexpected

    Jim's Gem - Cutbacks!

    Brought to you by: NETWORKERONWHEELS.COM

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    ROCK Your Stilettos, Suits, and Sweats with Business Strategist T. Renee Smith

    in Entrepreneur

    Business Strategist, Coach T. Renee Smith started a business at 19, on credit, with NO business experience and NO plan! She has built successful marketing, real estate, technology and entertainment companies. She  went from driving a Mercedes, living in an 8,000 square foot home, shopping for designer clothes, dining at fancy restaurants and spending days at the spa to being served with lawsuits and filing bankruptcy.

    Now a reformed people pleaser, perfectionist and workaholic who {confesses to having} made every mistake possible, she has been featured in national publications like Cosmopolitan and Entrepreneur Magazine as a modern-day business leader. Through years of learning, hard work, planning, trial and error, persistence and a clear-but strategy for success, she has rebuilt and grown her business from the ground up!

    Coach T. Renee is SUPER passionate about helping women entrepreneurs DO THE WORK through step-by-step systems for building a passive revenue business models, attracting more clients, and positioning a business brand that allows for MORE money, time and balance in their life as they balance womanhood, motherhood and wife-hood. 

    She shows her clients how to be SUPERSTAR business owners who ROCKS stilettos, sweats and suits!

    Her business mission and motto is to 'Be true to yourself. Live Your Authentic Life. When you do, there's NO competition!'

    TUNE-IN to this call and learn how to be a SUPERSTAR business owner who ROCKS stilettos, sweats and suits!

    Find out more about her services at www.TreneeSmith.com


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