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    AIDS Walk Los Angeles

    in Health

    Drawing more than 20,000 annually to West Hollywood, California @aidswalkla Communication/Event Director, Ben Fordham joins Build Grow and Enjoy to discuss the mission and purpose of California's largest AIDS fundraising event that has raised more than $79 million for its primary beneficiary AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) and dozens of other L.A. County AIDS service organizations that support the fight of the AIDS epidemic.  



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    Positively Dee a discussion about HIV/AIDS

    in Health

    There are many questions regarding HIV/AIDS in the church and why it's not discussed. Even in our black communities. Join us as we discuss part 2 of this topic. Pastor Savalas R. Squire and William Francis will be a guest today at 4:30 pm Mountain Time. Call in and join the conversation 347-855-8118 or register online and listen in www.blogtalkradio.com. I look forward to what you all have to say. Thank you for your support. Be blessed.

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    Addressing injury woes of the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers

    in Sports

    The injury bug has hit two of Wisconsin's main football teams. 

    Which five starting offensive linemen will we see for the Wisconsin Badgers on Sept. 5 against the Alabama Crimson Tide, and how will it affect their ability to move the ball?

    Jordy Nelson's knee injury will keep him out for the 2015 NFL season. How much of an impact will that make on the Green Bay Packers offense, and how badly does this hurt their chances at a Super Bowl run?


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    Positively Dee a discussion about HIV/AIDS

    in Health

    Tonights show on Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS discussion at 7:30 pm MT time 347-855-8118. The show will be about Substance abuse and HIV how is it related. Expecially in the LBGT community. If you can join the discussion on this call with your input please do so. And you can go to www.blogtalkradio.com and register to listen online to listen in. Thank you for your support. Be blessed 

    There are so many questions people have about HIV and sex and why some are afraid to have sex or even just date a person with HIV. If there's anyone that has any questions on this subject please inbox me to let me know you'll call in to be on the show tonight. And you can't say you don't have questions because everyone does. Get the knowledge about it at 7:30 pm. Educate yourself family and friends. Knowledge is power. 

  • Mike's Retro Rocket Ride Show

    in Music

    hey all it is 8/31/15 and we are starting this week of shows off by telling the month of August good bye and starting the fall months seasons although next monday is the last holiday of the summer Labor Day weekend and the start of college football season the time of year in which I dearly love so enjoy todays offering of music God Bless You All

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    Surviving the Republican assault on the University of Wisconsin.

    in Education

    What if your mission was to "envision a Wisconsin where postsecondary education moves forward through an open exchange of ideas, the careful consideration of research, and a strong focus on the public good?" 

    However what if you actually tried realizing that mission during the last 4 months of Republican sponsored carpet bombing targeting the concrete ideals on which that mission rests?

    This Thursday in a special episode of BustEd Pencils, Jed and Tim talk to two of the warriors from the Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education (WISCAPE).

    Noel Tomas Radomski: Director and Assciate Researcher
    Jason Lee: Outreach Programs Manager 

    Among many topics, we will ask Noel and Jason  to provide a sense of the damage that was done and how WISCAPE will continue to fight back the attack on the essential freedom to learn and focus on the public good.


  • Let it Ride or Pump Yo Brakes

    in Indie Music

    On today's Episode we will be listening and going over the mixtape Dawn by Spoken hope you enjoy and feel free to call in and let use no

    Let it Ride or Pump yo Brakes 

    This is my first OFFICIAL project that is FREE. The sole plot of the mixtape is to remember how the Dawn of the day can be the most beautiful time of the day and that spiritually God creates us in the middle of it all. Whether we choose to stay or become light or dark, that's the decision we make as believers. 1 Peter 2:9.https://soundcloud.com/spokin/sets/dawn-mixtape

    In a city full of depression and musical inspiration, "Spokin" rose to the occasion. Born JeVo'n Jones, It all started at the age of 7 when he was in his fathers studio. This is where he first played a piano and started to sing. Throughout the years he eventually got his own keyboard that recorded 8 tracks and started to play songs by ear. In his teenage years he grew up in a rough area, only to be pushed back in his mind which caused him to start writing Songs and free-styling all day long. Not knowing Jesus in his gang filled community it was tough, until grace abound at 16. At that age he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Trying to become more productive and involved in Church ministry, the community still was distorting the message of Christ. Being confused for many years, he ventured out into the world doing secular music, becoming a threat to other artists. From diss tracks to battle rap, clubs to parties, Spokin didn't seem to have much life in his walk towards destruction, until grace abounded even more. Losing all of his necessities, the Lord had stripped him of his pride at the age of 22.

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    in Motivation

    SUNDAYS SHOW POZITIVELY DEE HIV/AIDS DISCUSSION 7:30PM PACIFIC TIME.. Answer this question.. Why should HIV CRIMINALIZATION matter to you? There are individuals having sex now using a condom and they don't know if the person their having sex with is HIV positive. So why is it that when a person who is HIV positive has sex with a condom goes to jail? Not only goes to jail, but gets 20 to 30 years and they used protection. The HIV criminalization laws were put into place in the 80's because there was fear of spreading the virus. Today people living with HIV are living just as long as anyone else, living their lives undetectable and the virus is not spread. Women are having babies now that are not born with the virus. This law has to change and something has to be done

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    Homeless in Madison Wisconsin

    in Politics

    Liberal Democrat Mayor Paul Soglin,

    In truth Mayor Paul Soglin of the city of Madison, Wisconsin does hate all homeless Veterans, homeless children, and other homeless people in the State of Madison Wisconsin.

    Mayor Paul Soglin would like to use one thing that goes as far back as the 1933- 1945 Germany when Hitler was in power, for his idea to eliminate the homeless Veterans, Homeless Children and all other homeless people in the City of Madison, Wisconsin. The words that he is using is very close or the same as Hitler from 1933 to 1945. 

    Now a boycott of anyone and everyone to quit doing business, buying anything, selling any thiong, or even visting the city of Madison Wisconsin, plus writing letter to the Editor, and sending letters to Mayor Paul Soglin would also make him see is ways.







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    Wisconsin Principals to Scott Walker, Give us "voice."

    in Education

    Last week Valerie Strauss featured a letter from over 30 principals from Southern Wisconsin to governor Scott Walker.  In the letter the principals put forth the argument that funding of public schools in WI must be restored and that if the governor truly believed in "small government" he would return control of public schools back to locally elected school boards.

    In this episode of BustED Pencils we will be talking to Jim Pliner—one (or more?) of the principals who signed and collaborated on the writing of the Wisconsin Principals' Letter to Governor Scott Walker.

    Big Question:  Is this the beginning of a new advocacy movement of principals  in Wisconsin similar to that of the New York Principals?

    The show starts at 5:00 pm Central and will be hosted live from Michelangelo's Coffe House in Madison, WI.  If you're in the area please stop in to participate and/or just have a great cup of coffee and an amazing baked good.

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    Wisconsin football recruiting, Big Ten Conference media days recap

    in Sports

    The Wisconsin Badgers gained a verbal commit from a talented athlete out of Missouri in A.J. Taylor, but missed out on on a Florida speedster in Demari Simpkins. What 's next for Badgers recruiting at wide receiver, and who would be on commit watch going into the month of August? Plus, what were the major stories coming out of Big Ten Conference media days? We ask BadgerNation's Ben Worgull at 8:15.

    The Milwaukee Brewers traded Carlos Gomez, Mike Fiers, and more before the MLB trade deadline -- will the Brewers see dividends down the road?

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