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  • The Vanderclock Report: More Disclosure and your Calls

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    Listen and join in the conversation!

    Having served in the US Army in Can Tho, South Vietnam from December 1970-71 as part of the 574th Military Intelligence Detachment, his responsibilities were Undercover ( "civilian") Interpreter, Bilateral Liaison Officer, and Staff Analyst for incoming Intelligence reports from the field.

    Robert has conducted 112 lectures beginning in June 1995 in New Jersey, New York, and Roswell, New Mexico International UFO Museum on 9/11/99.  He has made appearances at the Great UFO Congress/Earth Mysteries Festival, 2003, 2004, 2007; Garden State Journalists' Association, 2000.

    Vanderclock has a notable published article; "A Candid Colonel", FATE Magazine, March 1999.  He has additionally prepared research papers; "The Roswell Incident, The Rush Toward full Accounting" (1995); "Roswell, The Mystery Deepens" (1996); "Roswell; Toward Final Revelations"(1998)

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    Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable With Former Phillie Glenn Wilson

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    One of the most popular Phillies of the mid 1980s, Glenn Wilson visits Philly Pressbox Radio, giving Jim "Chet" Chesko, Bill Furman and you his view on the current Phils and the outlook for the team going forward, plus "Glennbo's" memories of playing with Mike Schmidt, Juan Samuel, Von Hayes and a late-in-his-career Steve Carlton. The guys will also discuss the Eagles and what we've seen so far this preseason from newcomers Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, DeMarco Murray, Byron Maxwell and rookie Nelson Agholor. In addition, there's our Philly sports trivia question and prize giveaway courtesy Carl's Cards and Collectibles. It's all brought to you by shopforkisses.org, the online shopping network of the Kisses for Kyle Foundation. 

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    Bringing The Heat With Big D and Von Hess

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    Like an exploding volcano Big D and Von Hess are bringing the heat. This week they are scheduled to have as guest former UWF, World Class, and Global Wrestling Federation superstar Steve Cox. He's opening up his own promotion and will definately have things to say about that.

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    Leben is lernen, aber was, und wie?

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    Wir alle lernen von diesem Lehrer, aber nur die wenigstens sind sich darüber bewusst. Darüber hinaus ist es so das wir durch unsere eignene Erfahrungen, und was wir davon gelernt haben unsere eigene Realität erschaffen. Wie das funkitioniert, und wie man lernen kann bewusst seine eigenen Realität zu erschaffen, und sich dadurch selber zu verwirklichen, das ist Kein Ding.

  • Controlled Remote Viewing Radio Show with Guest Dr. Markus Perk - RV in Germany!

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    Live Airtime:  9pm Germany / 3pm US Eastern August 24, 2015

    Topic: Host Teresa Frisch und Gast Dr. Markus Perk diskutieren RV in Deutschland! Verpassen die Show? Hören später - klicken Sie einfach auf den Link und klicken Sie zu spielen!

    Ich bin gerade erst begonnen, um RV als professionellen Einsatz. Manfred, unser Lehrer, in RV seit 1996/1997 beteiligt, als die ersten deutschen Jungs kamen aus den Staaten zurück von einer Ausbildung von Ed Dames gehalten. Als Journalist war er sehr gespannt, über die Möglichkeiten RV Angebote zu hören. Seitdem arbeitet er mit und unterrichtet RV In seinem 4-Gänge-Bücher. Er schreibt über die verschiedenen Stile der RV, vergleicht sie und regt zu eigenen RV-Stil ("ganzheitlichen Ansatz") zu schaffen. Also, was Manfred lehrt, ist eine Art Mischung aus verschiedenen Stilen. Er war auf Tour und hat Workshops in ganz Deutschland in 2014-15 zu RV zu fördern. Manfred verwendet den Begriff "RV", weil er nicht will, im Widerspruch zu Warenzeichen Aspekte kommen.

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  • TD&KS Episode 220: Live at Last!

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    We hope we are live this week after having two weeks of technical difficulties. We are hoping to have the Weird News, Hot Topics and Kay's got the Game of the Month: Beauty Guru Bingo!

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    Tales of Frankenstein: The face in the tombstone mirror

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    Tales of Frankenstein - the Face in the Tombstone Mirror was a tv pilot about  the scientist Baron Von Frankenstein and was put out by Hammer Horror Films. Good old-fashioned spookiness and howling wolves greet you tonight during The Night Owls Radio show..   hosted by The Mysterious Miss X .


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    Propelled into the express lane to fame by a rebirth of rap in the emerging generation, Nadiel began his work at the coveted House and Quad Studios in Washington, DC and New York City to kickstart his career. His daunting lyricism and natural, but untamed, flow drew the attention of many; and this was just the beginning. Nadiel’s fiery and heartfelt message in his artistry captured the faith of expert engineer Chris “Von Pimpenstein” Carter . Through this unparalleled relationships and a perseverance level matched by none, Nadiel is working on completing his debut album “The Rebel and the Right Side” featuring artists such as Yung Reno and Dahrio Wonder.

    Nadiel’s unique and emotionally-driven style turns back time and is often described as “raw” hip hop. His versatility of emotions and their corresponding tracks are a phenomena rarely seen in today’s industry, ranging from comedic to angry and vicious tracks. As a result, Nadiel sits at the brink of having multiple radio-ready hits to introduce him to the public. 
    Nadiel’s passion for music and affinity for words, juxtaposed with inspiration garnished from Drake, Nicki Minaj, and J. Cole, has led to his mastery.

    The sheer power of his music is drawn from the darkness Nadiel has experienced in his personal life. Placed in situations that may have caused others to succumb to hardship, Nadiel found an outlet through music to vent the raw emotion. These intricacies and emotions are present in all of us, however, rarely brought to the surface. The dark emotion is seamlessly coupled with light-heartedness and hope to produce a well-rounded experience for the listener, often leaving them in a state of awe. Nadiel crosses the threshold into a new kingdom of understanding and self-improvement with his lyrics.


  • An End-time Discussion with Irvin Baxter

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    Irvin Baxter is the founder and president of Endtime Ministries. He is a television and radio host, author, publisher, and international prophecy teacher.

    Irvin felt God call him to start traveling as an evangelist at the age of 19. He began pastoring when he was 27, and continued for 33 years until he made the decision to devote all of his time to Endtime Ministries.

    Endtime Ministries focuses on explaining world events from a biblical perspective. The ministry’s purpose is to prove that we are now at the end of the era of human government and very near the beginning of the prophesied kingdom of God.

    Irvin authored A Message for the President in 1986. In the book, he identified for the first time the United States, Great Britain, Russia, and other modern nations in the Bible. He also stated that the Berlin Wall would be torn down; East and West Germany would be reunited; and that these events would be the catalyst that would propel the world into the New World Order. The Wall did come down in 1989, and we have continually heard about the New World Order ever since.

    Publication of Endtime Magazine began in 1991 and has now become the most widely circulated prophecy magazine in the world. Irvin designed, authored, and published Understanding the Endtime in 1995. This popular series was updated in 2011.







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    Bringing The Heat With Big D and Von Hess

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    Like global warming, Big D and Von Hess are bringing the heat. They'll be joined this week by Rasche Brown. Find out what kind of topics might pop up as they bring out the heat on this special edition of the show.