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    The Turfgrass Zealot Project Episode #9 with Chris Tritabaugh and Scott Hess

    in Golf

    Join Dave Wilber and his two guests as we talk about General Science and Work/Life Balance!

    Chris Tritabaugh is the superintendent at Hazeltine National Golf Club, host to the 2016 Ryder Cup. Chris shares his ideas about work and life and how he handles his staff and the hours required to do his job at a very high profile place.

    Scott Hess is Executive Vice President/Human Intelligence at SPARK, one of the world's leading media agencies and part of the Publicis Groupe. Scott talks about Generational Science and the Millennial Generation. Scott's work in this area is influencing millions of dollars in advertising and helping companies and brands relate to those born between 1980 and 2000. Scott's outstanding TEDx talk can be seen here.

    Dave Wilber talks about hanging onto youth, changing and relating. If our business is to grow and change in a growing and changing world, understanding the viewpoints of people like these two is key.

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    The Turfgrass Zealot Project Episode 8 with Guest Jon Kiger

    in Golf

    Episode 8 of the TZP showcases one of the industry's most unique and wonderful personalities, Jon Kiger of TurfNet.

    Join Dave Wilber as he welcomes a spirited chat with Jon Kiger. Jon is alive with enthusiasm for TurfNet and for the industry as a whole. His spirit is infectious and everyone he meets enjoys their relationship with him.

    Dave spends a bit of time talking about relationships as well.

    The Turfgrass Zealot Project is sponsored by Klingstone. Proven Bunker Performance for 15 years.

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    The Renovation Report with Pat Sisk, CGCS, of Milwaukee Country Club

    in Golf

    Join Dave Wilber as he talks with Pat Sisk, CGCS, about the history and caretaking of Milwaukee Country Club.

    Milwaukee Counry Club is one of those places. It has history and character. Patrick Sisk commands the helm and does it well. 

    Learn about the selection process, bringing in Tom Doak's Renaissance Golf Design. And Pat talks about the support that the club gives in the way of a long term green chairman.

    If you ever wondered how "they" do it, here is a chance to hear how.

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    The Turfgrass Zealot Project Episode 7 with Mind/Body Expert Julia Tindall

    in Golf

    Join Dave Wilber as he talks with Mind/Body/Spirit Expert and Author Julia Tindall

    Are you happy? Are you stressed? These are critical questions to ask about work and life. And often we in the turfgrass biz don't have many people on our side when we want to talk about the tools needed in this area.

    Julia Tindall has taught the Yoga of Wisdom all over the world. A well-known teacher, Tindall makes it clear that when we become stressful, unhappy people, our lives are not being lived to thier potential.

    We can't always just talk about grass. Sometimes the things that require the most work are the things that need balance. Enlightened yet? Perhaps not. But you will be learning several techniques to get more happy and be less stressed.

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    The Turfgrass Zealot Project Episode 6 with Matt Crowther, CGCS

    in Golf

    Join Dave Wilber as he interviews Martha's Vineyard's own Matt Crowther. Matt is an "Island Super" with tons of flair.

    Imagine everything that you do and everything that you have depending on a 45 min ferry ride. That's the world of Matt Crowther, Golf Course Superintendent at Mink Meadows Golf Club on the famed island of Martha's Vineyard. Get to know one of the most passionate turfgrass managers anywhere. Hear his struggles and his successes. Matt is definitely an open book.

    Long time TurfNet member and a frequent contributor, Matt's position of isolation makes him have to reach out via digital media. 

    Matt and I spin some tales and figure out the true meaning of life as they know it, in a very easy and candid conversation.

    I also take a few minutes to talk about the Three Kinds of Cool! 

    The Turfgrass Zealot Project is brought to you by Klingstone. Proven bunker performance for over 15 years.

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    Dating, Mating and Relating with Karly Stein- Special Guest Mark Casey

    in Radio

    Over the last 20 years, Mark has done extensive study in the fields of consciousness,  love, tantra and sexual yoga.  He has studied with many extraordinary teachers, including Ken Wilber, David Deida, Nicole Daedone, Arjuna & Chameli Ardagh,  Juliana Dahl, Deborah Anapol,  the late Robert Frey, Tony Robbins, Byron Katie and Deepak Chopra. His practice has been enriched and informed  by Neo Tantra traditions, Daoist sexual energetic practices,  spiritual sexual teachings of the  Quodouska, Orgasmic Meditation  and relationship/intimacy workshops sponsored by the Human Awareness Institute (HAI).  From  these many years of study and practice, Mark has developed his own  unique approach to teaching the art of erotic loving through personal transformation.

