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    Class: Week of November 16 American Workers...

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    Free 13-Week course, American Wokers, Communities and Economy. Instructor: Sherlene Stevens. Provided by A Time To Learn Academy. www.easysite.com/atimetolearn

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    EMT workers injured but not compensated

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    EMT workers were attacked on the job after responding to a call for assistance. However, their employer is not providing
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    medical care or compensation. Something appears to be wrong here.

    WHAT, if any, compensation should an EMT receive when a patient attacks them and injures them?

    WHO should be paying the medical bills?

    Where is Worker's Compensation on this issue?

    Join us to hear the story first hand from the EMTs.

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    Bro Ron and Bro Ernest

    in Religion

     These Brothers in Jesus will share their life experiences of when they were in the world without living in God.
    Jesus and those who work for him and the Father.  

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    ALC Pursuing Africa - Acts 1:8

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    Stay Connected to ALC -Africa Leadership Council with your host Dr. Barbara Jackman and Bishop E.O. Kingsley. Saturday, January 5, 2013 7am EST thats 12pm Liberia time.
    Bishop Kingsley will be releasing two keys from the new series: "HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR POTENTIAL".
    ALC is desiged to train, to equip and assist church wokers and leaders in their divine assignmets.

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    Family wants woman’s mystery death probed

    NATION correspondent, December 15 2010
    A family in Mombasa is mourning a 21-year-old woman reported to have died mysteriously two days ago in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
    Ms Fatima Masoud is asking the government to help the family unravel the death of her daughter, Hadija Masoud.
    Ms Masoud said they received the shocking news on Tuesday from the girl’s agent. According to Ms Fatima, her daughter had complained of being mistreated by her employer.
    “We want the government to find out what happened to our daughter since she died in a different town from where she was supposed to be working,” Ms Masoud.
    A few months ago, a Kenyan woman was allegedly killed in the Middle East country. Ms Masoud said they had received conflicting reports about the way her daughter died.
    She said: “Preliminary information I received was that my daughter hanged herself, but another person called me later and informed me that she took poison. We want the Kenyan embassy in Saudi Arabia to give us the right information.”
    Speaking at her house in Kisauni, the mother said she wants to bury her daughter. “I want to see the body of my child,” she said amid tears.
    The family also wants to know how their daughter ended up working in Dammam instead of Riyadh where she was supposed to be staying.
    The woman’s aunt Aisha Ali said: “We suspect foul play. The procedure of taking our daughter to Dammam was not followed to the letter. We want the government to stop human trafficking,” Ms Ali said

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    30 Milllion US Workers Jobless- Illegal Labor

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    US Economy destroyed by Illegal Slave Labor: Phone In. 30 million jobs stolen from US Wokers. First-hand account- Farmers, Businessmen destroy California. Politicians & Church Leaders-Whores.
    Book: http://stores.lulu.com/edwardmckinney

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    Innovation in the workplace

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    Getting people with diverse views, experiences, styles and skills to work harmoniously together is no mean feat, even for the best of leaders. It requires not only the right blend of skills but a
    compatible group of individuals. A few misplaced jerks can spoil things for everyone - torpedoing teamwork, crippling collaboration and pauperizing productivity. TK interviews workplace expert Tony DiRomualdo about how to "Jerk Proof" the workplace