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    UGP Radio #305 Wondering About Wonder Woman

    in Politics Conservative

    Lets talk about some interesting History of the comic legend Wonder Woman. Also a bit on covenants perhaps

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    a warrior fighter and true amazon. wonder woman is true american hero for women. she been through alot fights and battles like ww2 she has battles of  ares god of war. wonder woman comes from themyscira hidden from mankind. to train women how to fight and become amazons. but through out the years wonder woman has team up with batman and superman. plus she a member of the justice league. and fights along with many warriors. funny thing is that wonder woman was made by same guy who made the lie dector. so when she put the laso on u it just like lie dector. wonder woman has been brought to small screen on tv play by lynda carter. during the 70's and try to bring it back to tv but with unknown actress which didn't air what so ever. but then been trying to bring her to the big screen. it like who can play wonder woman that going be some hard casting right there. there been talk that olivia wilde and jessica biel  been up for the row. i can see both of them up for it. but which outfit are they going use the new 52 crap or classic wonder woman. to me wonder woman is like female version of captain america. i think that where stan lee got the idea for captain america. was wonder woman. she fought the nazi's and so did captain america. but let hope they cast a good actress who can act but plus kick ass for the wonder woman movie.

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    Everyone Loves a Bad Guy: Wonder Woman

    in Entertainment

    Host Robert Winfree is back in the saddle and examining the rogues gallery of another DC comics mainstay, that of Wonder Woman.

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    Where's Wonder Woman?

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    I have so much to tell you all I don't think I have enough time to share it all.  First, my review of Superman Unbound.  Then we will chat about the new Marvel crossover Infinity #1.  Also, the free digital comic available.  Our throwback this week goes to the live action television show The Flash from the 90's.  But, the main topic this week goes to the Princess of The Amazons, Wonder Woman.  I am wondering when we see a live action tv or movie featuring her.  Until next time Fanboy and girls!!! Excelsior!!

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    wonder woman on big screen

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    wonder woman been around for years in comics and tv but never on film. dc been trying to get a wonder woman movie off the ground but the question is who can play her. there been alot talk on actress and rumors like megan fox but she turn it down and i think it a good idea. but she wouldn't be a good wonder woman. now lynn collins from movies like john carter and wolverine i think she would be awesome wonder woman and have lucy lawless play her mother. but also have them bring in her big time emeny hades and have her fight him in the movie. have hades try to take over earth and she got stop him. but what been taking dc comics so long to get a movie off the ground. i know she going be in the justice league movie. they had her outfit in smallville. or talk about her so what taking so long i wonder if there ever going be a wonder woman movie or there trying to get one off the ground and cast perfect woman to play her. i know there is a live action tv show in the works. but i do want see a wonder woman movie but they got cast it right that why i say lucy lawless as her mother and lynn collins as wonder woman. and have the main villain be hades and at very end of the movie have superman show up and start up the justice league that way with the new batman. cause those three start up the justice league so first to a world finest then do trinty movie with all three then justice league movie. but like what i was saying before get lynn collins as wonder woman and lucy lawless as her mother those two would be perfect as a team play mother and daughter. lynn got the look the built and hair for it to plus watch her in john carter watch her how she fights in that movie. pure awesome with a sword and hand to hand i think she can pull it off

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    TV Cancellations and Wonder Woman

    in Entertainment

    NEW FEATURED ARTIST: The Delegatez! We will be playing their music all week! www.Soundcloud.com/delegatez
    Tonight I talk to you guys about a REALLY GREAT TV SHOW......and how it just got cancelled! :(
    We also be chatting about my love of Wonder Woman!
    Itunes, Youtube

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    From Wonder Woman to Super Woman to Über Woman!

    in Business

    Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, interviews Sylvia Becker-Hill, Founder, CEO and Empowerment Wizard of Über Women International Inc.

