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  • Real & Raw "No Holds Barred Adult Conversation" Why Cheat? Is Cheating ok?

    in Lifestyle

    Ladies have you ever wondered what men really think?

    Have you ever tried to tap into the mind of a man on subjects of love, relationships or life itself?

    What drives a man wild?

    Is the sex good enough?

    Have you been in the relationship too long?

    Can a man stay faithful?

    Why would a man cheat with a woman less attractive?

    What drives a man up the wall?

    What makes a man commit to a woman?

    What can a woman do to make sex better?

    When do men know they are in love?

    Those questions a lot more on Real& Raw

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    Authors on The Rise "Roundtable of Authors"

    in Social Networking

    Your Host Ruby Burke and co-host Cheryl C. Robbin of "Authors on The Rise", would like your attendance on Monday, June 1, 2015 for a great show. There you will have the pleasure of joining authors for a roundtable discussion. The authors are willing to share their experiences, both good and bad with our audience. This is a must hear show. You will learn about several recently published and not so recently published books. The authors will talk about their struggles, pitfalls and victories and they will answer your questions.

    Air Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm

    Call In Number: 917-889-7765 (to speak on the air press 1

    To Connect via internet: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/authors-on-the-rise-roundtab…



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    Stitches #6

    in Sports

    Here comes June! Here come the NHL and NBA Finals! Here comes the heart of the MLB season; and, here comes Frat House Sports Radio Network’s newest all-sports program, Stitches with Jon & the Blayne Crew!

    Tonight the show is highlighted by guest visits from FOX Sports and New York Rangers announcer Kenny Albert talking a bit of NHL playoffs and where the Rangers fell short. Later in the program, they’re joined by former Tampa Bay Devil Ray and Kansas City Royal centerfielder, Joey Gathright chatting about some of the biggest developments and issues around MLB right now.

     During the course of the program though, you can expect the guys to be looking at this week’s Triple Crown potential at The Belmont Stakes; the scandal inside FIFA; and their all-time all-star “Franchise Four” for each and every MLB team.  

    Give a listen to Frat House Sports’ newest all-sports talk program, the All-New Stitches . . . and they would love to take your calls at 347 – 826 – 9964. So be sure to give them a shout-out and wish them all of the best on their brand-new program, Stitches!

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    Barstool Rundown June 1

    in Football

    Rangers fan who paid 4500 for game 7 tickets, Tiko Texas's diss track, Caitlyn Jenner, Floyd Mayweathers embarresing text messages, FIFA employee who got tricked by the onion, the EPL racist orgy, Johnny Football getting in trouble, Nicki Minaj demanding climaxes and a wild country club brawl are today's topics

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    Why Did You Come Here, Who Are You and Are You LIving Your Spirit?

    in Spirituality

    Today join Mary and Janice as we discuss why you are here, who you are, and ask if you are living your spirit.  The topics we pick are very meaningful and personal to us and are things we have been going through and/or learning. 

    This show is to assist you with your spiritual development and journey. Our mission is to assist you with your journey.  The vision of this show is to help you make the changes you would like to have with ease and grace, to create a more fulfilling happier life. 

    Janice is a transformational coach getting your life to sparkle and a healer certified in Basic and Advanced Theta Healing, Quantum Touch I & II, as well as a Quick Pulse practitioner. She is also an intuitive artist.  She is the author of a children's book, "Henry's Wild Adventures, Henry and the Oranges".  

    Mary is a visionary spiritual intuitive who specializes in facilitating her clients to live their passion. Mary has been addressing the concerns of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Mary began her soul work after her own life meant with significant tragedies that transformed her both professionally and personally.  Mary launched her own company Globalhealing-soul-utions to provide people with the intuitive prospective they need to overcome obstacles and make the most of their lives. Mary has won the praise and respect from her clients as someone who has not only the answers but the right answers to their questions. 

    Notice:  We on Stitcher and iTunes so you can listen easily from your mobile device! 

    We would love you to see our  line of high vibrational energized Ambassador of Peace as well as other energized Peace and Love Products at The_Peace_Zone

    Much Love,

    Janice & Mary

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    If Pigs Could Fly!

    in Lifestyle

    What if animals could fly?  Did you have a wild imagination as a child?

    What would you have become if you could have selected an animal?

    What were you going to be as an adult?  What gets your blood pumping?

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    Psychics Gone Wild Friday Night with Psychic Jethro Smith & Kimberly Hite

    in Spirituality

    Jethro Smith and Kimberly Hite host Psychics Gone Wild Friday Night at 9pm EST and 6pm PST - Free Psychic Readings - Tarot - Crystals - Holistic Healing and More at www.psychicsgonewild.com !

