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    Man Utd vs Swansea, EPL Week Four Round-Up, USMNT Roster

    in Soccer

    This week's TSS was recorded in front of a live studio Labrador ...

    0:00 - 19:15 Analyzing Swansea City vs Manchester United and talking transfer windown deadline.

    19:15 - 36:45 Premier League matchday four roundup, with nominations for best goal, best player, and best manager. We also go in-depth on Dejan Lovren's famous moment versus West Ham.

    36:45 - 48:26 Talking USMNT roster for the games agaist Peru and Brazil, and the U-23 roster for the game vs England.





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    Meryl Streep: Her Films and Performances

    in Movies

    Host Betty Jo Tucker reviews Ricki and the Flash, starring Meryl Streep. Plus, noted film critic Mack Bates drops by the show to talk about Streep’s illustrious acting career. Considered by many to be the greatest contemporary film actress, Streep has been honored with three Oscars and nineteen Academy Award nominations. She earned those Oscars for The Iron Lady, Sophie’s Choice and Kramer vs. Kramer. But some of her most popular performances can be seen in such lighter fare as The Devil Wears Prada ,It’s Complicated and Mamma Mia! She displays her considerable vocal talent as a rock-and-roll singer in Ricki and the Flash, her latest movie. Known for being a perfectionist in preparing for her roles, Streep also boasts the ability to master any accent. Drama, comedy, musicals – all have been conquered by this acclaimed actress. Bates, a frequent guest on Movie Addict Headquarters, has written freelance articles for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and serves as a staff blogger for Milwaukee Magazine’s official film blog. He also received a local Emmy for his work on The Robert and Rosie Show. 

  • The Catholic Geek: the Hugos, and Planned Parenthood with Daniella Bova

    in Culture

    Join us on August 23rd as host Declan Finn (A Pius Man, Honor At Stake), welcomes back author Tom Knighton (author of Bloody Eden, Bad Moon on the Rise) as the Hugo nominations come in, wrapping up Sad Puppies 3. If you don't know what are sad puppies (aside from youthful canines with mood problems), check out Tom's first appearance, and that will more than catch you up. Will Sad Puppies win? Or will their adversaries destroy the Hugos before letting "outsiders" into the clubhouse?

    Then, Daniella Bova will join us for commentary on the Planned Parenthood train wreck, and how they dovetail frighteningly with her distopian novels, Tears of Paradox and The Notice.


  • Liz HOH! Nominations, and POV Spoiler

    in Pop Culture

    Big Brother 17! Tonight we talk about Liz winning HOH, her nominations, and the POV winner. Who's the target? And are things finally falling apart for Vanessa? Is Johnny Mac in trouble, or is Becky the target? We also discuss who's sitting in the best position this week. Also does Liz really like Austin?            

     Tune in tonight at 11PM Eastern! Phone lines are open! Call 917-889-7084 and be heard! 

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    Double Eviction! Shelli or Vanessa? Bonus- Best Runner-Ups of All Time!

    in Pop Culture

    Tonight we have Double Eviction! Who went home first Vanessa or Shelli? Did the survivor make it through the second half of the quick eviction or did James and crew hold on to continue their run at power? We got a week of Big Brother so we will have more than enough action to talk about. Also who goes home next week, and what happened in the house that got players uncomfortable with Shelli. Is Vanessa playing the game or is she truly a mental breakdown waiting to happen. PLUS a bonus tonight! We list our top Runner-up's of all time, should they get another shot at $500,000? We discuss in the closing of the show. Join us 10:30PM Eastern and call in to 917-889-7084 and get on the air live with Sam!

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    Becky's HOH, Nominations, and POV

    in Pop Culture

    Now that Clay has left the building we discuss Becky's HOH. Who is her real taget? Who did she nominate? And who won POV? Is Vanessa safe or is she in danger, and what about Shelli, is she keeping it together after seeing Clay leave by a unanimous house vote to send him packing? Tonight we discuss how the house has chosen sides and who seems to be in the strongest position for the double eviction. Plus you asked for it, we deliver...the top 10 winners of all time.

  • LOTL The Comfort Zone Welcomes Grammy Nominated, Hip-Hop Group, SHOP BOYZ,

    in Music

    Grammy Nominated, Hip-Hop Group, SHOP BOYZ, Debuts their new single " On and On "   ATLANTA, GA -- (July 28, 2015) -- Known for their mega hit single, “Party Like a  

    Rockstar,” the Shop Boyz (Demetrius “Meany” Hardin, Richard “Fat” Stephens and Rasheed “Sheed” Hightower) have created another hit song that is sure to tug at America’s heartstrings. The powerful video will premiere across the country.  

    “On and On” is a cultural wake-up call about police brutality in America today.  Fat focuses on how police brutality affects them all personally and emotionally, while Sheed focuses on current events and past occurrences dealing with social injustice. Meany ties everything together musically with his melody that emphasizes the never-ending struggle of social injustice.  

    In a recent interview, The Shop Boyz was asked what was the writing process like creating such a powerful song.  "The process wasn't hard per say. The hardest part was that we even had to do the song that these situations direct us to talk about these  situations," says Fat.   

