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    Author Jeanne Sauvage on The Gluten Free Voice with Jules

    in Health

    Gluten-free expert, author, coach and advocate Jules Shepard hosts a weekly show offering news, interviews with intriguing guests, gluten-free baking tips and otherwise lively conversation.

    This week Jules' guest is cookbook author and blogger, Jeanne Sauvage. Jeanne's first book, Gluten-Free Baking for the Holidays: 60 Recipes for Traditional Festive Treats (Chronicle Books), came out in October 2012 and has many recipes for the winter holidays and beyond, so it's perfectly timed for this holiday episode. Her next book, Gluten-Free Wishlist: Sweet and Savory Treats You Miss the Most, is due out from Chronicle Books in Fall 2015. It will be a broader book, containing many of the things you may ... miss the most! Croissants, naan, pita bread, ramen noodles, dumplings, pantry essentials, etc. Jeanne is a whiz in the kitchen and a downright good person, to boot, so it promises to be a great interview!

    Visit Jeanne at http://www.artofglutenfreebaking.com/ and as editor of http://www.canningacrossamerica.com/




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    RadioFreeRover Presents Puppy and the end of the BTR Marathon Also cocks

    in Fun

    Prize breakdown here : http://pastebin.com/6xscTBCD


    Tis' the season again! You will be wandering around a department store or watching televison and BOOM.... you hear it... CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Christmas is one month away and there are families out there that will not be able to afford to give their children a good Christmas. There are over 2 million families that rely on foundations like Toys For Tots and Red Cross Food Pantry to give their families the holiday season they deserve. 
    I did not come from a wealthy family. We were middle class but we always had food on the table and presents under the tree.  One thing we did every year was make a wishlist from store ads. My mother would have us pick the thing we wanted most and we would go purchase it at the store. We would then drive to the Salvation Army and put it in the toy donation bin.  Why would she do that to us? Well, she wanted to make sure we knew that it was better to GIVE to someone less fortunate than it was to have a new Nerf gun or Lego set. 
    I still do this every year. I will load up with stuff from the dollar store and Walmart and drop it off at the community center.  I don't do it to make myself feel good, I do it to make other people feel good. 

    All donation amounts are welcome. The cost of the shirts and mugs will be deducted from the donation made (13.00 and 6.00) which leaves a lot left over for TOYS! All shirts and mugs are drop shipped from CustomInk. 
    I will be taking videos and pictures of the whole event. From the shopping to the dropping off of the goods. 

    Please join us in making an impact of someones life!

    All Questions can be directed to @cnyr3bel

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    Reducing Clutter in Your Life

    in News

    A look at the technology wishlist for this holiday season and ways to reduce clutter from your life. WSJ's Tyrone Johnson reports.

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    Interview with Sam Coffman of The Herbal Medic!

    in Education

    Interview with Sam Coffman of The Herbal Medic!
    The Herbal Prepper Live
    on American Preppers Radio!
    Sundays 7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Join me as I interview clinical herbalist Sam Coffman. Sam is a former Green Beret, as well as the voice behind, “The Herbal Medic” which airs on Prepper Broadcasting every Tuesday evening at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

    Sam Coffman is the educator and driving force behind The Human Path, his survival skills school based in San Antonio, Texas. The course offerings are like a wishlist of every sustainable, self-reliant, and genuinely cool skill any prepper could want to know. From defensive training, to primitive skills, to some of the finest herbal education offered in the US, Sam has created something unique.

    Read More HERE

    Visit The Herbal Prepper HERE!

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting, The Herbal Prepper, Health Care

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    Game Changers Radio - Show #140 | Projecting Madden 15 Rookies & CFM Wishlist

    in Video Games

    Join Shopmaster and MadScientist06 as they host another exciting episode of Game Changers Radio. In Show #140 the guys talk about the NFL Combine and and look ahead to who is projected to be the best rookie in Madden NFL 15.  Was Clowney's 40 time be enough to cement him as the #1 overall pick or does a mobile QB like Manziel still posses a bigger threat in Madden.  We'll also talk about our top wishlist items for CFM as the start of community days are gearing up.  We need your help!


    You’ll hear all of that on the next Game Changers Radio which will be airing live Tuesday February 25th @ 9:00pm est.





