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  • 01:07

    Wonder Twin Power Hour: Complainers, Parade Rainers, and Energy Drainers

    in Self Help

    We all know them....sometimes we are them.  It is the gremlin that sneaks in from others or out of us at times when we are not our best selves.  What gives?  Join the Wonder Twins as we masterfully breakdown what brings out the inner gremlin in us and others and what we can do about it.

    It is a conversation not to missed.  In true Wonder Twin fashion you never know what we are going to say next.  We are always sure to entertain and inform and get real with it!

    About the Hosts:

    Danica Trebel, founder of Danica Trebel Family Dynamics & Life Coaching, knows first-hand the power and healing that can come from a family united. It was through her own personal experiences with eating disorders and the separation from her family and children that led her to this place of healing and restoration and passion to help others. It’s her deepest desire to help transform the world one relationship at a time.

    Jennifer Flynn, founder of The Balance Maven understands what it is to be caught with a life living you.  She helps set boundaries, learn how to unapologetically learn how to say no and get back on the journey of a joyful existence living the live YOU choose and taking back the power of how you live it.  in your work with her you will establish balance between work and play and experience a life by your design.



  • 01:07

    Choices in Education

    in Education

    School is back in session!  If you are a parent you are likely cheering like it is your only job. The kids may or may not be thrilled. What are the choices we as parents have to educate our children?  What do they look like and where do we find them?  In true wonder twin fashion, we are all bound to learn a little something!

    Join the Wonder Twins, Jennifer Flynn and Danica Trebel as they unpack the choices we as parents and kids have in education in this day and age and breakdown the stigma's and sterotypes of them all.

    Danica Trebel is a Perspective & Family Dynamics Coach who knows first-hand the power of the spoken and unspoken word. It was through her own personal and professional experiences that she was led to this place of healing, restoration and passion to help others. She is an expert in helping people live their lives to the fullest through faith, communication and vulnerability.

    Jennifer Flynn is passionate about helping people reach their goals and potential. She primarily works with 'addicted to busy' high achievers and small business owners who have gotten caught in the choke hold of stress with a life out of balance. For more information on programs and services contact her directly at www.thebalancemaven.com or reach out via your favorite social media link.