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    Jezebel seduces the church mentality: Her top 10 Seduction Tricks

    in Spirituality

    Join LOkey, Jimmy J, and DC da mouth of the South as we dig in on a listener who gave us some insite from a previous show topic, we may reiterate some things from last week's show. LOkey also will address why he holds speaks so much about the definition of a pastor.  But, tonight... We talk about Jezebel and her sexy hold she has on the church building. LOkey reads of a personal message that as sent to him, "10 Traits of the Jezebel Spirit." Join us where getting it off your Heart is a Great Start! IT'S iWALK RADIO!!!! LOVE WALK...iWALK

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    Let's Talk About Love3

    in Self Help

    Tonights show will be taking the love we have and talking about sharing it.  We will be discussing how important this is to our community and each other.  We are going to also talk about our need for dreaming and working together to solve and resolve issues we are see that need our collective attention. I will be sharing with you a little bit more about our next month's topic Dreaming and Co-Dreaming and how that works together with our love from our hearts to feed the world more love.  If you listen to these shows starting with Talk about Love we are building on the theme or topic each month. So if you want to learn everything I have shared about one topic listen to each show for that topic and learn. 

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    Dirk Sayers: Author - West of Tomorrow

    in Writing

    Dirk Sayers was born in Hammond, Indiana and grew up in a university town, in Iowa. His formative years were spent with one foot in the simplicity of farm country and the other in the complexity of a university town immersed in science, technology and the social upheaval of the sixties.  He managed to survive it all, sometimes in spite of himself.

     After graduating from Iowa State University, he was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.  He served for 22 years on five continents, during peace and war. He was decorated five times and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. On retiring, he discovered, (among other things), his  experience and six dollars would get him a cup of coffee everywhere…but not necessarily a job.  

    Dirk has published numerous articles and a few short stories as well as one non-fiction book, The Woman’s No-Fear Guide to Online Dating.   He has also finished a contemporary novel, WEST OF TOMORROW and is in the final throes of publishing it. He is also working on the first volume of a science fiction trilogy, under the working title of the Knolan Chronicles & an anthology of short stories, under the title THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD; HEAD-ON COLLISIONS WITH TRUTH.
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    Let's Talk About Love 2

    in Self Help

    Join me for a next step discussion for any one looking to go deeper into loving who you are.  How do we lover our self and learn to make that love more solid?  How do we fill up our own inner fountain with Love and hold that so we can share more love in our life with others?

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    Woodland Wildcats Vice President/Head Coach Laura Cantu talks women's football

    in Sports

    Laura Cantu had a succesful career as player, in the IWFL. Now she is taking her playing experience to the field and front office. Cantu is the Vice President of football operaions and the Head Coach of the Woodland Wildcats. The Wildcats will begin play in the IWFL starting in the 2016 season. 

    The Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL), a 501(c)(6) non-profit Texas Corporation, is a full tackle women’s football league focused on creating a positive, safe and fun environment for the women who play the game and fans that come out to watch them. The IWFL was founded in 2000 by a group of women dedicated to making the sport a household name. The IWFL currently has over 1600 women playing the sport for 36 teams across North America with consistent expansion into new markets.

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    Let's Talk About Love

    in Self Help

    Love is a great topic, it's the one thing we all spend the majority of our life trying to get.  We seek it out, hoping to find it, be it and most of all keep it.  Yet all of those ideas are part of our deepest challenge around having real love happen in our lives.  I have been working with individuals for 25 years guiding them to the heart of this very deep subject and I can tell you most people walk in the door thinking they know what love is.  Once we get in deep with the self...we find out a greater truth, most of us don't know what love really is.  We are mired in soical and family concepts about love, but when it comes to actually letting our selves be loved few...that is a whole subject most of us need support to truly understand.  I have so much to share I hope you can join me for this informative and fun talk.  

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    Interviweing LaZerrick Gregory

    in Women

    His name is Lazerrick Gregory 29 years old from the westside of Chicago he witnessed woman being abused in his family and now as a adult he is starting a womans safe haven and is trying to raise 50k for abused woman and children follow him on instagram @doctorrozay05 this Tuesday night 10pm est 917-889-9112 @kurtizent and @neci_the_queen will dig into lazarricks brain and to see what makes him and his company tick

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    TRUTALK: Ladies Night! Get this year started right. Money and Networking!

    in Women

    New Year and a new TRUTALK Ladies Night! For those of you who don't know this is the show where Ms. Shell kicks #BLKGOP out of the studio and does a show strictly about the issues and needs of women. Today Ms. Shell will be joined by Ellen Gee who leads the charge in the Black Money Matters Project out of Baltimore. Also, Aisha Green the producer and host of Getting Over the Hump on Ryze Radio will be in the house as well. Ryze Radio is a top affiliate of TRU RADIO NETWORK and it's where 151 and #BLKGOP do the networks second flagship show #TRURADIO.Plus you never know who else will swing past for Ladies Night! Get ready for a show that will focus on the womans aspect of Business, Finance, Media, and Networking in 2016! 



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    Music Promotion Podcast Interview with Expert D'ron Forbes @iAmForbesMusic

    in Music

    D'ron Forbes, also known by the name Madd Focus or Focus The Producer, is an independent hip hop radio promoter, radio dj, publicist and music producer born in The Bahamas and raised in Lake Worth, Florida. He started his career as a recording artist but branched out as an entrepreneur into different fields. He currently sits as the President of Independent Radio Promotions for marketing record label and indie music distribution company Forbes Music Entertainment, and also plays a key role as music and promotions director at IBFU Radio and as radio dj/host of GUA Radio's "Mix Show Mondays" with Terrell Branch. 

    Forbes is the creator of the radio industry target marketing software in Radio G.I. Digital and the owner of music production power house DirtyScopeBeatz.com. Forbes has an educated background in music music, studying at Got That Music LLC and Legal Hustlers. He also served as an in house producer at Hustlemoney Records/IMG Gulf Coast - Universal Music Group. He has seen his work featured in the Top40-Charts, Source Magazine, Urban Insite, Consciousness Magazine, Complex Magazine and more. He was honored by the company he helped found in Forbes Music Entertainment as the 2014 Independent Radio Promoter of the year; gaining rotation on over 100 radio stations for various underground recording artists. 

    In 2015 Forbes conquered the global market as a radio promoter and marketing executive attaining an audience for independent talent in over 55 different countries. His efforts in 2015 alone led to over 1 million promotional spins with over 50,000 promotional downloads from Dj's and radio stations around the globe. In his long list of promotional releases he boasts records from Fetty Wap, Jim Jones, Matthew Schultz, Nastyelgic, Mazee, Black Diamond, Kayo Bracey, Zaytoven and Chophouze.

    Follow D'ron Forbes on Twitter @iAmForbesMusic


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    A Muslim Woman's Worth with Saleemah Hadi

    in Religion


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