    Sylvia delivers an interview with provocative answers and involves a paradigm shifting ritual. It will be awareness raising and enlightening and transformative for those following the invitation. It is designed to help professional businesswomen see how they sabotage their success in their business, career and life. The content addresses the inner glass-ceiling women hold between their own ears and how to breakthrough that.

    Sylvia is a corporate change agent with a background in neuroscience and emotional intelligence. She has coached, trained and mentored hundreds of women over the years and can proudly say: Some became CEOs because of the work we did together. In the spring of 2015 Sylvia was a finalist for the CWI Women of Influence Awards category 'Women's Advocate'. Sylvia lives what she preaches and she’s not done yet!

    As the CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Women of Influence, Michelle Bergquist is a passionate advocate for women in business. At Connected Women of Influence, we believe that more women need to lead in business and everything we do is center-focused on designing platforms, programs, connections and collaborative opportunities for b2b women to prosper, succeed and lead the way in business today!

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    was gal gadot good pick for wonder woman ?

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    was gal gabot good pick for wonder woman when there was many women out there that could off the role like lucy lawless,lynn collins and many other i think they should gave her a solo movie as wonder woman and have her prove to us that she can fill in lynda carter shoes. cause look at the great legends that play these hero's for dc christopher reeve as superman micheal keaton as batman and john wesley shipp as the flash. so to pull off a wonder woman movie they need to give her a solo movie and then bring her in with the justice league movie. so the fans know that gal gabot can pull it off and prove to us she can.

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    Culture of Comics Issue #22: Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman (DC)

    in Pop Culture

    Welcome back to Season 2 of the Culture of Comics!  We will talk about last season's survey and about our facebook page's progress.

    In this episode of The Culture of Comics, we will discuss:



    Wonder Woman


    and, as always, our "Picks of the Week"

    The Culture of Comics has longer, meta discussions about themes and art in current runs of different books. It will often contain "spoilers" in current runs and "previews" of upcoming books.

    The Culture of Comics is a production of AMDG Radio. All Rights are Reserved.

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    2 years later: Was Microsoft right? plus: Wonder Woman gets fully clothed!!

    in Entertainment

    in 2012 Microsoft unveiled, rather clumisly their plans for their next gen console. Discless, Online all the time, Media Hub. Then the gaming world took a shit all over them. 

    Since then Sony has been thrust into the #1 spot in the hearts and minds of games for doing nothing more than being the opposite of what Microsoft wanted to be. So, Sony won right? 

    The battle may've been won but Microsoft may've been ahead of the curve. With video games sales proving not to be bullet proof and more hardcore gamers going for PCs and Mobile options the question has to be asked: Are gaming consoles fading away? 

    Plus the internet loses its shit over Wonder Woman covering up her boobs and legs for the first time i bajillion years.... take a quick guess on which topic we'll spend the most time talking about! 

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    Where's Wonder Woman? Walking Dead Mid-Season Spoilerific Review.

    in Entertainment

    This is going to be the episode NOT TO MISS. 
    This is going to be the episode that you will want to have your cellphone fully changed for.
    This is going to be the episode that you will be talking about on Monday at your co-worker's tiny cubicle.
    This is going to be the episode that you will want to send to your Grandma, but you can't because she only owns an IBM Selectric! GAWD... the Selectric was so awesome. It was like a five-horsepower typewriter. But... I digress. 

    With the recent announcement of Gal Gadot's appointment to appear as Wonder Woman, the Geeks reopen the discussion about the long overdue Wonder Woman movie and we'll be discussing the Wonder Woman character, the movie, the show, the cartoon, the actress they picked, the actresses they didn't pick, the actresses they shoulda picked, and all that jazz. 

    ALSO... if you head was not spinning enough...

    We are going to have the complete recap of Season 4 of The Walking Dead. FAIR WARNING!!!! We will be talking about show and what happend in the show. So if you don't want to know. You know what you need to do. Hurry up and watching the remaining episodes and listen anyway. 

    EPIC EPISODE HERE! Check it out. 

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