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    Preppers Winterize

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    The Other Side...A Preppers Path! on American Preppers Radio!  Sundays *9:00pm/Est *8:00pm/Ct *7:00pm/Mt *6:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to:http://prepperbroadcasting.com Why winterize? Why do it before the storm? You may arch your eye brows and ponder why ask such silly questions, its’ obvious! But maybe not so obvious or easy. Are you prepared for a power outage? Lack of heat or light? And are your supplies to combat these happenings safe for you and yours? Could you inadvertently be creating a health or safety issue for you and your loved ones? As we roll the clock back an hour this Sunday to presumably increase our day join The Other Side of a Preppers Path as Lynna strolls down the path of Winterization for not only your home & vehicle but You too. Be prepared to weather the storms passing through your life with efficiency, safety and peace. It’s never too late to become prepared, storms often reveal silver linings. Take advantage of a lull in the storm and tune in and share your tips for winterization with Lynna of The Other Side of a Preppers Path. Tags: The Other Side A Preppers Path, Food, Medicine, Independence, preparedness, self-sufficiency, Prepper Broadcasting, Winterization, Winter   

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    Sabbath Hour / CthePower-Winterize Your Body

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    CHAT AND LISTEN AT WWW.FREEDOMIZERRADIO.COM Call in and join us - 347.324.3704      

    Brother Gregory brings you "The Sabbath Hour"  KEYS TO THE KINGDOM - The Sabbath Hour is dedicated to revealing the truth of what Christ, Abraham and Moses were really doing to free the people from the very bondage you are discovering in the "world" today. Brother Gregory has written a numerous books that blend the truth about law, history and the Bible in a way that will open your eyes to real solutions.
    CthePower in YOU - Winterize Your Body
    CthePower in YOU is about exploring different points of view - different perspectives on topics for better health for your mind and your body.   Join Miss Cookie and Me ..... and grow the light of who you are .
    Prepare your body for winter - Ways to Boost your immune system...Everyone is familiar with the benefits of winterizing things—car tires, window panes, sprinkler systems—but we often overlook ourselves. This winter, consider winterizing your body to stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically.

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    Tips to Winterize Your Home | Window-Fix Home Renovation Show

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    Join Window-Fix's master home and business expert Ernie Cappello as he shares tips to update and winterize your homr or business, saving you money and improving the value of your home. 

    Did you know that simply ensuring your windows are locking properly could save you money?
    Did you know that winterizing now will improve your home's ability to keep cold air in during the summer, too?

    Window-Fix is the NYC, Brooklyn, Queens and surrounding area's leader in window replacement, window repair, doors, retractable screens, parts and more! Listen for more tips you can use today to improve your home's value, save you money and keep you more comfortable.

    When you are ready, see us online or call us to find out how we can help you.

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    Winterize Your Skin

    in Health

    Learns tips to winterize your skin - banish winter woes like dry, chapped or red skin. QVC's Dr. Adrienne Denese joins Davida to give you the lowdown on the best ways to prevent and treat the most common cold weather related skin problems. Winterize your skin!

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    American Goldfish Association - Winterize Your Pond

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    On Saturday September 29th 2012 at 10 PM EST, 9 PM CST, 7 PM PST.
    The Under The Sea Radio Show is pleased to have Mr Gary Hater from the American Goldfish Association booked for a discussion on winterizing your Goldfish Pond.
    This program should be of interest especially to those that want to do research in regards to ponds they may already have set up or for those that are interested in some day having a goldfish pond in their backyard.
    For those of you that are interested in this episode please check out our website page at
    Or go to www.underthesearadioshow.com and follow the many episodes in our episode directory

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    Great Loop Information--Winterizing your Boat

    in Travel

    Our guest this week is Jerry Nessenson of ValvTect.. He will fill us in on the steps to take to prepapre your boat for the winter and avoid headaches in the spring.

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    LIVE! with Cathi-How to winterize you!

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    The weather outside is frightful, but we're cozy and delightful while we're watching the snow fall and we sitting in front of a romantic fire burning in the fire place.
    Shorter days and falling temperatures are on their way, so what do we do, first we can embrace the formula from our neolithic ancestors and maybe from our great-grandparents by bulking up with fat and find a nice cave to ride out the coming months of starvation months of winter.
    This darlings, is a very unhealthy time of the year.  Your body is telling you to slow down, sleep more, huddle by the fire, tell stories and conserve your calories.
    NOT SO, there are ways to minimize the impact of those prehistoric messages.  Winter can have a big impact on our physical and emotional health, so here's what's coming at you and what to do about it.
    More weight, holidays...etc.
    More grumpiness...etc.
    Tougher skin...etc.
    Colds and flu...etc.
    Our bodies require...etc.

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    15 Minutes of Health with Dr Neil Raff Winterize your Body

    in Nutrition

    Dr Neil Raff will present 3 shows weekly convering topics from Alternative Cancer treatments, Detox, and the use of Vitamins to improve your immune system.
    Tune in, down load, or podcast and get the most current information on those healthy choices. Please call in or email any topics you would like to know more about.
    We ask you to visit Dr Raff's web site at; www.neilraffmd.com
    As always Move2wellness Massage Therapy and Wellness Center wants to take your from doing to being.

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    Get S.M.A.R.T with Lady Apostle - Winterize Your Vehicle

    in Self Help

    Apostle Watts invites you to join her as she Strategically Maximizes All Resources Today (S.M.A.R.T.). Come cheer her on as she becomes empowered Physically, Spiritually, Socially and Financially. Each week Apostle Watts will share with you tips that work as well as those that do not work in getting and staying S.M.A.R.T. Email Apostle to receive an invitation to her ning sight at ladyapostlegetsmart.ning.com. There you will receive tips she could not cover on air. Time to have fun!!!!!

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    Say Bye Bye to 2012

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    Basically You CALL in , and say why your glad that 2012 is ending ,and moving on to a next year , and how you predict imvu is going to be into 2013 , and i guess you can give shoutouts o__O . >_>
    HOSTS : Dessai , LouieSTEEZ , Winterize 

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    Staying Physically Healthy Through the Winter

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    Today the topics will be how to take care of your pets during the winter months and how to winterize your home to maintain health.


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