    Three multi-talented entertainers from Atlanta’s Westside, Bankhead area, the Shop Boys are known for experimenting unchartered territories, combining Hip-Hop with Rock, Country, and Electronic Dance Music. With the #1 selling ringtone around the world bringing in over $3 million and their single peaking at #2 on Billboard’s Top 200 Charts, “Party Like a Rockstar” turned the Shop Boyz into superstars practically overnight. Their video was in heavy rotation on MTV and BET and the Shop Boyz were bestowed the following nominations: Grammy Award (Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group), American Music Award (Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Band/Duo/Group), MTV Video  


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    Interview with Mike Denney

    in Music

    MIKE DENNEY is President of MDM Recordings Inc., an independent recording company founded in 2008 and located in Toronto. One of his biggest dreams for his artists is to help enhance their success by securing them international recognition, and he has made this goal a priority. “My mission is to support, help nurture and grow the careers of the numerous artists that I work with on a day in and day out basis. I want to help them achieve their goals and dreams, while achieving mine with theirs.”

    A 25 year veteran of the music industry, Mike believes that being passionate and success-driven about music (or anything that you do) supersedes wanting a large pay check and material advances. “I have always been very driven to succeed. Years ago it was material things, now it’s a passion for what I do.”

    What he looks for in new artists is simple, “I want to represent talent that can really play and perform from their core, their true soul,” he explains. “I want artists that are hard-working and driven by the music, inspired to constantly perfect their craft. To me this is the true definition of talent.”

    Announced in July 2015, in a country-wide reveal, 2015 marks another outstanding year for MDM Recordings and its artists, with a total of sixteen CCMA nominations, across 15 categories.

    Substantiating her claim to the modern day Shania Twain status, Jess Moskaluke (an MDM artist and current CCMA Female Artist of the Year) continues her success streak with 2015 CCMA Female Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Single of the Year nominations.

    Tune in to hear Mike chat with about all the latest news in the MDM world!

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    Hybrid Jazz - with Artists Generating BUZZ: Maurice Chevalier & Daniel Bennett!

    in Music

    It's a profound pleasure to give you TWO amazing artists in one three-hour show!  First, we give you the Washington, D.C. based, Maurice Chevalier.  A multi-instrumentalist and composer, Maurice has been wowing ears for twenty years.  Short films, documentaries, video game music production, and sound for shows that you have known and loved for a LONG time.  Let HIM tell you about "Access Hollywood", "Dateline: NBC", and "CBS Sunday Morning." :)  The Discovery Channel DISCOVERED Maurice (!!!) and he has - within their wall - composed over 600 pieces for that network and its affiliates.  With the release of his breathtaking project, "A Life in Perspective", he begins a new chapter in the formation of future Jazz.  Our guest from 8/4, Matthew Shell, was the one who made sure that I HEARD Maurice's work.  I'm in debt!

    Daniel Bennett has visited "Hybrid Jazz" - so we know a LITTLE of what to expect when he joins us again.  But rest assured: you never know exactly what you'll hear with this dizzyingly evolved and creative musician.  Daniel, more than most, marches to the beat of his own drummer.  Or - in this case - saxophone, oboe, flute, piccolo, and clarinet.  Yes, like Maurice, HIGHLY skilled on multiple instruments.  And compositions that are unusual and enchanting.  His latest album, "The Mystery at Clown Castle", again re-awakens the deep-seated child within you.  Our spiritually-inclined Daniel has a gift for that!  He also has several dates on the horizon that you need to support.  AND three coveted nominations from "New York Hot House Magazine!"  The awards gala is in September, so we have Daniel RIGHT on time (so you can vote!)

    We'll see you in The Chat Room, starting at one p.m. Eastern time (with Maurice!)

  • Al Pacino Double Feature and Favorite Performances

    in Movies

    Host Betty Jo Tucker reviews Danny Collins and Manglehorn, two recent movies starring Oscar-winner Al Pacino. Plus, noted film critics James Colt Harrison and Diana Saenger drop by to talk about their favorite Pacino movies and performances. Considered by many to be one of the greatest actors in all of film history, Pacino began his movie career in Me, Natalie, a 1969 motion picture starring Patty Duke, Elsa Lancaster and James Farentino. He now boasts over 50 acting credits on IMDb. His awards include a Best Actor Academy Award for Scent of a Woman and additional Oscar nominations for Dog Day Afternoon, Glengarry Glen Ross, Dick Tracy, The Godfather, Serpico, And Justice For All and Godfather: Part II.

    2015 has been a very good year for Pacino. His impressive performances in Manglehorn and Danny Collins are winning rave reviews. He nails both characters and makes viewers care what happens to them despite the many mistakes they’ve made in the past. Manglehorn’s destructive obsession and Danny Collins’ relentless search for redemption seem so real because of Pacino’s ability to get inside each man’s heart and soul.

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    FU Mondays #BB17 Edition w/ Special Guest Parker Delon #BB9

    in Television

    Welcome to Get Real LoL's Monday Show, F U Mondays! Where hosts from Get Real LoL will talk about Big Brother 17 #BB17! We will weekly look to bring you the hot topics on the goings on inside the Big Brother 17 house and discuss whatever is on our mind. And we will weekly inform our fans what our F U stands for that week. Could be Forgive Us, to F...U... to Fire Um, meaning who we think should be fired, or Fire Ump, if during baseball season theres a bad umpire. Our FU's will also be followed by our hashtag #FUMondays. This week join us as we will also have none other than Parker Delon from Big Brother 9 with us to discuss the current season of Big Brother! So sit back, relax & listen in as Get Real LoL give you our F U's of the week!