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    Wicce Women

    in Culture

    Join Lady T and The Charmed Witches every Sunday evening from 8-10 PM as we discuss what it is like to be Wicce (pronounced Witchy) Women in the 21st century. We welome women from all Metaphysicla beliefs to join our discussion. We will interview Experienced Witche,s Renowned Psychics, Best Selling Authors, Astrologers and more as we journey into The Power of Witchcraft and what it truly means to be a Practioner in modern day society. We will discuss The Sabbats, Rituals, Personal Responsiblity, The Threefold Law and Spellwork with those that are experienced in Magick and those still searching their own Magickal Path. Free Psychic Readings each week!

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    Wicce News Recap

    in Spirituality

     Wicce Women recap special for tonights episode 2014 Ocean State Paracon and upcoming Charmed events

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    Christopher Penczak

    in Spirituality

    Tonight, Lady Tara is very pleased to welcome Christopher Penczak to Wicce Women.
    Christopher Penczak is a metaphysical teacher and award-winning author of numerous books, including the critically acclaimed six book Temple of Witchcraft series. He is a Witch, fulfilling the timeless role of the Cunning Man as a healing facilitator through the use of tarot, energy work, pastoral care, and spellcraft. Along with his two partners, Christopher is co-founder of both Copper Cauldron Publishing, and the Temple of Witchcraft tradition/non-profit organization, training Witches and building community throughout the world.

    Christopher will be teaching his workshop,Walking With Merlin in The Magick School classroom at Charmed, 461 South Street in Marlborough, MA 01752 on Thursday April 23, 2015 from 7-9:30pm, EST. Christopher will also be doing a Meet and Greet and autographing his many books that will be available for purchase.

    If you already own part of his collection, bring it with you to class as he will be signing those as well.

    To sign up for this workshop, use this direct link to Magick School:

    For more about Christopher, visit his websites:

    christopherpenczak.com and templeofwitchcraft.org

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    Weekly Wicce News Hour

    in Current Events

    The Wicce News Hour, hosted by Lady Tara Morgan, HPS !

    Current Events,'Charming News' Magick School classes and workshops, recipes, quotes, quips and Magickal tips. Even an occasional Witchy cohost!

    NEW: Spell of the week!

    Each week Lady T will explain and give instructions for The Spell of The Week!

    Have your pen and paper ready!

    **This weekly news hour is a supplement to Wicce Women, Lady T's monthly podcast with national and international guests!**

    Sponsored by:


    Magick School

    The Black Hat Society of Central Massachusetts

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    Katie Snow Editor of The Spellery: A Magazine Bringing Witches Together

    in Culture

    Tonight Lady Tara welcomes Katie Snow, Executive Editor of the newest publication for Witches Everywhere, The Spellery.

    The Spellery magazine is for the novice to the seasoned Witch.

    Charmed In New England and Lady Tara are featured in The May edition, on sale now !

    Get your copy HERE


    The Spellery on Facebook




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    International Singer/Songwriter Kellianna

    in Entertainment

    Tonight Lady Tara welcomes International Songstress Kellianna!

    **This episode opens with the title track form Kellianna's CD, Lady Moon**

    Kellianna is an internationally renowned singer/songwriter and teacher performing powerful Goddess & Mythology inspired folk music and chant at gatherings and venues in 9 countries on 3 continents. She is a certified teacher of SpiritSong, a vocal healing workshop and a powerful tool for freeing the voice and accessing the authentic and unique sound that is you. Kellianna facilitates SpiritSong Circles and wheel of the year Ritual Chant Circles at festivals and shops all over the US, Canada, British Isles, Australia and Europe.
    She is a writer and collector of chant and takes great joy in sharing these chants in her circles. She is experienced in the art of ritual chant, and uses the song to move energy, to celebrate the ancient mysteries, to strengthen, empower, and manifest intention.

