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    Baltimore Burning: Black Intifada?

    in Culture

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    In this episode Global Peeks looks at the intensifying cry for justice being played out in the streets of America. With the continued murder of Black & Brown people by the United States security forces—the police, resistance is growing from the anger of communities who feel besieged. Images of youth physically resisting the onslaught of militarized police are a reminder of other resistance to oppression and persecution such as the Intifada in Palestine. The police are like an occupied force of empire in the Black communities. Some describe them as a force of containment and control of Black & Brown people. 

    Segment: Take Another Look with Ashahed Muhammad-Analysis of current events and issues. Another look and another view of things.

    Segment: Update Mumia-We will give an update on the critical situation around the health of Mumia Abu Jamal, Prisoner of War AKA Political Prisoner. We will hear from Mumia, who although suffering from serious health challenges has been able to reach out to the outside world with a message of gratitude to the people & the movement for the support shown him over the last month. We also will hear from his wife Wadiyah Jamal and Rachel Wolfenstein give a recorded update of their recent visit with Mumia.

    The Hereafter is Now Network is dedicated to holistic conversation, actions, healing and thought.

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 83: Listen... do you smell something?

    in Video Games

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back for another episode of the 16Bit Assassins, and have got a great show tonight. On this episode we talk about Wolfenstein's hillairous Steam reviews, why SWATting is still a bad idea, TakeTwo interactive has some good news for Bioshock and Red Dead Fans, Toaster buts heads with Kotaku, We find out Telltale has next gen plans for The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among us, someone over at USC figured out the Kinect can help babies, Blizzard links Battlenet to consoles, Edgar Wright out as Ant-Man Director, Ray360 defends his Gamer Girls magazine to VentureBeat, Toaster talks some Watchdogs. Big Lebowski Pinball, Marvel spiting Fox, Clippers get sold, and Levar Burton Kickstarter rekindles the 16Bit Assassins' faith in humanity, all this and more on Episode 83: Listen...do you smell something?

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    Show #10 The pokemon show

    in Entertainment

    This weeks show I have both Dans, Joel and Mike.  We talk about elder scrolls online's pre oredr bonus's. Some steam games and lastly we talk about pokemon.

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    2nd Opinion Podcast Episode #100 - Time is all we have.

    in Video Games

    This is it! We have finally reached it.....EPISODE #100!  We have a wonderful show for you today! We have guest hiphopgamer on the show and also Soleb went to QUAKECON! We will talk about Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein The New Order,Dishonored Brigmore Witches, Rise of the Triad, Shadow Warrior, and much more! We will also talk about the best memories so far from the podcast and website!  

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    16Bit Assassin Ep 43: You can't get in without your tickets

    in Video Games

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's episode 43, on this episode The Marksman and Bizzle are introduced to tickets, of a certain variety. Trust me this is important. We have a guest joining us on this episode, Dan Silvers, from Lantana games, Co Producer and design char from the Boston Festival of Indie games, to talk some indie goodness, We have EA winning at Star Wars, Bethesda gives us some Wolfenstein goodness, Gamstop does some ripping off, Cancer stands no chance against Remission, Deadspace movie, IronMan makes more money than, well, religious dieties, The Ouya gets some more money, and 24 might be back, all this and more on Episode 33, you can;t get in wihout your tickets.

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 19: Wasn't Howard the Duck Lucas?

    in Video Games

    Friday is here ladies and gentlemen, and do we have  a show for you, Jeff Lee, CEO of Legacy Soft Entertainment will be joining us to talk about his upcoming game Kingdom Legends, The Dark Abyss. That's not all, we talk about elephant in the room, and why it's wearing a Leia slave costume. A new chapter in the 38 Studios drama unfolds, and we ask why the hell Politicians can't leave video games alone. We bring some good new to X-men fans, and follow up on some electrifying Jamie Foxx rumors, and talk about the upcoming Wolfenstein film, all this and more on Episode 19: Wasn't Howard The Duck a Lucas film too?

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    xxuriahxx - Episode 13

    in Video Games

    In this episode we discuss: Madden NFL Arcade, Cyanogen Mod, NBA 2K10, XBOX Live Preview Program and more...To Join the conversation dial 347-994-2513.