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    Relationship Fridays Why do we struggle letting go of our ex's?

    in Social Networking

    Today on my Radio show i'm talking about this 
    Why Do We Struggle With Letting Go Of Our Ex's? Is It Love, The Children, The Great Sex, Or Something Else? Today on my radio Show 6pm eastern.....www.blogtalkradio.com/itsrealtalklive or call in 3478269457

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    Ohio State National Signing Day Preview: Who is left, and who matters?

    in Football

    National Signing Day is just around the corner, so we take some time to take stock of the 2015 class. Who is still left that could be added, who is underrated, and what this class means for Ohio State? We also look at some of the big commitments for future Buckeye classes, what NSD means for the Big Ten, and briefly, a look at Ohio State's suddenly surging basketball team. 

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    New Release: I BUILT IT But They Ain't Coming

    in Marketing

    I BUILT IT, But They Ain't Coming: The Marketing Mogul's Manual on How to Pursue, Date, and Engage Your Customer! The Interview. Discover why you will want read and digest new release by one of Harlem's own, Derrick M. Guest, CEO of Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc. and author of the Marketing Mogul Manual A Guide to Improving Your Marketing Brand!

    Influencer Eula Guest is our interviewee. As Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc, Eula will give us an inside view of how the book came to be and its value for you. A tenacious networker with an influential network, Eula is results oriented and has in-depth experience with all aspects of integrated marketing; on-line, offline, and social media.

    "I Built It, But They Ain't Coming, breaks down complex marketing concepts and relates them to real life situations, setting this book apart from other business books. Small businesses finally have a book that speaks to them." -Terrie M. Williams, Best Selling Author

    "A street-smart, well-focused marketing book." -Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Area Director, Northeastern USA Constant Contact


    Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc


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    The Doomsday Clock: it is now 3 minutes to midnight! What does it mean?

    in Religion

    Special Edition

    What is the Doomsday Clock?  Do we have much time left for the return of Yeshua?

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    How to Work with Spirit

    in Spirituality

    In my next show "How to Work with Spirit," I will be talking about how psychics and meidums develop their skills and how anyone can increase their relationship with Spirit. You don't have to be a fancy pants well-known Spirit person to be able to build a relationship with Spirit- you don't even really have to be a genuinely "good" person, Spirit meets us where we are. And, as always, with my talk I will be taking callers for free mini-readings! :D So go ahead and call-in to be one of the lucky few who get readings live and on air! 

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    M0's sportstalk

    in Sports

    Talking sports and a little bit of everything else.  You will get my honest opinion and prediction's on the weeks biggest games.  On this show we will breakdown the super bowl and I will give my predition on the big game.  Also we will talk about all the big games that took place in the NBA.  We will also discuss about everything that is going on in College Basketball.  If you like sports this is the show for you. Also if you like my show please let your local sports talk radio show know about me.

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    Dads Corp with Jorge Narvaez

    in Dads and Family

    You might remember him from the Ellen Show, NBC’s Americas Got Talent, that Hyundai Commercial or I am sure you have seen his daughter and his beautiful duet of the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song “Home” on YouTube!

    What you see is a loving father singing with his daughter Alexa, what you might not know is the struggles this man has faced throughout his life and the work he is currently doing with Dad’s Corp (a program with SAY San Diego dedicated towards empowering fathers to succeed in being partners, parents, and providers)

    Jorge’s has overcome so much in his personal life, from growing up in a city that everyone thinks is pretty but never get the opportunity to see the gritty; Jorge overcame the odds from middle school to high school he says “it was all about staying alive” staying clear of gang violence and keeping yourself out of trouble wasn’t an easy road to take but Jorge did it.

    During his youth Jorge and his then girlfriend became teen parents, becoming a teen parent is a super hard task and takes an extraordinary support system in order to be able to finish high school and take on the responsibility of parenthood, but the odds got stacked against Jorge even more when he mother was deported back to mexico.

    Jorge is doing incredible work today in the community of San Diego with the Dads Corp Program and on Wednesday February 18th he will be doing a free fathers legal clinic helping fathers understand their rights and provide legal support resources at the Midcity Family Resource Center off El Cajon Blvd.

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    coffee time with the coffeeman, Jan 30, 15

    in Current Events

    I run down a issue the gfs sister experienced. If there is time, I will add other stuff.

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    #97 - Hillary Clinton Is Missing; Trey Gowdy Will Find Her

    in Politics Conservative

    While Hillary is in hiding trying to come up with an acceptable personality (and undoubtedly undergoing some plastic surgery to come up with an acceptable face) there is one person that can find her. Trey Gowdy is that person and he WILL call her to testify on the Benghazi fiasco, hopefully at the worst moment possible. At the same time Republicans lined up in Iowa this week to start the show for the 2016 presidential race. Putin is pushing harder into the Crimea in Ukraine, Obama threatens to veto the Keystone Pipeline after Senate passage, 3 Americans are killed by an Afghani soldier, Islamic radicals have their own day at the Texas legislature. Meanwhile the hottest story on the internet is the woman with 3 breasts!! And we wonder why we’re in the toilet.

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    Getting Healthy

    in Politics

    Everyday Americans are bombarded by multiple government approved toxins in our food, drink, medicine, etc. Don and Tomas have been warning our fellow citizens for years about corruption, treason and whatnot but the message is just not getting through. Why?

    It's because the body and brain of so many Americans has been overwhelmed by poisons designed to debilitate the body, mind and at the end of the line the spirit - the soul. So Don and Tomas thought it might be a good idea to discuss cleaning up our act from these brain and body numbing elixers that have rendered so many of you to mere numbskulls who'll believe anything from a TV set.

    Ask yourselves this question. When someone warns you of the deadly, debilitating effects of vaccines, fluoride, aspartame, GMO, etc. do you ponder and weigh that information or do you ignore, ridicule and chastise the person? Tune in Friday at 6PM and hopefully tune out your mind programmers and poison pushers in government and industry getting rich and powerful making you sick and dead.

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