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    How Well Do You See with Your ADHD, Could You Have Vertical Heterophoria?

    in Self Help

    Dr. Cheryl Berger-Israeloff has brought cutting edge technology to New York and the surrounding tri-state area! Listen as she describes an affliction that may not be well known yet affects between 5 - 10% of the population. It's a type of Binocular Vision Disorder called Vertical Heterophoria, and is unfortunately showing up in the ADHD population as well as other populations.

    Perhaps the link has to do with the  deregulation of another of our body's systems?

    Symptoms include dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, imbalance, neck aches, eye pain...the list goes on and many eye doctors don't even know about it.

    Be sure and visit Dr. Cheryl at www.nvcofny.com where you'll find more information and a link to a test you can easily take online. 

    In this episode, she shares with me an easy 5 minute cover test that you can perform on yourself at home, which can let you know immediately if you should contact her.

    You may be a candidate for her special prism glasses, which alleviate all of the symptoms of Vertical Heterophoria without medication!

    Please check out her blog as well. She's theprismdoc@blogspot.com.

    Dr. Cheryl is also on Facebook. Or call her at 516-224-4888. The Neuro Visual Center of New York is located at 300 Garden City Plaza Suite 404, Garden City, NY.

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    As I See It

    in Entertainment

    As I see It.

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    The ADHD Effect on Routines, Mood, and More...

    in Self Help

    I'm always considering how things look through the ADHD lens. It's the foundation of my blog, See in ADHD, and the concept behind this show. 

    Join me today with cohost, Rene Brooks of blackgirllostkeys.com, as we discuss a myriad of topics and muse over just what is the ADHD effect on each...

    We begin by tackling a big ADHD dilemma, creating routines and sticking to them.

    Next, we explore how to stay motivated and determined to achieve your goals when things aren't going the way you planned.

    Also, we talk about ADHD curiosity and how it affects family members who don't have ADHD themselves.

    How does ADHD relate to your concerns?

    Call-ins are welcome! 

    ~ Jennie


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    WHAT does equally yoked really mean and WHY does it matter?

    in Christianity

    2 Corinthians 6: 14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 

    What does this mean? What does it matter? Does this only mean in our dating or marriage? This verse means so much more and there is  a reason that this was laid out in front of us. God initiated this time and time again in the old testament and EVERY time that Israel chose to ignore the warning from God Israel paid a dear dear price.  

    Join Joe Inman and Kelly Meier on the Monday night Sept. 14 at 10PM live on blogtalkradio.com/seethevision as the dig deeper into the word of God and let Gods vision over power ours.

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    When You Think of ADHD, Do You Think "The Otter the Better?"

    in Self Help

    Alyssa "Otter" Sheldon and I met on Facebook. She joined the See in ADHD FB group and told me of her plans.

    In this episode she shares them with all of us while also offering invaluable insight into how you can embrace your ADHD and totally accept yourself as you are even if some see you as odd.

    The key word being: ACCEPTANCE.

    Accepting the fact that we are all wired differently is a theme in my work and I share Otter's enthusiasm for spreading the word that having ADHD doesn't make you "less than".

    She's a great story teller as well as just a great person. I encourage everyone to join in her mission.

    You can reach her on her Facebook Page or check out her new website TheOtterTheBetter.com coming out soon.



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    As I See It Episode 1

    in Entertainment

    Special Guest Host Tamika Marie is a fashionista, stylist, and Pop Culture expert will be joining Shannon for "As I see It". Tamika will present "Style of the Week".

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    ADHD, Career Changes, and Other Life Transitions

    in Self Help

    My dear friend Agnes has gone off the deep end, taken the plunge, and with wild abandon reinvented her ...  career! 

    It's a pretty big deal. What inspires a high acheiving tech girl to leave corporate security and cross into the funtastic field of coaching? I'll let her tell you herself and I bet you'll become a fan just as I am.

    Of course, every good coach can be reached via email and while her AgnesGreenCoaching.com is a work in progress she's still accessible at AggieG125@msn.com

    Check out her new business page on Facebook, Agnes Green Coaching, or join her and I in the facebook group, See in ADHD.

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    To Judge or not to Judge is the question

    in Christianity

    To judge or not to judge! This seems to be a hot topic with those in church and not in church. Don't judge me! Only God judges! Have righteous judgment! Thats Gods job not yours! So are christians to judge or not? Did Christ judge others? So many queastions and so many answers but are they the right answers?

    Join Pastor Joe and Kelly as the go into these questions and thoughts and dive in to what the Word ofGod says. Join them on Monday night at 10PM for the live broadcast or dont forget to catch the podcast at a better time for you.

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    ADHD Curiosity - It's a Superpower

    in Self Help

    From crochet to the Serial Podcast to wearing a jihab, hmm...husbands, ADHD...what didn't we talk about?

    René Brooks-Guthridge began blogging about her interests...and they are many. Please check out her blog, Black Girl, Lost Keys and see for yourself! 

    Curiosity is one of the primary driving forces behind taking action for someone with ADHD. You are invited to join Rene and me as we discuss how curiosity fuels her, while for me, not so much. Is this a good thing? 

    What do you think?

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    "Why's the Spatula Behind the Couch?" & Other ADHD Questions

    in Self Help

    Replay * How do you feel when people ask, "Doesn't everybody have ADHD?" It's a question often considered insulting by people with ADHD; after all, the answer is obviously no and it belittles the diagnosis, insinuating that ADHD isn't real.

    But is it always intended to deny ADHD's legitimacy? What if the person asking the question believes it's real because even his own son has it? 

    In this episode, we explore this topic and talk out loud the process of answering the questions found on the Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS-v1.1) Symptom Checklist.

    What does it mean if you don't fit neatly into the box of ADHD or non-ADHD? Listen and find out.

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  • Christian view of Medicinal Marijuana ?

    in Christianity

    Join Pastor Joe Inman and Kelly Meier as they discuss what is going on in the nation with the legalizing marijuna in for medicinal purposes and more. The question is how are Christians supposed to act toward this and whether this is a good idea for our nation as well as our upcoming generations