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    Politics A to Z: January 17th 2016

    in Politics

    January 17th 2016:


    - Iowa Causus.

    - Polling and it's future in politics.

    - Future of Republican party

    - Future of Democratic party

    - Martin Luther King. 

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    Fly Woman Radio with Diathe Garnes

    in Women

    Join your host, The Fly Coach, Latoya Johnson and her guest Diathe Garnes as they discuss "What's Blocking Your Happiness?" 

    Join your host, "The Fly Coach", Latoya Johnson as she discusses "What's Blocking Your Happiness with Diathe Garnes.

    Diathe Garnes is an author, poet, blogger and life coach from Richmond, VA. She is the mother of two boys, and a lover of all things uplifting. Through her writing and coaching, Diathe is committed to helping other women live more purposeful and uplifted lives. She is the founder of the motivational blog, Uplifting Woman, the author of a novel, a poetry collection and several motivational books, all of which can be found on Amazon.com or from www.Diathegarnes.com Diathe was also a featured author in "No Glory Without a Story", a compilation of powerful stories of men and women of great courage. To get to know Diathe better visit the Uplifting Woman blog or her website.

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    The Collision of Faith and Politics with The Ninja Pastor! Oregon and FEDS!

    in Politics Conservative

    Where YOU aware that the Federal Government is at WAR with law-abiding, hard-working Americans is in an ARMED Stand OFF RIGHT NOW?

    There is so much YOU are NOT being TOLD.  You CANNOT trust YOUR Government to tell you the TRUTH!  You cannot rely upon the PRESS to tell you the TRUTH!  Two INNOCENT Ranchers spent time in PRISON already for doing what their families have done on that land for decades...  Even before the Bureau of Land Management was a thing...  

    The Ultra Liberal Judge who is in the pocket of Hussein Obama decided the men hadn't served ENOUGH time at the end of their sentences, so he sentenced them to MORE Prison time...

    Today we have on The Collision of Faith and Politics with The Ninja Pastor a VERY Special Guest, someone who has DIRECT insight into The BLM at the Bundy Ranch Stand-OFF in Nevada, the RIOTS in Ferguson, Missouri, and SELF Governance - an EXPERT Like NO OTHER, Center for Self-Governance Co-Founder, Mark Herr.

     If you want to know the not politically correct TRUTH, THIS is the show for YOU!  Tell your friends!



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    2015 the year in politics and more!!!

    in Politics Progressive

    2015 the year in politics and Drew Pritt from AR joins us

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    Fly Woman Radio with Allison Denise

    in Women

    Join your host Latoya Johnson with guest, financial expert, Allison Denise. Join the conversation as we discus the topic Purposful, Paid, and Pretty.

    Allison Denise is a notoriously quiet accountant, but she's also spunky and creative.  Self-proclaimed as The Creative Accountant with over 17 years in the accounting industry, Allison Denise has also spent six years in graphic design and loves to use visual tools to teach bookkeeping to women entrepreneurs.  She is passionate about helping others become their best selves, not only in their bank accounts but in life as a whole.  As the creator of the community Purposeful, Paid, and Pretty, Allison Denise takes her life lessons from divorce, raising three beautiful babies, and over 30 years of living as the first of six siblings to share what it means to love and accept yourself.  Hear her thoughts on getting a fresh start in life when you decide to live your life on purpose.

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    The Collision of Faith and Politics with The Ninja Pastor! KCarl Smith and FDR!

    in Politics Conservative

    Obviously, I mean, if you haven't been living under a rock you know who KCarl Smith of the Frederick Douglass Republicans is...  Today at 4pm EST KCarl Smith will be on "The Collision of Faith and Politics!"  If you have ever heard KCarl Speak, you are IN for a TREAT!  KCarl will FIRE YOU UP!

    Our EXCLUSIVE interview with The Bundy's, The Hammond's and LaVoy Finicum's friend and compatriot is up on our website - we will be talking about the interview and the developments today.  No holds barred.  Listen to the Interview and COMMENT AND SHARE by Clicking here!



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    The Collision of Faith & Politics! The Ninja Pastor! "They are LYING to YOU!"

    in Politics Conservative

    On today's broadcast we are going to EXPOSE the LIES in our lives...  In our governments....  

