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    Work It Sis Live-Corporate Gifting Strategies

    in Business

    Tonight at 7pm EST! As a business owner, does your company have a system for giving? Famous business owners have shown us that giving to others on a regular basis can strengthen their brand, as well as their world-wide recognition.

    Tonight, Corporate Gifting expert Jennifer Hyman shares with us how she helps small business & corporations develop a gift-giving business strategy that increases their client-base and bottom line.

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    Work It Sis Live-Birth That Book!

    in Writing

    2013 is coming to a close, but it's still time to reach your goal of writing a book! This Tuesday, Master Trainer Robin Devonish Scott joins Work It Sis Live to talk about why every business woman should write a book, and how she guides her clients through the entire process.

    Do you have a book in you that needs to be birthed? Hear from the expert! 

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    Work It Sis Live with branding expert Kita Williams

    in Marketing

    Tonight at 7pm, Kita Williams, owner and creative director of Brand U, inc. joins us to talk about the importance of branding your company.  Listen in as Kita points out what elements successful brands have in common, and how the quality of your brand can affect your bottom line. If you are a business owner, or thinking of starting a business, don't miss this important information!
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    Work It Sis Live-Deirdre Baker of SuperiorBMS.com

    in Business

    Walking away from a 9-5 and into entrepreneurship takes more than just an idea and a business plan. It also takes a mindset shift. On the next Work It Sis Live, CEO Deirdre Baker of Superiorbms.com and Editor of Today's Small Business stops by the show to talk about how to transition from a 9-5 mindset to a CEO mindset, and some common obstacles you will probably face when launching a business.

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    Work It Sis Live-Keith Tucker, Kelly Campbell

    in Women

    This evening, Keith Tucker, Executive Vice President of MyEcon, joins Work It Sis Live to talk to us about why it pays to make some adjustments to our W-4's.  We will also discuss the current issue of Sequestering and how to put a Plan B into place today.
    Then, Kelly Campbell of realrehabtalk.com joins the show to teach us a little Investment Property Rehab 101. If you have ever wanted to invest in real estate, this is your chance to learn exactly how to get started!
    Work It Sis Live-Tonight at 7pm EST!
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    Work It Sis Live feat. American Promise and Sistas of the Round Table

    in Education

    Tonight at 7pm EST, Work It Sis Live welcomes the producers of American Promise, the film that documents 13 years of the lives of two African-American boys as they make their way through one of the most prestigious private schools in the country. Find out why this film is significant for families of African American boys, and how it has already made an impact in the educational community!

    On the second half, prepare to be informed (and entertained) as the Sistas of The Round Table convene to give their take on being mothers, women, and CEO's. Don't miss it!


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    Work It Sis Live with Melanie Bonita-Daily Motivation

    in Women

    It's one thing to get motivated, but staying motivated seems to be a challenge for many Sistapreneurs. On the next Work It Sis Live!, Speaker, Author, and Coach Melanie Bonita will tell us why, and what anyone can do to develop a habit of daily motivation. Join us this Tuesday at 10:00am. for the conversation that could shift your entire business into overdrive!  

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    Work It Sis Live with Kelley Perry-Jumpstart Your Dreams

    in Women

    Join Work It Sis as we chat with Ms. Kelley Perry, Life and Small Business Strategic Start -Up Coach!  This Tuesday, Kelley will share with us how to jump start our dreams for 2013, and how to stay energized and on task for the entire year!
    Find out more about Kelley Perry on:
    Facebook: Going For Your Dreams
    Twitter:  KelleyRPerry

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    Work It Sis Live-Attract Clients With NO Cold Calling!

    in Marketing

    Time for a marketing check up! You can never have enough clients, but how do you attract more without being overbooked with cold-calling?

    Tonight at 7pm EST, business strategist DeKesha Williams is on the show to tell us how to build a system that has potential clients calling you.  Learn how to get your phone ringing in the next 30 days!

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    Work It Sis Live with Sherry Ways

    in Design

    Tonight at 7pm EST, Certified Feng Shui Redesigner and author Sherry Ways will be on the show to talk about her newest E-book  Declutter Your Life, Space and Prosper. Sherry is going to share some tips from her book on how to organize our workspaces for maximum productivity and profit.
    Ask Sherry a question about your workspace!
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    Work It Sis Live-Never Too Late!

    in Entrepreneur

    Tonight at 7pm EST! Do you dream of making a career out of doing what you love? It's never too late to ditch the 9-5 and get started! Guest expert Neoshi Green joins the broadcast tonight to talk about becoming an entrepreneurial mom, and how she encourages women to share their unique message with the world.  

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