    For more information visit:

    Visit: www.kellianna.com



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    Methods of Healing with First Degrees Alex and Tumeria

    in Education

    Tonight, Lady Tara welcomes First Degree Witches Alex and Tumeria, Priest and Priestess of The Lightening Moon Ministry for Healing Arts, for Temple of The 13 Moons. Tumeria is also a Reiki Master and Alex is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. The show will focus upon their unique journey to The Healing Path, their plans for The Lightening Moon Ministry, their upcoming classes at Magick School and Greyhound Friends, a small non-profit organization dedicated to saving racetrack greyhounds and placing them in responsible loving homes.

    For more information,or to sign up for their classes, visit: http://www.magickschool.org

    For more on Greyhound Friends, visit: http://www.greyhound.org/index.cfm

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    Ostara, The First Resurrection & The Easter Bunny

    in Religion

    With Ostara only two days away from this show, Lady T welcomes back Shandarramon to Wicce Women to discuss The Sabbat of Ostara, how and why we worship it and the many ways to celebrate it.
    The discussion will focus upon the history of Easter and the rich associations between the Christian faith 'and The practices of Paganism.The Easter history and traditions that are practiced today "evolved" from Pagan symbols and celebrations: from the ancient Goddess Ishtar to Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny. Easter, perhaps the most important of the Christian holidays, celebrates the Christ's resurrection from the dead following his death on Good Friday. . . a rebirth that is commemorated around the Vernal Equinox, historically a time of Pagan celebration that coincides with the arrival of spring and symbolizes the arrival of light and the awakening of life around us.
    Eggs, Bunnies, The Dawn that arrives with Resurrection of life, and the celebration of Spring all serve to remind us of the cycle of rebirth and the need for renewal in our lives. As The Wheel turns once more,we are reminded of tolerance and as such gracefully accept the interwoven tradions of Pagans and Christians.
    This informative show is a must 'see' and Lady T welcomes callers to offer their opinions and questions during this broadcast.

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    Eastern Mass Pagan Pride Day 2014

    in Spirituality

    Tonight Lady Tara welcomes The High Priest of The MoonPool Coven Leoric The Bard and the new coordinating director of Eastern Mass Pagan Pride Day!  'Rick' and Lady Tara will be discussing the new direction of EMPPD along with some of the events planned and vendors that are participating at this years event where Magikal traditions from all over New England will gather together on the field at Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill, MA to connect with the powers of Mother Nature on September 21, 2014. Eastern Mass Pagan Pride Day 2014 is sponsored by MoonPool Coven and Charmed.

    For more iformation visit these websites:






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    Chris Croucher, Witch, Psychic & Owner of Castings!

    in Entertainment

    Tonight Lady Tara welcomes a wonderful young man, gifted Psychic, Experienced Witch and owner of Castings, Christopher Croucher ! Chris was a fulltime Psychic at Charmed, dazzling our guests with his divine custom blended perfumes, Sage Sprays & Spell bottles along with his spot on readings! He became so popular it naturally made sense that he would venture out on his own and create Castings, where he most recently had a special event creating custom perfumes at Zuzu's Healing Arts.

    Chris is also a trained ballet dancer and will be giving a special performance at The Witches Cotillion Charity Ball on Friday, October 31, 2014, entitled "A Dance For The Dead". http://www.witchescotillion.com

    Chris is now an Educrafter at Magick School, teaching a 12 month intensive course on Magickal Practice. http://www.magickschool.org

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    2014 Ocean State Paracon and RISEUP Paranormal Director Ken DeCosta

    in Paranormal

    Lady Tara Welcomes Ken DeCosta, coordinator for 2014 Ocean State Paracon, an awesome Paranormal event at The Assembly Theater in Harrisville, RI July 19 & 20 and two guest speakers for this event; Christopher Rondina, author of Ghosts of New England, Vampires of New England and Ghost Ships of New England and Chris DiCesare, who's encounter with The Paranormal formed the basis for the independent film, "Please, Talk With Me" and an episode of the SyFy network series 'School Spirits".

    Ken DeCosta is the founder and director of the Rhode-Island based RISEUP Paranormal and a member of the Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) Home Team. Ken has been researching and investigating claims of paranormal activity for over 30 years and he and his team combine modern technology, historical data and in-depth studies of the human condition to conduct objective, systematic and unbiased investigations into unexplained phenomena.

    For more on 2014 Ocean State Paracon, use these links: