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    Michele Paiva:Remembering Womanhood With Jessica Beck

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    Discussing the imporance of womanhood with Jessica Beck

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    Peace and Black Power Family,

    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. We are one week away from 10-10-15 and in honor of that historic event. We are celebrating Black Manhood and Black Womanhood. Do Tha Knowledge Radio has the pleasure and honor of interviewing one of the most prolific minds of our day and time. It gives me great joy in presenting our scholar the legendary Baba Dr. Phil Valentine. Join us this Sunday at 3p.m. PST / 6pm EST He will give us further insight in to what  black manhood and what needs to be done to restore it within our people. Also, Black by popular demand we will be joined by the great warrior Queen and scholar the legendary Dr. Hassane A. Muhammad? Chief Operations Officer and National Spokesperson for Black Lawyers For Justice. Dr. Muhammad will speak to the upcoming 10-10-15 Justice or Else March and the role of Black Womanhood in our struggle for Black Power and Black Liberation. This will be one of the greatest moments in our history. You won't want to miss this opportunity to hear it live. Call in this Sunday October 4, 2015 at 3pm PST/ 6pm EST t phone number 713-955-0707 and press #1 to speak  with the host or honored guest. Or listen from your computer with this link:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2015/10/04/do-tha-knowledge-radio-presents-episode-14-black-manhood-and-womanhood


  • Role Play: A Discussion on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

    in Christianity

    Since the fall of humanity there has been a raging battle between the sexes. There are domineering men who feel as though women were created to be subservient doormats. There are also megalomaniacal women who assert themselves as the power-players within the family and church. What does the Bible have to say about role-divisions between men and women? Can women do everything a man can do and vice versa? Y

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    Embracing our Womanhood with Brooke Medicine Eagle

    in Spirituality

    In this episode, we talk about the roles of women in modern times. We go deeper into wstrengthening our womanhood and making a difference in the world. Join Magdala Ramirez and special guest Brooke Medicine Eagle on this episode! 

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    SPEAKYAMIND: What is Womanhood? Can it be bought?

    in Education

    Tonight, we will discuss protecting our children and ask the questions: Is being a woman just a feeling? What is womanhood? What does it mean to be a woman? Is womanhood still sacred? Is womanhood for sale and do natural born women have a right to defend and define what it means to be a woman? Can a person be a woman without going through the rite of passage of having a menstraul cylce? 

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    This will be an open forum for single women to discuss the theme of womanhood. What does it mean to be a single woman in this time and age? Share your story of womanhood with us. Special Guest Andrea Landry, author of Affairs to Remember, shares her expertise.

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    REPLAY--Live Remote from the Variations of Womanhood The Conclusion & Interviews

    in Computers


    It's getting down to the wire for 2014.  But don't worry because Ms. Computer Lady is bringing it to you.  Remember the Variations of Womanhood live remote?  If you were able to attend it, saw it on ustream.tv/channel/MsComputerLady, and/or would like to re-live it, this is your chance.  Find out how it went down during the replay of this wonderful event that happened in Ms. Computer Lady's hometown of Toledo, OH.

    Parts 1, 2, and 3 brought about the essence of the Variations of Womanhood.  The conclusion will not only bring forth why the event was so successful.  To help bring the Ms. Computer Lady Show to almost a great end to 2014, the interviews with the participants will also be included. 


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    All Queens Chat (Return To Sisterhood)

    in National

    This show brings the Black Woman back to the Respectable Plane where we discuss the issues of our community and being. For too long We have been the back bone of any Movement of our People and it is time for us to come back together as Sister's bring the respect back to our Gender and Families! The Village IS important! The Movement IS important Power is in OUR Hands! IT'S TIME TO RETAKE OUR THRONES! Bring your Spiritual Soulful Thoughts, Share your Solutions! Power to the People! 

    Tonights OpeningTopic :Domestic Violence against Men 


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    Biblical Womanhood - Paul Washer

    in Religion

    On this episode of Remnant X Radio we will be airing a teaching by Paul Washer entitled, "Biblical Womanhood". Please check out our website @RemnantXradio.com!

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    B.Fly Welcomes Author of Hope Exposed Jay Doubleu

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    Author Jay Doubleu discovered her writing gift in her teen years.  Angrily, writing about her frustration about about life, confusion and her sister’s annoying obsession with vacuum lines in the carpet. As Jay Doubleu began to furiously pen stories about her frustration with her sister's obsession, she realized the stories began to take a life of their own.  The characters began to develop personality and the writing became therapeutic.  The writing became a way to express that which was not easy to speak or understand. 

    That's the key to Author Jay Doubleu and her writing, she has a unique calling to write things that people struggle with verbalizing, sharing or expressing to each other.  So, what was the writer in her supposed to do?  Suddenly it became clear, Author Jay was to be the hand that God could use to speak what He wants to say about every area of our lives, while testifying to others about her imperfect journey to understand Him, and her struggle with forgiveness towards God.  She had been so hurt. How would she trust God again? Her audience will undoubtedly learn from her journey, one that has led her to the door of her purpose: to love everyone, equip others and to inspire God's people by any writer's means necessary. But, it goes even deeper.

    Everything she writes speaks to her very authentic and sincere relationship with God. That relationship is responsible for every word she pens to be genuine, while shedding light on the sea floor of each listener’s heart, mind and spirit. That divine light will expose what attempts to steal one's vitality and hope.  In her upcoming book being released this year "HOPE Exposed”, it will reveal the essence of hope itself.  

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    Tonight we will discuss the exact meaning of what it is that the black masses are seeking in their attempt at arena sports.  Could our behavior be linked to the violent nature in which Malcolm and our other leaders died have awakened a  primeval stance in our minds? As a people have we lost the ability to see humanity has gone far astray because we have not really achieved justice for our fallen? Have we really turned a blind eye to the Murder of our Beloved leader? “In America, we give maximum  expression to our blood lust in the mass spectator sport of boxing. Some of us are Roman enough go admit our need of the sport.  Others pretend  to look the other way.  but when a heavyweight champion fight rolls around, the nation takes a moral holiday and we are all turned in some of us peeping out of the corner of our eye at the square jungle and the animal test of brute power unfolding there.

    Every institution  in America is tainted by the mystique of race, and the question of masculinity is confused by the presence of both a white man and a black man here.  One was  the master and the other was the slave until a moment ago when they both were declared to be equal men; which leaves American men literally without a unitary, nationally viable self-image.  Whatever dim vision of masculinity they have is a rough and ready, savage mishmash of violence and sexuality, and dichotomized exercise and worship of physical force/ submission to and fear of physical force which is only one aspect of the broken down relationship between mean and women in America.  This is an era when the models of manhood  and womanhood have been blasted to dust by social upheaval, and the most alienated males and females at the bottom of society move out of their place and bid for their right to be man and woman on an equal basis with the former masters and mistresses." SOUL ON ICE,  Eldridge Cleaver.