    Mark’s background is eclectic, having founded and operating several successful service-providing companies.   Following service the U.S. Marine Corps as a Reconnaissance Platoon Commander, he completed graduate studies at the University of Virginia.    For over a dozen years,  he worked in partnership with  David Neenan, who has made the philosophical principles of Buckminster Fuller accessible and understandable to many thousands.  While working with The Neenan Company, Markwas trained and certified as a Transformational Coach by Fred Kofman, PhD,  author of “Conscious Business”  and “Metamangagement,” and founding member of the business branch of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute.


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    The Turfgrass Zealot Project Episode 5 with Ross Kurcab

    in Sports

    30 years with the Denver Broncos! Ross Kurcab is one of Dave Wilber's Turfgrass Heros!!

    Join Dave Wilber on this epoisode of The Turfgrass Zealot Project with guest Ross Kurcab. Professional NFL Groundsman turned Sportsfield Consultant, Ross spent 30 years with the Denver Broncos. And he has some stories to tell. Dave and Ross talk about Natural Turf vs. Synthetic Turf and how and when it can go wrong.

    Plus Dave shares a few words about value and perhaps what our real goal should be in adding value to ourselves by adding value to the lives of others.

    The Turfgrass Zealot Project is sponsored by Klingstone. Proven Bunker performance for 15 years.

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    The Renovation Report: Turf Reduction with Jim Alwine of Bernardo Heights CC

    in Environment

    Dave Wilber talks to Jim Alwine about his Turf Reduction Program at Bernardo Heights Country Club.

    The California water picture has been a difficult minefield to navigate. Hear from San Diego area Superintendent Jim Alwine as he talks about his water situation and how his club has removed 33% of their turf to save water without throwing away playability. There's no question that we all will have to face the issue of water restrictions in some fashion. And at the same time, reducing turf acreage just makes sense for many situations.

    Jim has excellent insight into the communications needed with regulators, community and members. His blog is consistently one of the best turf blogs in the country.

    TurfNet's Renovation report is brought to you by Jacobsen and by Golf Preservtions.

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    TZP Episode 4: Extreme Superintendent/Athletes Thomas Bastis and Scott Bower

    in Environment

    In the Turfgrass Zealot Project Episode #4, host Dave Wilber chats with Extreme Super/Athletes Thomas Bastis (California Golf Club of San Francisco) and Scott Bower (Martis Camp, Truckee, CA).

    Imagine spending nine plus days biking, treking, kayaking, orienteering and scrambling over 450 miles with an hour of sleep every 24 hours. And imagine calling this fun. Thomas Bastis and Scott Bower (along with Scott's wife Susan) don't have to imagine this. They lived it. And lived to tell about it. Hear about the adventures of Team Tahoe at the 2015 Primal Quest and their adventure racing history. Oh, and did we mention these guys are A-game superintendents?

    Join Dave Wilber as he tries to drill into the heads of these two turfheads and find out what being a world class athlete, husband, dad and superintendent is all about... and making it work.

    "Pain is temporary but memories last forever..." -- Thomas Bastis, CGCS

    "I come back from these events a stronger individual... I'm a new person, mentally stronger, a better leader and a better manager of the whole operatio..." -- Scott Bower, CGCS

    Dave also lays on a little Turfgrass Zealot wisdom about nothing being permanent, fall renewal, and holding on too tight. 

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    The Turfgrass Zealot Project Episode 3 with guest Randy Wilson

    in Golf

    It's the Turfgrass Zealot Project Episode number three. Only on TurfNet Radio.

    Dave Wilber answers your emails and spends time talking with TurfNetTV star Randy Wilson.

    There are alot of things you may not know about Randy Wilson and the famed Rockbottum Country Club. And Dave Wilber may not have exposed all the secrets, but he certainly gets to a few of them.

    "I did spend time as a superintendent, about somewhere between 12 or 14 years, but it damaged me because it was on bentgrass in Atlanta," says Randy. "I was forced to work on golf courses at a young age."

    Randy goes on to explain his world as a concert roady, camera operator, Army Special Forces member, golf course architect and various other adventures. 

    "I wanted to fix golf courses that were put there by bad architecture," explains Wilson.

    There may not be two more original minds in the world of turfgrass today than Dave Wilber and Randy Wilson. Don't miss the opportunity to hear them hang out.

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    The Turfgrass Zealot Project, Episode 2 with Jon Scott

    in Golf

    Episode 2 of The Turfgrass Zealot Project.

    Dave Wilber talks about dedication and interviews Jon Scott, one of the most dedicated people in Turf.

    Jon Scott shares one of the most interesting careers in Golf. Fifteen years as a Superintendent. Two tours with Jack Nicklaus as Director of Agronomy. Director of Agronomy for The PGA Tour. Jon has made some things happen and seen some things happen.

    The Turfgrass Zealot Project is brought to you by Klingstone, the original spray-on bunker liner product. www.klingstone.com