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    Helping the Widowed Find Love Again

    in Art

    Can there be Love After Death? Many widowed people shy away from the idea of "Loving Again After the Death of their spouse" 

    My guest today is Jodie Rodenbaugh who is an author, speaker, and sexy soul coach who teaches women how to love emotionally rich through the science of her BEing and the art in her DOing so her gifts radiate the world.

    Her mission is to bring a "hell yeah" to every aspect of your life by living through the Sexy Soul you were born to be. Sexy is feeling ALIVE in the naked of...

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    Naomi Widowed (Ruth 1:1-13)

    in Christianity


    Now it came about in the days when the judges governed, that there was a famine in the land. And a certain man of Bethlehem in Judah went to sojourn in the land of Moab with his wife and his two sons. The name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife, Naomi; and the names of his two sons were Mahlon and Chilion, Ephrathites of Bethlehem in Judah. Now they entered the land of Moab and remained there. Then Elimelech, Naomi’s husband, died; and she was left with her two sons. They took for themselves Moabite women as wives; the name of the one was Orpah and the name of the other Ruth. And they lived there about ten years. Then both Mahlon and Chilion also died, and the woman was bereft of her two children and her husband.

    Then she arose with her daughters-in-law that she might return from the land of Moab, for she had heard in the land of Moab that the Lord had visited His people in giving them food. So she departed from the place where she was, and her two daughters-in-law with her; and they went on the way to return to the land of Judah. And Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, “Go, return each of you to her mother’s house. May the Lord deal kindly with you as you have dealt with the dead and with me. May the Lord grant that you may find rest, each in the house of her husband.” Then she kissed them, and they lifted up their voices and wept. And they said to her, “No, but we will surely return with you to your people.” But Naomi said, “Return, my daughters. Why should you go with me? Have I yet sons in my womb, that they may be your husbands? Return, my daughters! Go, for I am too old to have a husband. If I said I have hope, if I should even have a husband tonight and also bear sons, would you therefore wait until they were grown? Would you therefore refrain from marrying? No, my daughters; for it is harder for me than for you, for the hand of the Lord has gone forth against me...

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    Episode 25: "Are you Dating with a Purpose?"

    in Lifestyle

    This week your Host, Fayola Delica will be sharing some insight she has gained and learned about male and female relationships and dating/courtship. The question we will be answering is "are you dating with a purpose?"

    In addition, this will lead into introducing:

    "The 360 single- Evolution to a healthy dating relationship" 8-wk winter seminar 2015

    Theme: “Dating YOU is the first step”

    Are you single: never been married, divorced, widowed, and looking to get into a dating relationship?  Then, this is the event you should attend to get your dating game up to par by first dating yourself.  We cannot expect another person to understand us if we do not understand OURSELVES FIRST!

    During the 8-week seminar, we will discuss various subjects during each of the three hour sessions each week such as conducting an introspective assessment of you, discussion about finances, mental/emotional health, spiritual health, a number of panels with singles in different stages of their relationships as well as married couples in different stages of their marriage.

    All singles are welcome who are serious about getting themselves in a better state of mind to get into a healthy dating relationship. Each session will be on Saturdays (except Jan. 24, 2015 no scheduled session) from 12:00pm-3:00pm for singles from ages 21+. 

    *At the end of the 8-week seminar, the "healthy singles" will have a Singlehood celebration.


    Hosted by The 360 Evolution Academy and Fayola Delica, LLC.  For more info please email info@fayoladelicallc.com or call 1-844-31-FDLLC (3-3552).


    REGISTER TODAY Link: http://bit.ly/14wZPTv

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    EVERYDAY ANGELS with your host Marie Elisa

    in Spirituality

    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa, welcomes back mystery guest! Oracle of The Sea. Born in Greece, now living on the East Coast, she is a natural intuitive whose gifts were passed down through the lineage of her ancestors.