    The Question of the Night is something we do every show and gives you a chance to chime in with your answers. You can call in during the show at (760) 454-1156.  Join the debate and call in!


    QOTN:  Who is the rookie you are looking forward to using the most in Madden NFL 15?




    - NFL Combine
      - 40 Times
      - Which rookie would you want for your team?
      - Who should be the #1 pick?

    - CFM Wishlist
       - What needs to be fixed?
       - What needs to be redone?
       - What needs to be added?


    - Madden Uniforms by the Community



    - Game Giveaway


    - What’s the Community talking about?


    - Upcoming Video Games

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    The Voice of Europe: Christmas wishlist

    in Politics

    On December 20, Huffnágel Pista, Lucian Vâlsan and whoever shall call in will be summing up the progress achieved in Europe regarding the non-feminist message, the progress of The Voice of Europe as a show and, of course, the “progress” of the EU. After that, everyone is invited to ask Santa for goodies and list the expectations in the new year.

    Listeners are invited to call in and speak about the latest year and about the year that shall come. Call in at (001) 310 388 9709, or Skype in, after the news.

    The show will commence at 7 PM GMT (London, Reykjavik and Lisbon time).

    That is 8 PM CET (Madrid, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Bern, Bratislava, Prague, Belgrade, Tirana, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Skopje time)

    That is 9 PM EET (Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Kiev, Chisinau, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens, Ankara and Nicosia time)

    That is 10 PM FEET (Minsk time)

    And, finally, 11 PM Moscow time.

    For the listeners in America this means 2 PM EST, 1 PM CST, 12 PM MST and 11 PM PST.

    For the listeners in Australia, this means November 21, 2 AM (AWST) in West Australia and 4 AM AEST.

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    Conrad Rocks Prophetic Update

    in Christianity

    No revelations today.  Just an update. 

    My book is accentuating the fact that Christianity is supernatural.  

    Check it out. 

    Open Your Eyes My Supernatural Journey

    Subscribe - 

    ConradRocks WishList 


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    Next Gen Consoles Wishlist

    in Video Games

    We at Game Caviar are eagerly waiting on the next Generation of consoles and in this episode we will deliver our wishlist of features.

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    Game Changers Radio - Show #141 | Past Madden Features We Want Back

    in Video Games

    Join Shopmaster and MadScientist06 as they host another exciting episode of Game Changers Radio. In Show #141 the guys take a look at the past 10 years of Madden and discuss features we had that we want to see back in Madden. They'll discuss online features, franchise features, and debate whether they would work in today's game.  They'll take your calls, tweets, and shout outs for your favorite past feature. The guys will also wrap up some of the Madden 15 Connected Franchise Wishlists, provide some Madden Tips, and talk about upcoming games.

    You’ll hear all of that on the next Game Changers Radio which will be airing live Tuesday March 4th @ 9:00pm est.

    The Question of the Night is something we do every show and gives you a chance to chime in with your answers. You can call in during the show at (760) 454-1156.  Join the debate and call in!


    QOTN:  What is one feature from Madden pasts that you would like to see come back?

    - Madden past features we'd like to see in Madden now
    --- Ring of a Champion
    --- Weapons
    --- ProTak
    --- Visison Cone
    --- Fight for the Fumble
    --- Lead Blocker Control
    --- Backtrack
    --- User Celebration
    and more


    - CFM Wishlist Wrap-up

    - MUT Draft

    - What’s the Community talking about?

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    Storytelling: The Rescheduling (the Dec. 24th episode)

    in Video Games

    There is no sinlge more important component to gaming than high quality stories.  Storytelling, whether done around table games, board games, an author's imagination, or video games can make the difference between playing once and returning to a game many times.  In this show we will discuss storytelling in a myriad of games and indulge in discussing our own gaming wishlists.

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    Game Changers Radio - Show #129

    in Video Games

    Join EA SPORTS Game Changers; Shopmaster and MadScientist, for another great episode of Game Changers Radio where they discuss some of the biggest topics in the EA SPORTS Gaming Community.
    From Wishlist to Tips, they are your source for everything going on with the upcoming game.  With direct talks straight from the developers themselves these EA Game Changers keep you in the loop and gather your ideas to pass on to EA, so join us every Tuesday at 9pm est.

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