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    The Kreepy Kastle - Juliet Landau/A Place Among the Undead

    in Entertainment

    From TVs Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and the film Ed Wood, Juliet Landau comes to the Kastle to talk about A Place Among the Undead. This documentary studies vampires in myth and pop culture and will feature interviews with Tim Burton, Joss Whedan, William DaFoe, Gary Oldman, Anne Rice and many more. Listen!!!

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    Tracking Lab with Willem Larsen

    in Training

    Willem Larsen long time tracker and founder of  http://www.mythic-cartography.org/ talks about Tracking Lab

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    Long Road to Ruin: Jack Ryan Series Part 1

    in Movies

    Sean Comer and Mark Radulich look at the first 3 films in the Jack Ryan series:

    The Hunt for Red October

    Patriot Games

    Clear and Present Danger

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    Back of the Movies: boondocks saints 1&2

    in Film

    Boondocks Saints

    Tired of the crime overrunning the streets of Boston, Irish Catholic twin brothers Conner (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy (Norman Reedus) are inspired by their faith to cleanse their hometown of evil with their own brand of zealous vigilante justice. As they hunt down and kill one notorious gangster after another, they become controversial folk heroes in the community. But Paul Smecker (Willem Dafoe), an eccentric FBI agent, is fast closing in on their blood-soaked trail.

    Boondock Saints 2

    Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy MacManus (Norman Reedus) have been living in Ireland for several years, working on a farm with their father (Billy Connolly). When they learn they've been charged with the murder of a Roman Catholic priest, the brothers travel to Boston to clear their names. Along the way, they meet Romeo (Clifton Collins Jr.), a street fighter who joins them in their quest to find Concezio Yakavetta (Judd Nelson), a mobster who they think is really behind the murder.


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    Affliction, 1998 -- Movie Review w/ 1Silva

    in Movies

    Affliction, 1998, written and directed by Paul Schrader from the novel by Russell Banks.

    It stars Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek, James Coburn, Willem Dafoe.

    Affliction tells the story of Wade Whitehouse, a small-town policeman in New Hampshire. Detached from the people around him, including a dominating father and a divorced wife, he becomes obsessed with the solving of a fatal hunting accident, leading to a series of tragic events.

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    Royal News With Mandy Littlefield | RoyaltyNow!

    in News

    February 21, 2015

    Welcome to this week's show! I'm really excited that Charles and Camilla are coming to the United States. In Europe, Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander are going to Denmark on an official visit. I hope that Princess Mary will be there.... she missed out last time. 

    Charles allegedly disconcerted over Middleton influence

    Duke of Edinburgh Letter Shows His Softer Side

    Canada House reopened by the Queen

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    Modern Combat Masters presents Tuhon Brandon Jordan

    in Sports

    Modern Combat Masters host Professor Darrell Sarjeant with Co-Host Kancho Daniel J. Vena and Executive Producer Sifu Restita DeJesus are so proud to present Tuhon Brandon Jordan to the program.

    Tuhon Brandon Jordan, is the founder of the Mandala Mandirigma system which has been openly recognized as one of the 5 main systems teaching the Derobio Escrima style today. Tuhon Brandon has studied and practiced martial arts for 30 years now, having earned multiple black belts. He has been recently featured in the newly released book “The Secret Art of Derobio Escrima: A Martial art of the Philippines” written by Grandmaster Dan Medina a disciple of the late GGM Braulio T. Pedoy.He is formally recognized as being the top Chief Instructor of the Majapai Derobio method of Grandmaster Medina having studied with him for 23 years now. Through Grandmaster Dan Medina he holds the rank of Inheritor to Majapai Escrima, Master (High Chief Instructor) in Derobio Escrima, and Maestro ranking in Filipino KunTao, Sikaran, Arnis 63 Generals, and Kali. He holds the Warrior-Priest rank of “Tuan” (Grandmaster and Head of Family) in KunTao Silat bestowed to him by Tuhon Darrell Sarjeant, Maha Guru Cliff Stewart, and Ahati Kilindi Iyi. Tuhon Brandon is also a Sifu in the internal Chinese KunTao system known as Ying Pao Lung Hsing from Lao Shr Wayne Welsh an original student and colleague of GGM Willem deThouars. 


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    Voices of South Africa with Engela and Willem

    in Politics Conservative

    My name is Engela Moorcroft Hughes, I was born in Johannesburg South Africa. We grew up in a Christian Afrikaans home, My Ancestors originated from Dutch, England, Ireland and some German. My Great great Grandfather was one of the original Dutch settlers, on my Mom’s side.

    South Africa was the most beautiful country, we were lucky to have grown up between all the animals, I was in the bush most of my child-life, stunning rivers, Country at its best. From when I can remember Dad had his own companies, we all grew up to have our own companies.

    A couple of years ago I met an American, we got married and I moved to Tuscaloosa, we only stayed a couple of years, then moved to China, wow did my eyes open there! I moved back to South Africa. Every time I came back to South Africa I see deterioration beyond believe.