    Oracle’s interview promises to be enlightening on many topics from the 3 Magi and how they used tools like astrology, and intuition to predict the birth of the Messiah, to how lack of connection to our inner knowing leaves us vulnerable and open to predator spirits, and people. She will review the New Year 2015, and its numerological meaning of an “8” and its significance on our lives.


    Oracle has an amazing story from her birth in a part of ancient Greece to her life as a young mother, suddenly widowed, living on the East Coast. Successfully she worked in a mainstream job then realized what was missing was her more authentic self as the counselor, and advisor. She now works fulltime as an intuitive advisor to thousands of clients from around the USA and world.

    The second half of the show she will take caller’s questions.


    Contact information for Oracle of The Sea:  (800) Ask-Keen ext. 04018210


    Call in to Blogtalk radio at: 347-838-9862, to listen to the show. If you would like to speak to the guest PRESS 1 and your call will be placed in cue.

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    Conversations with Counselor Mandy: Inspired Stories of HOPE

    in Psychology

    In this episode Mandy Eppley interviews Tammy Starling. Tammy is an amazing woman who was widowed in 1989 with a 3-year-old and another baby on the way. She is seasoned therapist and all around magnificent human being. She shares her inspiring story openly and compassionately for all who are grieving.


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    Dealing with Loss During the Holidays with Carole Brody Fleet

    in Self Help

    Coach Cafe' is thrilled to welcome back grief recovery expert, Carol Brody Fleet, author of 'Widows Wear Stilletos' and 'Happily Even After'! 

    The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and we are all bombarded by the expected merriment of the season.  But what happens if you are dealing with loss at the holidays – the death of a loved one, a divorce or break up, loss of a job, loss of a home…and you're just not in the mood to celebrate? What if you're the exact opposite – you feel the need to "kick up your heels" and those around you don't think you should be kicking up anything? What about children?  What is “appropriate” if loss is part of your holiday season?  Learn the answers to these and many other questions surrounding grief or loss at the holidays, as well as how your holidays can still be a time of warmth and peace.

    Carole Brody Fleet is the award winning author of the critically praised national bestseller, "Widows Wear Stilettos...", (New Horizon Press) and "Happily EVEN After: A Guide to Getting Through (and Beyond) the Grief of Widowhood" (Viva Editions); winner of the prestigious Books for a Better Life Award, one of the top national awards in publishing. She is the founder of Widows Wear Stilettos where the widowed of all ages find support and encouragement; helpful tips and education. With her inimitable message of "What Now and What Next", Ms. Fleet educates, inspires and offers practical, emotional and even humorous guidance to the millions who have experienced any kind of loss, tragedy or challenge in their lives.

    Find out more at www.widowswearstilettos.com

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    Reader's Entertainment Radio Presents: Sheila Roberts

    in Books

    Join me this Thursday, November 6th at 6pm EST.  I'll sit down with bestselling author, Sheila Roberts!

    Writing since 1989, Sheila did lots of things before settling in to her writing career, including owning a singing telegram company and playing in a band. Her band days are over, but she still enjoys writing songs. Sheila's books are best sellers and often appear as Reader's Digest Condensed Books. Her novel "Angel Lane" was named one of Amazon's top ten romances in 2009. Her novel "On Strike for Christmas" was a Lifetime Network movie and her novel "The Nine Lives of Christmas" is now a Hallmark movie, scheduled to air November 8th.  Her latest novel, The Lodge on Holly Road, is Book 6 in the Life in Icicle Falls series and is sure to warm reader's hearts.

    Book Blurb:


    How Santa Gets His Christmas Spirit Back… 

    James Claussen has played Santa for years, but now that he's a widower, he's lost interest—in everything. So his daughter, Brooke, kidnaps him from the mall (in his Santa suit!) and takes him to Icicle Falls. She's arranged a special Christmas at the lodge owned by long-widowed Olivia Wallace and her son, Eric. And yet…Brooke wants Dad to be happy, but she's not ready to see someone else's mommy kissing Santa Claus. 

