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    Closing of Christian Ex-Gay Camp, Wisconsin AIDS RIDE ACT 11

    in LGBT

    In She Said, She Said  #139, Genia and Andrea discuss:
    * The closing of Exodus International
    * The Supreme Court made no ruling on DOMA and Prop 8 - yet
    * Wisconsin AIDS Ride (ACT 11) 
    * Upcoming Pride events
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    Positively Dee for discussion about HIV/AIDS

    in Social Networking

    The show tonight will be at 7:30 p.m. Pacific time not 7 p.m. Henry Jr Calderon and Donna Branom will be on the show discussing the children being taken away due to Henry's HIV status. Call in join the discussion and if you like to ask a question feel free. They can only discuss what they can due to still going to court. If you would like to ask a question and not able to, text me your question with your name and ill ask for you at 702-850-0542. If you would like to listen online register at www.blogtalkradio.com

     There are so many questions people have about HIV and sex and why some are afraid to have sex or even just date a person with HIV. If there's anyone that has any questions on this subject please inbox me to let me know you'll call in to be on the show tonight. And you can't say you don't have questions because everyone does. Get the knowledge about it at 7:30 pm. Educate yourself family and friends. Knowledge is power. 

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    Take A Ride On The Night Train Express

    in Entertainment

    Your bags have been packed, tickets have been punched, and you are ready to take a ride on the Night Train Express!???? Any time you have a gathering that involves the Night Train Express, you know that you are guranteed a good time. 

    As a special treat for all of you, we are happy to welcome Billy from "The Flights Podcast" to this weeks episode of the BWB Podcast!

    Billy is taking his first ride on the Night Train this Saturday night and will be joining us on the show to tell us all about it. Did he have to let any passengers off early? Tune in to find out!

    The Night Train Express is what we call the "old reliable". If you are looking for a quick pick me up, there is no need to look any further. 

    On the latest episode of The Flights Podcast, the Nerd Patrol enjoyed some hobo wines! You can check out that episode at https://youtu.be/xlwjq87mIRo.

    We will be sharing our night train adventures, favorite beers, podcasting stories, and we are ready to get wild!

    All that and MORE on this weeks episode! Want to be part of the show? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join in the discussion. Cheers!

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    CLICK HERE FOR A FREE UBER RIDE! https://www.uber.com/invite/ubercoffeenofilter


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    Indy Film Wisconsin TV show and other news!

    in Film

    Yes! Indy Film Wisconsin is doing a chat TV Show!

    We are also starting day to focus on Writers, as well being doing some shows about Film Making in the great state of Kentucky

    This is a show YOU do not want to miss!

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    Radio Drama "Fahrenheit 451: Act One Finale, Part Two

    in Entertainment

    Act One Finale, Part Two

    Digital Damnation II


    Synopsis:  In a world where literacy is outlawed and people are dependant on technology, a fireman who burns books for a living eventually changes his perspective and strives to do something about it.  The second part of the finale finds our protagonist, Guy Montag, regretting his reactions towards Clarisse whom contacts him and asks for another meeting.  During their time together, she confesses her frustrations of feeling trapped while showcasing a talent Guy caught hints of in their previous meetings.  But in the end, Digital Damnation rears its ugly head again and takes away something very precious from him.

    Rated:  PG-13 for strong, scary images, situations and violence.

    Written By:  Ray Bradbury

    Serial Adaption By:  Tim Pylypiuk

    Performed By:  Tim Pylypiuk and Maria Illiou

    Images By:  Steve Crisp, Zazzle.ca, weebly.com, Valerie K, Wolfbane15, Bonnielass22

    Music By:  The Gentleman Losers, Angele Dubeau & La Pieta


    Fahrenheit 451 available where books are sold

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    6/9/2015 EMS Controlled Narcotics: Chain of Custody, Diversion, Best Practices

    in Caregiving

    This broadcast of Wisconsin EMS Live was recorded on Tuesday, June 9 at 9:00 a.m. central time.  The episode runs 60 minutes.

    In this episode we discussed from 9:00 until 9:40 EMS Controlled Narcotics, Chain of Custody, Drug Diversion, and Best Practices.  Our guests include Drug Enforcement Agency Wisconsin Supervisor Kathy Federico, Wisconsin Ambulance Inspector Paul Schilling, and Baraboo District Ambulance Chief Dana Sechler and Deputy Chief John Rago.

    And then from 9:40 to 10:00 a.m. meet Eric Salzwedel with REACH-A-CHILD.  He’s developed a storybook collection with REACH BAG to help kids caught up in an emergency event or incidence – and provide them with some comfort or a short distraction.

    Co-hosts included Joe Covelli, Patrick Ryan, and Dan Williams.

    Don't miss a beat of the action – listen to Wisconsin EMS Live.

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    9/11 discussion and thoughts

    in US Government

    Feel free to discuss your opinions and thoughts on the 9/11 conspiracy.

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    The Talk: #CharlestonShooting Was This An Act of Terrorism?

    in Current Events

    Dylann Roof, 21, of Lexington, South Carolina, was taken into custody without incident shortly before 11 a.m., Shelby police said in a statement. Authorities got a call from a business about a possible sighting of the suspect.

    At 10:43 a.m., officers saw the suspect's vehicle, and stopped it at 10:44 a.m., police said. Roof was the vehicle's only occupant.

    He was armed with a gun when he was arrested, according to a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation. It's not clear if it's the same firearm used in the shooting.

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    Scott Walker and the Patriot Act

    in Politics Conservative

    According to a report from TheHill.com Gov Scott Walker hopes to 'reestablish' the Patriot Act.  This is very controversial issue in the country right now.  It seems as though conservatives are split as to if this is good or bad for our country and our liberty.


    Officer Kenny Cleared Of All Police Policy Violations

    This story out of The Wisconsin Daily Independent this morning.  It looks as if he will looking forward to continuing to serve as a police officer in Madison, WI


    Baltimore Police Want Help From the Feds

    After an increase in crime since the Baltimore riots a few weeks ago, the police department is requesting federal assistance to combat the surging crime rate.

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    Khairi Price S1 Episode 11

    in Sports

    Khairi Price  S1 Episode 11

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