    I specialized in labour law, I did a lot of disciplinary hearings, wage negotiations… I had loads of threats, I’ve been attached, hijack attempt, police brutality and smash and grab twice. South Africa was just not home anymore, so I sold everything and went back to America, where I tried to settle. I have one brother in America and another who fled to Australia.

    Willem Roussouw

    My name is Willem Rossouw. I am a 53 year old White male citizen of South Africa. I am married and have two children. Since 1994, our “democratic” government has implemented several counter measures to eradicate a so-called “disproportional employment” situation. This resulted in many White Afrikaner males losing their jobs to be replaced by lesser skilled and sometimes unskilled Black personnel. I have therefore been unemployed now for almost two years now. A law called “Broad Based Black Employment Equity” effectively prohibits any business to appoint any White person in any position, thus making it impossible to find work in South Africa. Since I lost my last job,

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    Episode 8 - Combat Tai Chi with Richard Clear

    in Lifestyle

    Richard Clear is an Internationally Known Si Gung  and Guru Tiga. He began his study of the Internal Arts, Kung Fu, Silat and Tibetan Arts in 1976. He is the inheritor of a family lineage of Kung Fu including the Internal Arts of Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Hsing-I and PaKua (Ba Gua) as well as Fukien Shaolin Methods including  such styles as Monkey, Drunken Style, Five Animal Kung Fu (Tiger, Snake, Crane, Leopard and Dragon), Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, Dim Mak/Dim Hsueh and many others. He is a senior student and lineage holder in Kun Tao Silat under Martial Arts Living Legend Si Tai Gung (Great Grand Master) and Guru Besar Willem de Thouars. Si Gung Clear is also a qualified instructor in Systema Russian Martial Arts.

    Si Gung Clear and his highly successful schools and Martial Art Systems have been featured on Fox National News, Millionaire Magazine, Inside Kung Fu Magazine, The St. Pete Times, Florida Sports Magazine, as well as other local Tampa, Florida television and media.

    Si Gung Clear currently travels nationally and internationally teaching corporate seminars, and provides private coaching for teachers and clients at his home near the Tennessee Smoky Mountains. 

    Si Gung Clear also has published a book called Chi Energy - Activation, Cultivation and Flow. Though he is most notable for his Combat tai chi system; a system that conveys health cultivation, internal power, and self-defense through a very effective practical learning method.  

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    in Music

    Denise Jannah was born in Suriname, South America. She moved to Holland in the seventies. For 4-5 years, she studied Law at the University of Utrecht, but her love for music made her change her course and she earned a degree as a vocal educator at the Conservatory in Hilversum. In 1989, she won 3rd prize at the Internationales Liederfestival Menschen und Meer in Rostock. She accepted a part in the musical A Night at the Cotton Club, in which she starred in 347 performances in Holland, Germany, and Belgium. In 1997, Jannah starred in Joe, The Musical. In 1998, Denise and Marjorie Barnes were the leading ladies in Fats Waller’s musical show Ain’t Misbehavin’, in European. She released several albums, three on Blue Note Records. Denise Jannah performed seven times at the North Sea Jazz Festival and toured from New York to Johannesberg to Japan. She won two Edison Awards, the Golden Orpheus (Bulgaria) and the Bata Anastacievic Festival Award (Serbia). Jannah performed for royalty and heads of states, including Beatrix, Queen of Holland and Prince Claus, at Eurotop, presidents Ellen Sirleaf Johnson (Liberia) and Ronald Venetiaan (Suriname), former president Bill and Hillary Clinton, Dutch Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima, former presidents Kenneth Kaunda (Zambia) and Nelson Mandela, and on separate occasions for Mrs. Graça Machel Mandela. On April 29 2009, Jannah received a Royal Decoration from Her Majesty the Queen of Holland, Beatrix, as Ridder in de orde van Oranje Nassau.



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    We're Talking Books With Host Lloyd Hildebrand and Author Don Cobble!

    in Books

    This is an extraordinarily remarkable book that is endorsed by Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Stan Goodeough, and Chris Mitchell. The authors, Don Cobble and Mona Johnian, unveil many mysteries behind the creation of our world. Major topics within this book include: Archangels; Worship; Lucifer; The Kingdom of God; The Heart of God; Understanding the Mystery; and The Eternal Kingdom.

    This paragraph from the book helps us to understand the authors’ focus in part: “Fallen human nature can be changed into the image of God. Before the foundations of the earth were laid, this was the plan: to have a kingdom of holy people, from His own blood, whose hearts and lives were blended with His.”


    CBN journalist Chris Mitchell writes, “Don Cobble’s Before the Beginning of Our World: Unveiling the Mystery is an extraordinary work. Spiritually inspired and biblically based, it unveils God’s marvelous plan ‘before the foundation of the world’ and gives us great hope for the ages to come. It will bless you, encourage you, and help you realize the best is yet to come.”

    Don Cobble is an international Bible teacher who has ministered for over thirty years, strongly emphasizing the integrity, authority, and necessity of the Hebrew Scriptures. He currently teaches and tapes weekly “The Ancient Call” web cast as well as “Judeo-Christian Training Center” training classes.