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    Gaming Lounge. Episode #7 - E3 Show Part 2

    in Electronics

    E3 is a huge event, so its only right to hit you with a Part 2. 


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    The Weekend Review E3 Wrapup and Pre Supercon News

    in Video Games

    The gang is back and this week they go over Supercon news and the full lineup from E3 last week. What games are coming out and what are people saying from the 3 major video game markets. Call in and give us some of your feedback and what your looking forward to.

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    TnA Goes E3

    in Entertainment

    The boys take on all things from this weeks E3! They discuss the big 3 press conferences, huge announcements, and what they are looking forward to the most!

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    OGT UnNerfed Playground ...WOW ..... BEST E3 EVER .... so far ... Fallout 4 tho

    in Entertainment

    Wow...... I mean WOW!!!!!! This has to be the BEST E3 showing of em em em of  ..... GAMES in about 15 years .... 15 years has it been THAT long ?!?!?!?!? We are now in the "NEXT GEN and now its starting to feel like it . After thsi years E3 and the games we saw or hears about ...... Would you agree ort disagree ???  With the Strong showings of Sony (bout fing time ugh) and Microsoft (Xbox one backwards compat why yes I'll take that) along with some of the most exquisit looking games Like For Honor by Ubisoft and Sonys in house "Horzon Zero Dawn" ( i know i know noy out yet) to date and most being Playable at E3 .Oh and AND WOOOOOOOO FALLOUT FUCKING  4  YESSSSSSSSS WITH A FING  PIP BOY THAT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look whats coming up FF7 remake (just in time for it's 20th brithday) a remastered Gears of War (OMFG) more Star Wars Battlefront (umm wears Space???) Xeonblade CX , Mario Maker and New Zelda shots and WOOOOOOOOO MORE NO MANS SKY (on track and releasing  on PC and PS4 only) Meatel Gear back on and Blizzards new all in one Heros of the Storm our pay checks and trust funds will be run dry this year ..... 3D gaming is HERE now and we LOVE it  with the Oculus Rift and sonys Projeet Morpheus we will "BE" into gaming even more like "IN" the game (pick the red pill .... I did)This Gaming year is shaping up to be the BEST in the last 20years  so Tonight Join in LIVE   .... Call in at (347)884-9299 or just hang out by clicking the link below .... WE ARE THE OGT ...... YOUR TECHNOLOGICAL AND BIOLOGICAL UNQUENESS SHALL BE ADDED TO OUR OWN ALL GAMING KNOWLEDGE WILL BE ASSIMILATED  ..... RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!!!!!!!!

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    What we would like to see at E3

    in Radio

    E3 is right around the corner and like all gamers I am excited. There have already been rumors off what will be there. Some companies have already shown some stuff recently that they will go into more detail at E3 and so on. What I want to talk about is the stuff that myself will like to see and my guest, Keenan (@old_granddad), will be talking about. So, keep in mind when listening you most liekly might not see any of these things at E3, don't be mad at us. Join as as we talk games and technology we will like to see and call in if you would like to share something you would like to see.

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    James Reviews W/ Friends Part 1-The 8th Gen Flop of Gaming (Among Other Things)

    in Video Games

    James reviews the "flop" of the 8th generation. Also talks about why he thinks some consoles are worth your money over different ones. He also probably will go off topic several times, but that's cool too, that's cool. Feel free to askquestions at anytime, I (James lel) will stop to answer them. In a Podcast I think the viewers input is more important than that of the speaker themselves. Well said James, well said.

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    Super Otaku Kami Video Game Special

    in Radio

    Join Duum Radio tonight as we have a special guest personality Super Otaku Kami. Tonight's topic will video games now! Basically will be talking the current state video games are in. Let's talk what is great and what is not. Let's talk what everyone is excited for in the near future and also talk E3, which is right around the corner. Com enjoy a great show and talk video games with Super Otaku Kami!!!!!!!

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    G3 Podcast 11/22/2012 - WiiU Launch, Lawsuits, Black Friday

    in Entertainment

    On this Thanksgiving Week Edition of the G3 Podcast, Randal and Matt discuss the launch of the WiiU.
    Some gaming critics and reviewers continue to stand by the fact that the WiiU wasn’t a successful launch. Matt disagrees with some points made, and agrees with others. Does Randal too? We’ll open the show discussing the WiiU, and what this product launch means longterm to the original Wii, the best selling 7th Gen Console.
    We’ll then talk about copyright and lawsuits in video games, touching specifically upon the recent lawsuit filed against THQ and UFC Undisputed 3. A tattoo artist in Arizona alleges that Carlos Condit did not purchase the rights to his ribcage tattoo, and that he is owed damages based on his ownership of copyright. Now, THQ has been fairly careful with this for many years, dating back to Kurt Angle’s tattoo from the original WWF Smackdown Series. We’ve seen this recently in the movies as well. What sort of precedent might this lawsuit set, win or lose?
    We’ll close this week’s G3 Podcast out on a happier note – With Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Both traditions are huge in the US, and are even making their way up to Canada. We’ll discuss Black Friday gaming sales in a whole, and talk about some of the better (and worst) gaming deals we’ve seen from major retailers.
    The G3 Podcast is available to listen to starting at 8 PM Pacific Thursday evening / 11 PM Eastern Time.

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    OGT UnNerfed Playground Summer Game Review (Power Level 100,000)

    in Entertainment

    We again find our selfs here ........Ready to spend ALL that Money on our favorite people ..... Sony, XBox, PC and Nintendo because it s SUMMERTIME!!!!!   With E3 , the Tokyo Game Show ,Con's going on every weekend this is the time we "LIVE" for. Tonight on The UnNerfed Play ground we will Dive into what's hot now (the Witcher3 ,GTA5 ,MKX) and what's SOOOO HOTTT to come (Batman Arkham Knight ,No Man's Sky,Star Wars Battlefront,Halo 5) and Indy (Axiom Verge, Astral Gunners, Jogger Nauts ,Astral Breakers ) and sooo much more. 

    The gaming world is changing and from here it looks to be getting better. So Gamers ,Nerds ,XGeeks and Hot Gamer Chick's Join The UnNerfed Playground tonight as we talk the talk and Cut people in Half (I did that on The Wicher 3 last night .... giggity Oh.....).  So feel free to call in (347)884-9299 or just Hang out Blogtalkradio.com/Truradio1 Your always wecome to crash on the couch ...... So come on through pick up dem stix and ....... GAME ON!!!!!!  Hope to see you tonight ...... snake ... Snake .... SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Gaming Lounge. Episode #3 - PC vs Console war. Fanboys beware!

    in Electronics

    This is Brandon or DOD xBLAZE and his crazy counterparts talking about the debate that is hot on the streets......PC vs Console Gaming.

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    G3 Podcast 6/04/2014 - Mario Kart 8, Watch Dogs, EA UFC, Wolfenstein, HTC M8

    in Video Games

    We're back like that terrible Dinosaur's Story!

    We'll see what the hosts are playing this week, and then jump into...

    MAAARIOO KAAARTTTT EIGHT!! Mario Kart 8 is out for the WiiU, and it's uh, so so good.  We'll check in with Matt, Beau and Randal who will chat about the game and how much they've been enjoying (and not enjoying) it.

    Then we'll talk about Watch Dogs.  Was it worth all that wait and all the hype? 

    After a brief chat about Wolfenstein, we'll jump over to the EA Sports UFC Demo, and then over to some gadgetry with Beau - namely the HTC M8 and a possible revisiting of the Ouya.

    It's action packed and it's the G3 Podcast, sponsored by Coffee Bean Direct

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