    Single mom Missy Monroe brings her kids to the lodge, too. Lalla wants a grandma for Christmas, and her brother, Carlos, wants a dog. Missy can't provide either one. What she'd like is an attractive, dependable man. A man like John Truman… But John's girlfriend will be joining him in Icicle Falls, and he's going to propose. 

    Of course not everything goes as planned. But sometimes the best gifts are the ones you don't expect!

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    Double Your Happiness

    in Health


    We live in a world that is obsessed by happiness…so much so that we sell billions of dollars worth of side-effect laden medications each year, in order to try to help people overcome sadness. And even though these medications—called antidepressants—haven’t exactly been shown to be overly helpful and are highly addictive to the people who use them – we are somehow still willing to take them in hopes of feeling a little better about the world around us. The real question is, what is happiness anyway and how do we go about finding it? Are you someone who is for the most part happy or unhappy? Why are some people happier than others, and how can we overcome the hundreds of negative thoughts that run through our heads each and every day? Find out how to double your happiness in minutes on this show!


    Formerly a film and TV executive producer, Aurora Winter has over a decade of experience with the media. Aurora is America's leading expert at empowering people to go From Heartbreak to Happiness®.She's a popular guest on radio, TV and print, and has reached over a million people with her message of hope, healing, and happiness. She's a sought-after workshop leader, coach trainer, speaker, and author. Aurora is the founder of the Grief Coach Academy, which is the #1 coach training organization dedicated to training coaches how to coach their clients through grief, and From Heartbreak to Happiness®. "From Heartbreak To Happiness". It is Aurora's intimate diary of healing after her 33-year-old husband died suddenly, leaving her widowed with a 4-year-old son.


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    Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa

    in Spirituality

    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa, welcomes mystery guest! Oracle of The Sea. Born in Greece, now living on the East Coast, she is a natural intuitive whose gifts were passed down through the lineage of her ancestors.


    Have you ever wondered who are those psychics on the 800 lines, well this is your opportunity to connect with one of the most popular, on Keen. She will share with us information about this week’s full moon, the Blood moon, and how we can maximize the energies of these moon phases to increase love, abundance, and our own spiritual awareness.


    Oracle has an amazing story of ancient history from Greece and her life as a young woman, widowed, and a mother of small children. Successfully she worked in a mainstream job then realized what was missing was her more authentic self as the counselor, and advisor.


    The second half of the show Oracle By The Sea will take caller’s questions.


    Contact information: 1(800) Ask-Keen ext. 04018210                                                                                                         

    Blogtalk radio call in number: 347-838-9862, to listen to the show.

    Press 1 to speak to the guest.

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    in The Bible


    Ida Mukuka, is a widowed mother of two biological children and an orphaned son. In 2001, soon after her brother died of AIDS, she began working as an HIV counselor. Ida advised HIV positive pregnant women on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission and provided care and support to people living with HIV. Her remarkable story is chronicled in Stephanie Nolens book: 28 stories of AIDS IN AFRICA. In 2003 while working as an aids counselor, Ida tested positive. After learning her status, Ida became an even more vocal and passionate activist for people living with HIV and AIDS. She was permoted to the role of DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY OUTREACH. at the CENTER FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASE RESEARCH IN Zambia ( CIDRZ), where she helped to create support groups and a pure education program while people living with HIV and AIDS were provided with counseling and support services to the public offering antiretrovial drugs.

    Ida's leadership and activism earned her a fellowship to study at the Coady International Institute at St Xavier University in Halifax Nova Scotia. While studying at St Fx she was awarded the Catherine Fleming Award for International development. For the last five years, Ida has been a full time Field Representive for SLF in Africa where she has used her skills and experience to help build the capacity of grassroots AIDS organizations throughtout Sub Saharion africa.

    * Contact info: www.stephenlewisfoundation.org  and www.grandmotherscampaign.org 1-888-203-9990 ext 230

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