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    Just follow the Yellow Brick Road and click the heels of those Ruby Slippers...or were they SILVER? Margo (@BrooklynFitChik) and Margo (@ShesNachoMama) discuss THE WIZARD OF OZ! Politics! Witchcraft! And find out which Margo actually met a Munchkin!



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    Local SEO Services By The Wizard

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    What is local SEO services and how might it help my business?

    Local search engine optimization (SEO) services utilizes local listing sites like Google, Yellow Pages, Bing and yahoo etc. We provide local search engine optimization services focus on targeting local terms to enhance the ranking of your business on such sites. So, when consumers search specifically for local data concerning your kind of business, your business information contained on these sites appears among the top search results.

    As the online visibility of your business increases, you'll soon find an increased number of likely buyers visiting your site, and that's how your brand gets promoted.

    Contact us today (919) 589-3471

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    The Wizard of Us~ with Jean Houston

    in Lifestyle

    One of my favorite female pioneers whofeels to me , to be a bit of both the wisdom of Margaret Thantcher and authenticity of Julia Child in her warmth and infectious personality.

    The Wizard of Us is a wonderful knowing book with much insight into the inner dynamics of what makes you tick.

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    The Wizard of Us ~ With Jean Houston

    in Motivation

    Jean Houston who is a bit of a cumulative vibration of the wisdom of Margaret Thatcher, the enveloping personality and enthusiasm of Julia Child and the all around strength in looks and character of Wonder woman/ Linda Carter.

    The Wizard of Us, explains how to find ourselves in our paths, choices and inner strengths. We realize we never travel far from purpose, and we are only as needy as our own discomfort. Jean explores the obvious lurking withinh each of our souls, and yet she understands how that knowing within, is latent at times it is not always so apparent.

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    Kristin Levine, Wizard of Paws, is our guest

    in Lifestyle

    Kristin Levine, who is one of the top pet lifestyle experts in the nation whois renowned as the WIZARD OF PAWS. She's working with the AKC (American Kennel Club) to help pet parents reduce anxiety on their perfect pooches and feline friends during the holidays. She'll also provide tips on anyone getting a puppy or kitchen for the holidays.   Levine is author of a best-selling book call PAMPERED PETS ON A BUDGET, who can answer all of your holiday pet questions in this PURRRfect holiday interview.

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    Interview with Vampire Court Wizard of Austin

    in Paranormal

    Please Join Magenta Ash and Joey as we interview the Vampire Court Wizard from Austin, Tx. Tim Doyal is here to address some accusations made my a former member Mix, who came on last month. He would also love to share information about the Vampire Court of Austin and his private business adventure! Hope we can fit it all in this 30 mintue show!


    Here's more information about Tim and his amazing work he does with Tarot!

    My name is Tim Doyal aka Rune Relic, I am a Tarot Card reader I have over 6 years of experience and studied various forms of Magick since I was young.


    I am the Court Wizard of the V.C.A (Vampire Court of Austin) and Pagan of the Austin Pagan Community. I wish to help extend my services to those who need it. I have various rates and various types of readings I can do for you.

    My Schedule is free for whenever and always adaptable, while I do not have a certain base of operations, my home or a meeting place is always available. I aim to ensure my readings are clear and honest. If I do not know something, I will tell you and make sure you get your money's worth.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I am available 24/7.


    Here are some LINKS on Facebook! Please like and share!





  • Life in the Universe with Trisha Gelder, Madeline, and Merlin the Wizard

    in Spirituality

    IF YOU WANT a mini reading, or want us to send you healing energy,  Join Madeline and Trisha today they are both gifted with their own spiritual gifts.Trisha is a Light Worker, Numerologist, Neimologist and Empath. She tells us that she has been through many trials in her own life, which she believes assists her to guide others to raise their vibrations to Love or Above and to give them insight to make healthier relationship choices. She uses her High Intuition during sessions along with Numerology, Neimology, Tarot cards, Angel cards, Oracle cards, and a Clear Quartz Pendulum.   Soecal Guest today Merlin the Wizard  Merlin is the expert in Astrology join in and ask some questions.


    Madeline has also come through many trails in her life which has brought her with the  gifts of healing energy,Empath, medium light worker.

    She has traveled through out the US and abroard learning many healing techniques to help mankind. 

    So give us a call and let's us help you get on your path your were born to travel.


    Live life like it was your last day,

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    Blood Sugar Wizard

    in Health

    Guest with all kinds of expertise on subjects that help and affect Diabetes.

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    Bernard Madoff - Wizard Of Lies Author Diana Henriques

    in News

    If you thought you knew the whole story behind the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, think again. New York Times writer, Diana Henriques, takes you into the dark world of Bernie Madoff and gives us not just an overview of his crime, but exposes the psychology behind a life long scam artist. From his humble beginnings to his jail cell in Federal prison, Henriques takes the mask off of the most infamous con artist of our time. 

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    Blood Sugar Wizard

    in Health

    Guest with all kinds of expertise on subjects that help and affect Diabetes.

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    Communications with Wizard and Company

    in Military

    Communications with Wizard and Company!

    Tonight we start the series for the General Ham Operators License, once again using www.hamstudy.org as our study guide. With the "General License," the privileges you gain will get you fully involved in world wide communications.   The "Technician License" gave you localized communications privileges. Feel free to download this series as well as the past series on the test questions on the Tech license studies.  New Colony with Wizard and Company - emergency communications, HAM Radio operations. Join the expert panel HAM radio hosts -

    Wizard & Co.

    "Bull Dog 4"

    "Spark Gap,"


    Call in to listen or to speak to the hosts: (646) 478-3229 with any questions you may have.  In the last few weeks, we completed the "Technician License" series of test questions. Tonight we will continue with the test questions for the "General license."