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    WILLIAM STILLINGS - interview Hidden Technology & Gravity

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    OTHER WORLD RADIO GUEST: “WILLIAM STILLINGS” DURATION: 1-2hours. Topics: Hidden Technology and What's Up with Gravity
    William “Brett” Stillings, Teleportee and Early Mars Explorer and he's going to share his story of Hidden Technology, what toys have the Government boys been getting to play with that WE citizens paid for and they won't tell us about. AND What's Up with Gravity? Is what we were told in school about physics really the truth?

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    Host William Stillings-The Tech Behind the Scenes

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    Industrial Complex behind the scenes

    To call in and speak to host William (push 1 on keypad) or to listen: (347) 855-8164   

    To get to chat with sound click onto the title of the show or the link posted... either one will carry there !!!


    Reaffirm to the Public that Barry Soetoro AKA Barack H. Obama did not go to the Planet Mars.






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    Curious Times - William Stillings

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.
    If he's back from Mars we may have William Stillings on tonight.
    So if he drops in then we will have a most interesing discussion about out of this world things - if not we will have open mic and casual night and we will figure it out as we go!

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    Mz. Mugzzi Show with William Stillings, Mars and more

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    The Bringers of the Past, Present and Future.. People that keep the world turning.... weather its done by Force... based on how the world is, were going to need a generator to keep it turning.
    I have been building a Mercury Lithium -6 Searl SEG Type Generator ( i'm really only doing one high speed Disc)
    About Four Years ago. I realized that the Dropa Stones were an Amalgamated Mercury Lithium 6 Quantum state Searl SEG. Gravity Generator. Found in a cave in China in 1937, 728 stones all the same size.. weighing 1 kilogram each were Exact down to the 15th decimal or more. this can hardly be achieved today.... and not without senseless Ridicule and bashing from others that still ask "What is it"

    www.readyfor the shift .com

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    Dr. William Hill - Pastor Kenneth Frierson

    in Religion

    7:30PM - Dr. William Hill 

    8:30PM - Pastor Kenneth Frierson 

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    William David Spencer,Name in The Papers

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    Since early childhood, William David Spencer has been in love with books and, particularly with mysteries and adventure stories. Captivated as a small child by the ingenious tales of Joe Pooh, Teddy Bear Detective, spun out by his endlessly inventive older sister, the young boy was left bereft of sister and story at her untimely death when he was only six years old. Books, poems, music and lyrics were his solace and he has been deeply immersed in creating them ever since.
    Born and reared in urban central New Jersey, his life was changed by two events; his encounter with Jesus through Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship after a thought-provoking hospitalization in the summer between his final year in high school and first year in college, due to cutting too much weight as co-captain of his high school wrestling team; and the impact of a riot in his birth city, Plainfield, N.J., during the racial upheavals in the late 1960s. The second event propelled him into a lifetime of urban ministry taking the healing message he’d learned from the first event to the streets of Plainfield, then to Newark, Philadelphia, back to Newark/New York/Jersey City, Trenton, Louisville, Kentucky, and today to Boston, where he trains ministers, as professor of theology and the arts, with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary’s Center for Urban Ministerial Education. Along the way he played in a band during the Jesus Movement, performing at coffee houses and festivals, helped establish a school for store front pastors, planted a storefront church he continues to co-pastor, helped create an academic journal and a book line and has had many adventures himself in city ministry.

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    Don't be a fool.....Trust and believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.....REPENT!!!!!

    in Current Events


    Tribulation Baptist Church.....I'm the pastor of this church ministry by the Grace of God.....

    (GNN) Gregory news network....A Born Again Christian based worldwide news network and shows since 1999.....

    "The Target of Jacksonville" Christian online weekly newspaper....

    My cell phone #;     1.904.504.4283....

    My main e - mail site @:    quakeman30@gmail.com

    Looking for contributors for my upcoming radio shows on WOKV 690 AM RADIO STATION WITH THE Fox Radio Network....$100 and up....

    Also on You Tube @: James Gregory

    Also on Facebook @:    James W. Gregory Jr.

    Also on Twitter:     @gregoryofnews

    Sincerely, James William Gregory Jr.


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    Understanding The Red Heifer and the Temple of God

    in Religion

    Join us today forr a discussion of the Red Heifer and the Temple of God. For those who are following the news, you no doubt have heard that a red heifer is being sought for the ritutals and and priests of the new temple to be built in Jerusalem.

    Is this the temple spoken of in the Bible? Is it valid? What does the word of God say about the temple of God and the cleansing of that temple? In this study, we will discuss the meaning of the red heifer, how and when it applies in the Scriptures and its relationship to modern day events.

    For more information on the  subject of eschatology visit DonKPreston.com or AllThingsFulfilled.com.

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    March 30, 2015 - Market Volatility

    in Finance

    William Morgan of Capital Management Group of the Carolinas discusses Market Volatility! 

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    Jesus Is The Word: Continues With John Chapter 3 Then Music

    in Christianity

    The Rest Of The Story! William T will continue where he left off on last weeks show and give you the rest of the story! chapter 3 in the book of John is a very good read and the information Jesus gives is awesome to us as Christians. Also in this episode William T will be playing some really nice music from up and becoming artists that promise to lift your spirit. So stop by next Monday at 8 pm EST for a fun Spirit filled show here on Jesus Is The Word Podcast. Call in live at 1-347-677-1837 and speak to the host

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    Fan4Racing Fan2Fan NASCAR & Race Talk

    in Sports

    Guests include NASCAR K&N West Series Director, Kip Childress, talking about the season opener at Kern County Raceway this weekend.

    K&N East driver William Byron, H Scott Motorsports, talks about racing at Greenville-Pickens this coming weekend.

    K&N West driver Dalton Sargeant, talks about winning the season opener at Kern County Raceway. 

    Join host Sharon Burton and co-host Sal Sigala every Monday night 8:30 to 10 pm ET as we bring fans the smartest racing talk around on Fan4Racing Fan2Fan NASCAR & Race Talk!

    NASCAR Hot Topic Sound Off  is 10 to 10:30 pm ET with Sharon Burton hosting an interactive discussion with co-host Chris Knight and Fan4Racing writer, Zach Roethlisberger

    Listen to our panel discussion with drivers, crew, and other racing personalities and call 714-202-9918 OR Tweet @Fan4RacingSite @Sal_Sigala or @Knighter01 during the LIVE Broadcast to join the conversation about the hottest topics leading up to the next 

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