    We are going to EXPOSE the INJUSTICES that are against YOU but YOU might not realize it yet.  On today's broadcast we are going to give the whole and TRUE story of The Hammond Family and the torture and abuse foisted upon them at the hands of YOUR government.  The United States Government!  

    THIS is the TRUTH that you will likely hear NOWHERE else!

    Then, we are going to strip away the bovine feces of Hussein Obama's LIES and TRUTHS on Guns, Gun 'control' and Gun CONFISCATION.  Calling it like it IS!  

    What can YOU do about it?  What SHOULD YOU do about it?


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    The Day| of the | Woman

    in Christianity

    This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. What day is it? Some say one day, some say another, but God himself has declared that this is the day of the Woman. In the last days, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons & your DAUGHTERS shall prophesy. That word prophesy means to proclaim aloud and my sisters, it's your DAY. Rise, shine for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.

    Join us on Waves of Glory on Tuesdays at 10am eastern on Blogtalkradio with Apostle EJ, your marketplace apostle.

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    The Ninja Pastor! The Collision of Faith and Politics! How to Lose... Again!

    in Politics Conservative

    TODAY AT 4PM EST!  Tell your friends!

    Here you go!  What you have been waiting on all your voting life!!!  How to WIN at LOSING!!!

    I am going to teach Ted Cruz supporters to defeat Donald Trump.  I am also going to teach Donald Trump how to defeat Ted Cruz.  I am going to teach both sides....  Of the Republican field to WIN!  How do you WIN?  WHAT do you WIN?  

    I am also going to talk about the truckloads of illegal guns being dumped in the black neighborhoods of cities by the NRA and unscrupulous gun dealers in order to foment GUN violence in the black neighborhoods!  

    I KNOW!!!!  I was surprised too!!!

    To learn more about The Ninja Pastor and his speaking and preaching ministry, CLICK HERE!  www.TheNinjaPastor.com

    Rev. Dr. Shawn M. Greener AKA The Ninja Pastor!


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    The Collision of Faith & Politics with the Ninja Pastor! Guest, Carl Gallups!

    in Politics Conservative

    Some people have ALL the Luck!  And YOU are one of them today!  Our Special Guest, Amazon Best Selling Author, Renown Speaker, and Well Respected Patriot Pastor Carl Gallups will be on The Collision of Faith & Politics! with The Ninja Pastor!  

    Pastor Carl Gallups - is a bestselling author, senior pastor (since 1987), talk radio host heard nationally and internationally, TV and radio guest commentator, former decorated Florida law enforcement officer, founder of PNN [PPSIMMONS News and Ministry Network], and member of the Board of Regents at the University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama.   Pastor Gallups just released his NEW and EXCELLENT book, "Be Thou Prepared, Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble"

    As you might surmise, Carl Gallups and The Ninja Pastor have an awful lot in common!  

    You KNOW trouble is coming.  You KNOW Trouble is HERE!  But what should the Christian and Jew do to respond to Islamic VIOLENCE and Social Unrest in the homeland?  What does Scripture say to do?

    Join The Ninja Pastor today!!!  4-6pm EST at the link below!

    Also, for more on The Ninja Pastor, CLICK HERE!

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    Conversation with a Modern Medicine Woman - Shonagh

    in Spirituality

    NOTE:  Some technical difficulties start the show, but 5 1/2 minutes in they're resolved.  Be patient.  We have a great interview with a wise woman to share with you as Modern Medicine Woman, Shonagh discusses the importance of calling the wise woman back to a modern culture of people who have lost their way.  She'll tell us how to reclaim our l ost cultures, opening to "the ancestors of the ancestors."  As a medicine woman, Shonagh has rekindled an ancient relationship with the unseen worlds - nature spirits, elementals, ancestors, star beings..all allies to the seer woman or oracle.  We'll discuss visionary teaching plants and fungi and delve into what came first - the shaman or the mushroom!  Shonagh believes we are under a spell in this modern world, spells cast through words and images that begins in early development and continues through schooling, media, propaganda, state-run religions....and she'll give us her words of wisdom to break the spells cast upon us all.