    Jethro Smith, part Native American Indian, Reiki Master, Certified Psychic and Tarot Reader, was born with the gift of sight and has been reading professionally for over 30 years. He was intensely tested and trained by metaphysical masters beginning preschool and is renowned for swift and powerfully accurate readings. www.jethrosmith.net

    Kimberly Hite is a Holistic Health Practitioner who began her journey in her early teens learning about Crystals. She graduated and obtained her LMT in Florida then returned to Ohio where she graduated and obtained her Esti License and continued to study alternative modalities. She is a Pranic Healing Practitioner specializing in emotional & mental well-being plus weight loss, body sculpting and face-lift. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and also works with Aromatherapy, Meditation, and Crystals.  She is an Intuitive who does readings using Angel Cards and was trained on a deck called Shusta. She also receives messages via mediumship. She recently, with the help of her sister, self-published a Guided Meditation book for children with all the proceeds being donated to the RMHC of Central Ohio in honor of her nephew.  She jokingly says she is a Jill of all trades, yet she is so passionate about what she does and loves to continue learning .


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    Rima Mellal live MRTR

    in Pop Culture


    Hosts: Jamel, Derrick Dwayne and Flash Gotti

    #MyRealTalkRadio interviews Bad Girls Club Star: Rima Mellal 

     Rimanelli "Rima" Mellal (also known as The Wild Child) is a bad girl original from from season 9 of the BGC. Rima was known for getting people out of the house on her season. Rima is from Chicago, Illinois.




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    TheWorldBeyondBelief 144 The Craziest, Wild-assed, Jade Helm Speculation So Far

    in Energy

    The Craziest, Wild-assed, Jade Helm Speculation So Far
    Perplexed by the inconsistency and illogic of maneuvers, purchases and tactics somewhat related to Jade Helm, WBB looks for answers and finds a remarkable video that unearths other possibilities for the Jade Helm maneuver. What is the relationship between Jade Helm, the underground tunnels connecting Wal-Mart and deep underground military bases (DUMBS) used by military and perhaps alien (alien to human perhaps not alien to the earth) entities perhaps for malevolent purposes? Is there evidence? After collecting testimonies, what does this new information lead us to speculate about Jade Helm? This WBB could be disturbing to those too tightly wrapped or those too loosely in touch with the unfolding reality around them obscured by their television programming.
    http://tinyurl.com/q248g9d   http://www.hourofthetime.com/wordpresstest/behold-a-pale-horse-by-william-cooper/    

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    I'm Just Sayin'...™ - Find Your Quirky! (with Carla G)

    in Entertainment

    CG PRESENTS™ I'm Just Sayin'...™ - the quirky radio show where you can experience your favorite things – great talk & great comedy!


    Sampling a new timeslot on Sundays at 10:30am ET (and sometimes on Wednesdays from 1:00p -1:15p ET), Carla G. invites you to share the fundom by calling (646)716-4732 during the show! And if the live show or the podcasts have you drooling for more of the duo, then just connect with them on Twitter: @IJSTweets !

    Click the links below for CLASSIC "stuff"!

    HILARIOUS DHCH™  episode right here! 

    SWAG! right here

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    Wild Abundance Women's Movement with Tanya Penny and Jackie Kotei

    in Health

    Listen in as I interview Jackie Kotei during the “Wild Abundance & Ultimate Freedom Women’s Movement.” During this inspiring, empowering class series, experts come to share their journey from breakdown to breakthrough and the tools they used, so you can do it too! To find more information, attend these classes live, and access all the replays and free gifts, visit http://tanyapenny.com/wauf-womens-movement.

    Tanya Penny, Abundance Catalyst & Freedom Coach, teaches, empowers, and supports soul-centered healers, coaches, and women on purpose to break through your fear, self-doubt and sexy excuses, heal chronic illness and abuse/trauma, SO you can step into self-confidence, create a healthy, balanced body and lifestyle TO live your purpose AND the abundant life of ultimate freedom that you were born to live! After struggling for 20 years with anxiety, weight, and Multiple Sclerosis, Tanya started searching for the root cause of it all and created Therapeutic Meditation Process to heal her body PLUS live her life of purpose and passion. Because of her profound transformation, she is devoted to supporting others to create the abundant life and business of your dreams. Tanya is an international coach and speaker, teaching and supporting women globally through 1:1 coaching, virtual programs, and live retreats. More information at www.tanyapenny.com.

    Jackie Kotei helps entrepreneurs step into the spotlight and build momentum around their dreams. Whether you want to attract ideal clients, increase traffic to your website, create signature programs, or get media coverage, marketing your brand in an authentic way is what I specialize in. As you let your light shine, we