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    WIN - Episode 11 - Isaiah 59 - Battling the Hosts of Hell with Pastor WIn Worley

    in Spirituality

    Episode 11 - Isaiah 59 - Battling the Hosts of Hell 
    Pastor WIn Worley
    Recorded 9-23-1993 at Hegewisch Baptist Church (HBC)
    More Audios from Win Worley avail at: www.wrwpublications.com
    Visit Hegewisch Baptist Church at www.hbcdelivers.org

    Special Thanks to Pastor Michael Thierer of HBC and WRW Publications

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    XFF Special: Win & You're In

    in Sports

    He came back..He didn't like what he did so he tried it again, that time it was worst then before. So just like what he is doing in the XFF, he Kicked in the front door, blew the roof off and started all over.. A complete makeover and remodeling has been done. The no holds bared announcer who is locked, cocked and ready to rock. The host and executioner of Win and  You're in is Locked and Loaded...


     Join Philly Jon on the Win and You're in show as he will talk about

    - The bottom feeders of the league and the power they have

    -A where are they now segment.

    -Lastly, the double standards some owners hold other owners to..

     Don't miss it!!!!




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    in Prayer

    The man who said this wasn't a Christian but he certainly keyed into God's wisdom. He was talking about natural battles but the application is perfect for spiritual battles. He learned the hard way through the near impossibility of a social revolution in his home country of India. His name was Mohandas Gandhi and he prevailed.

    This is what he said. "First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win."

    If you know in advance about this pattern of attack by the enemy you will stand a much higher chance of seeing the battle through. Why? Because you will see the end result up front and not give up when the going gets really rough. Just stick with it through all the phases.

    After all, why should Satan bother to actually fight you if he doesn't have to exert the energy? Maybe you'll give up on your own if he just ignores you. Once he knows you're serious he can start laughing at you and try to make you feel foolish. Like; "Really now, do you seriously think you can made a difference for God. Little old YOU? HA!"

    You now ignore him and continue pushing through for whatever God has called you to do. Since ridicule didn't work he will have to step it up a little. A serious fight will erupt. But you are expecting it and you just smile, knowing victory is really getting quite close.

    Keep praying; keep proclaiming God's Word; keep doing God's work. Don't stop short. THEN YOU WIN! Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963. 

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    WRW - Episode 10 - Isaiah 57 - Pastor Win Worley

    in Spirituality

    WRW - Episode 10 - Isaiah 57 
    Recorded 9-19-1993 Sun AM at Hegewisch Baptist Church
    For More Audios by Win Worley go to: www.wrwpublications.com
    Hegewisch Baptist Church: www.hbcdelivers.org

    Special Thanks to WRW Publications and Pastor Michael Thierer

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    WRW - Episode 3 - Massive Deliverance with Win Worley

    in Paranormal

    WRW - Episode 3 - Massive Deliverance with Win Worley

    Audios Courtesy of www.wrwpublications.com

    Special Thanks to Pastor Michael Thierer of Hegewisch Baptist Church (HBC)

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    Humanitarian Radio Interview with Ten Cadle Creative Director win within .org

    in Spirituality

    Humanitarian Radio hosts Tony saint Tone and Janie Boisclair Interview with Ten Cadle from  win within .org

    Ten Cadle is full of life and has spent  years inspiring all in his presence!  Ten calls himself a Creative Director of life and certainly walks the walk as he launches his new "Win Within" program this spring.  Hear how he has worked to rally inner city's less fortunate to create garden on a vacant lot in Los Angeles!"

     winwithin.org broadchesterfarms.org  www.facebook.com/tencadle

    Positive Songs this week "Why Live A Lie"  and Breaking All The Rules" By Saint Tone 

    Give the Gift of Music Please visit - www.SpiritofMusicFoundation

    More Positive Music at www.SaintTone.com  www.Facebook.com/SaintTone

    MORE SHOWS AT www.HumanitarianRadio.com Tony@HumanitarianRadio.com

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    Frans Cronje debuts Born to Win

    in Lifestyle

    Frans Cronjé, writer/director: BORN TO WIN. You can access  via http://www.lionsgatepublicity.com/home-entertainment/borntowin/.    

    This is a moving, transforming film about loss innocence, parenting and importance of faith.

    From the producer of the hit faith film Faith Like Potatoes, which sold over 2.2 million DVDs in 17 languages worldwide, Born to Win is based on the true story of Leon Terblanche, a teacher at a school for disabled children, who found himself confronted with the question: “Where is God?” This sets him on a journey where he discovers that he has never been alone through all the hurt and brokenness of his past. Leon learns that no matter how broken you are, God is always our only living hope. Born to Win shows how God turns the hurt, frustration and emptiness of a man into hope, faith and victory to inspire people to be the winners they were born to be.


    Theatrically released in South Africa in 2014 and recipient of the Golden Crown Award for Best Evangelistic Film in 2015 (ICVM), the poignant film is written and directed by Frans Cronjé and features touching performances from an outstanding cast including Greg Kriek as Leon Terblanche (Momentum), Leoné Pienaar (Break Away), Nadia Beukes (Mooirivier), Cobus Venter (Skin), Marie Cronje (Faith Like Potatoes),

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    WRW - Episode 9 - Isaiah 53 - Win Worley

    in Spirituality

    WRW - Episode 9 - Isaiah 53 -  Win Worley

    Audio Courtesy of www.wrwpublications.com 

    Special Thanks to Pastor Michael Thierer of Hegewisch Baptist Church www.hbcdelivers.org

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    We always Win www.

    in Legal

    We win always

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    For The WIn

    in Sports

    Join us as we sit back, strap down, and go FOR THE WIN!

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    WRW - Episode 5 - II Kings 9 - Win Worley

    in Paranormal

    WRW - Episode 5 - II Kings 9 - Win Worley

    Pastor WIn Worley courtesy of www.wrwpublications.com

    Special Thanks to Pastor Michael Thierer of Hegewisch Baptist Church (HBC)