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  • 01:54

    In The Wake Of Heart Ache SPS Is Calling For An Armistice

    in Current Events

    The sleeping giant that is SPS has awaken!! Upon the actions given and the words the innocent foresaken. We are here reunited Dj Smelly Kat The Great Slambumptious The Vulumptious Tamilicious are back are back the flame of hope has been ignited. So sit back throw your hairpiece back and give us a listen.We'll keep it on point clear the air of the backbiting and the dissin.  You are welcome to speak your peace get things of your chest get back at ease put your mind at rest. Give us a call send us a message a smoke signal a phone call. We got Tammys Top Ten Chi Rod Sightings news weather and sports, boobiish updates we got it all. So tune in tell a friend put that stagger back in yo swagger it's been to long.  SPS will Convalesce your distress so untill then keep yo head up Wikwemikong .

  • 02:02

    The Hour of Power

    in Health

    A special broadcast to kill em sunday blues ....we're turning water into wine walking on water and healing the zinkness within. Tune in to this afternoons show and let us know how your weekend went. Rest assured the stone poets society willl heal you so give us your poor your broken yourzink and join the hour of power for all your zinkagabii needs.
    We have our special panel to inform you on thier lastest and best cure for your zinkness, and if you have a special cure yourself be sure to call us up let us know how we can help  one aother cause ahgain folks we are all in this together
    Till then wikwemikong keep your head up 

  • 01:16

    Thank God It's Thirstay Thursday G-Hog Edition

    in Radio

    Wake yo a$$ up and smell the shlobzees, put some swagger back in your stagger and get down with the Stoned Soets Society ! !!! We have another heart pumpin gut wrenchin ear poppin mind blowin wit splittin G-hog predictin broadcast for you tonight.
    We got all your favourite seg's comin at you from an undisclosed location. Tune in for some exclusive news abiut a special V-Day celebration. SPS will also be Reppin at the carnival carnage winter fest wrestling champoinships and on tonights show we will interview the champ. Chi Rod sightings have been coming in all week so be sure to call or message to get those snuggle tickets.
    We will have some super ghettophabalistic artists in studio for your listening enjoyment. That and much much more so tune een tonight let your hair down and the wine flow get juiced with us on the SPS show....till then Keep your head up wikwemikong

  • 02:17

    The ole Double Dipparoo

    in Health

    We're coming at you with the ole dipsy do cackadoodledoo!!! Join us for our Champagne Campaign and a few things we can't name!!! We'll be starting off with a full bottle and be quick to kick it into full throttle until our pride and wine is all swallowed!!!! Giddy up along with the SPS crew and enjoy all of your favorite segments, Tammy will be in the studio with a brand new Top Ten and tonight will be the inaguration of her DJ name, tune in for the newest potion to grace our show, The "Ask Smelly Anything" segment. We got local news, fish news location clues and everything you need to cure those blues!!!! 
    If we don't got it you don't want it give it up and hop on on it we're goin live large and in charge for you and yours we got benevolence in store. Till then Wikwemikong keep your head up 

  • 02:59

    Relentless & Restless Songs For Protest

    in Friends

    listen here folks we gotta tidal wave of bombastic whips that will tear you a new soul hole. So step into the great unkown slip and slither thru the hypnotic tones that is the Stoned poets Society. Put your seatbelts on and get ready we about to make it live and rock-steady be sure to shrek out tonights episode and do the ole tilt aroo  

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  • 02:00

    The Hour of Power

    in Lifestyle

    Here we go again not by chance or of choice but by God's own exgacia for becoming adrift from our own affictions and S**t like dat, S**t like dat!!!! SPS has come to the REZ-cue to aid you in your Sunday Zinkcogbeness. The DJ's of The Stoned Poets Society will be by your side with all of their usual cures and some new ones. Keep SPS by your side while you enjoy cold ones, or while you do dishes or homework. Go hard or go home, but whatever ya do, let SPS in your home

  • 01:59

    Thank God It's Thirsty Thursday Smelt Run Edition

    in Photography

    Here we go again with another body rockin ear poppin block rockin cock blockin broadcast for you ...the people tonight. We are here to kick off thegood ole smelt run getttin down with the brown takin itlive down town witgh another super sexy off the scheezy eye candy pants poppin photo shoot tonight.  Of all days we are settin it off on the opening of the smelt run So pop some bottles take ur clothes off we's about to have some fun
    Thats right folks it's thirsty thursday and we come together to celebrate it in the best way with your favourite boyz with balls of blue ...the sps crew Come on down to the studio and take the title of MR and /or Mrs Sexy and I know it ...till then keep your head up wikwemikong

  • 02:10

    Don't Be Steppin On My Rez-Erection

    in Lifestyle

    Here we go ladies and gentleman smugglerz and strugglerz we got yet another pants poppin panty droppin ear bangin hood slangin broadcast comin at you tonight. So go ahead put that swagger back in your stagger and get down with the Stoned Poets Society.
    We coming to ya Live right smack on the Best day of the week!!!!!, Weekends Prime Time Day!!!!! Chill some cold ones, gather with some of your favorite drinking pals and tune in to The Stoned Poets, It'll be as if we're right there with ya as always

  • 00:27

    PM Podcast #005: “Indian Country”

    in Music

    The delightful Crystal Shawanda, an Ojibwe artist from Wikwemikong now based in Nashville, who has shot to international stardom, shares her thoughts and her brand new single, Love Enough.
    Up and coming artist Genevieve Fisher, an 18 year old Chippewa of the Thames First Nation, talks about travelling to Nashville – country music capital of the world – for the first time.
    Métis artist Ron Loutit may be an unknown name to some, but he has been writing and performing old school country music for 30 years. Listen to his thoughts and lyrics and learn why the hard time tales of country music are not so far away from the experiences of Indigenous people after all.

  • 02:00

    Sloppy Sunday A Roo Hour Of power Routine

    in Friends

    Slippin into another saucy sloppy sunday in the best way we know how to do gettin down with your brothers and sisters in brown from the SPS Crew. Come get wobbly whip out your aabzii's put  that swagger back in your stagger and start your week off right. Whether you struggler or snuggler we all get zink So keep your head up cause salvation is on the brink. SPS will cure  those Sunday Blues with Chi Rod Sightings weather sports and local news. We got a special ceremony snuggle tickets and the definition of a roo gospel tunes some scripture shoot even Dougleh too.    All your favourite segments things that'll make you smile things that'l make you lament things that'll make you cry make you wanna repent. Get you swerve on let your inner masochist jump  for joy let the wine flow put your hair down kick back and enjoy. SPS is back in full effect the hour of power is set to turn you out Go ahead give us a listen happiness is enroute. So untill then keep yo head up Wikwemikong    

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