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    "Voice In The Wilderness" Radio Program

    in Christianity

    Welcome, Man of God!

    Listen "LIVE" around the World Tuesday, May 3, 2016 @ 1AM-1:30AM for South Africa & 6PM-6:30PM USA, CST!

    Kayla Padgett, CEO & Founder of Finding My Way Radio Network (USA/WORLD) welcomes NEW Radio Program "Voice In The Wilderness" with Host: Pastor/Author Shimmy Kotu of "Shimmy Kotu Ministries!"

    Call in @ 1 (347) 850-8560!

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    www.findingmywaychannel.com     Instagram @wayfindingmy     Facebook - finding.myway.92

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    Hating The Way You Look (Body Image Issues) Urban Therapy with Sun #179

    in Lifestyle

    This show will focus on people who have body image issues. It's a serious thing. This is not just about people who don't like something about their appearance because almost everyone fits into that category. This about when people are so disgusted with the way that they look that they find it hard to enjoy life. They think that they are ugly and they really believe that everyone else believes that they are ugly too. 

    It stops some people from socializing and having a good time. People who are this way constantly compare themselves to other people and never think that they measure up, no matter what the other person looks like.

    Body image issues can ruin the ability to get into or enjoy romantic relationships because they think that no one likes the way that they look, or appreciates them. Enjoying sex can be almost impossible for people who suffer from this condition.

    On the surface, it may look like these folks are just self absorbed or narcissistic, but it goes much deeper than that. These folks really do not like themselves and can't get away from it.

    Sound like anyone that you know? If so, maybe y'all can listen to this show together and see if we can give some insight and some help.

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    Topic of Talk Tuesday ... Lounge Therapy Live

    in Social Networking

    Your either Listening Live or Listening Later, but you Listening so it's all Good & we appreciate it. Radio Reality with Chill Social Mentality, 


    A People, Sports, Life & Social Intellect Show. Topics Tonight are Sex, Attraction, The City, Dallas Cowboys, NBA Playoffs, Dallas Mavericks, First Fridays Lounge, Life & More ...

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    The Good Inside That Doesn't Always Come Out. Daily Gogetemism #583

    in Lifestyle

    Sometimes people are misunderstood. 

    Good people are mistaken for stuck up people. Bad people are mistaken for good people. 

    Until you really get to know a person, you just really don't know them.

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    Bad Day Survival Kit - Part II 2 Tim. 1:7

    in Religion

    When coming out of a scandal, public humiliation, how do you come back from that as a practicing christian.  How about when all eyes are now on you because of a promotion, now you have a title and can no longer be in the cut.  As a practicing Christian, what should you do???  lets talk about it.  God gave us an example through nature how to deal with this.  The more exposed a plant or a tree is out of the ground, the deeper its roots. The more visible you become, the deeper in the Lord you should be.

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    Create a mind/body connection with life coach Shameela Khambhaita

    in Spirituality

    Shameela Khambhaita is a Life Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker who immigrated to Australia in 2006 from England where she was born. After 15 years in the Clinical Research Corporate World with a background in Pharmacology, Shameela left that aspect of her life behind in 2012 and pursed further education in the areas of Ayurveda, Hypnotherapy, Education and Business. 

    As a result of the training she has completed and her personal life experiences, Shameela initiated her company Cherub Veda in 2013 and recently changed the name to Subconscious Health and Beyond, a company that shares ancient wisdom through modern practice to develop a body / mind balance through coaching, nutritional guidance and mind therapy for long term health and well-being.

    Shameela is committed to empowering and inspiring as many people as possible internationally based on her own personal transformative journey.   

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    We Return ... Lounge Therapy Live Radio, Let's Need This

    in Social Networking

    Appreciate you tuning in. We are back & looking forward to giving you more Show content to Vibe to & start some conversations with. You either Listening Live or Listening later, but you listening so it's all Good. We need this, you need this & they need this ... Lounge Therapy Live Dallas. Welcome to the Couch. 

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    Regardless Of Whether We're On Good Terms Or Not. Daily Gogetemism #582

    in Lifestyle

    We all have family members and friends that we are separated from for whatever reason. Sometime good, sometimes bad. 

    If it's for a bad reason, does that mean that you wouldn't help them out if they were in trouble? Probably not.

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    Angelic Insights with Rev. Dr. Ronald Bates

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Dr. Ronald Bates a Certified Angel Therapy Practioner® by Doreen Virtue, PhD® and has a Doctorate in Divinity Studies, Dr. Ron brings you messages and insight from the Archangels.  In our show we will explore the Archangels and how they communicate and lovingly guide us in our daily lives.  We will also have free readings for the callers.  Sit back and relax.  Enjoy an evening with The Archangels.  Brought to you by Angelic Whispers® Radio Network and Angelic Whispers® Metaphysical Store in Tampa, Florida.


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    in Music

    Tune in tonight for KARMA CAFE "URBAN THERAPY" Call us up with your problems, or you can call in and put people on blast! @ (424) 243-9649 .. Got problems ?? we gonna HOOD solve em! 50%Talk 50%music  Dont forget to check out our 24/7 station @ www.monsterusradio.com

    Topic : Artist vent session .. call in and vent about the local industry .. but have a soultion as well .. ijs

    This show interactive .. you can comment at these sites and we will read your comments

    **Add us on FB - MONSTERUS RADIO   x FB E-MONSTA Twitter - #Monsterus Radio  x DjEmonsta ... IG - djemonsta  #MyMusicPlug

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    Spirited Paranormal - Looks at the Human Aura

    in Paranormal

    The human heart emits electromagnetic fields which changes depending on the emotions that you feel. This electromagnetic field is what is also known as the Human Aura. In this weeks show we will be exploring  the human aura and what can affect it both positively or negatively. We also look into Aura photography,its origns  as well as discussing colours and thier meanings, touching on colour therapy. as well exploring scienticfic concepts and experiments. 

    Following on from this we discuss Crystals and their affect on the human aura. All in all it will be another really interesting show packed full of information and new ideas.


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