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    Healing with Whole Foods

    in Self Help

    In this show I will be talking with John Brady who is the President of The International Foundation for Nutrition & Health. John is a long time researcher of how food affects our health and our lives. He has an extensive knowledge of the works of many of the great pioneers of natural health and healing with nutrition such as Dr. Royal Lee & Dr. Melvin Page.
    We will discuss the importance of whole food nutrition for healing diseases and the what, where & how you can begin to use whole foods and whole food supplements to greatly improve your health and vitality.

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    Treat your body to the Vibrancy of Whole Foods with Andrea Dixon-Moore

    in Entertainment

    Have you ever wondered why your body feels tired, sluggish, or aged? Andrea Dixon- Moore has indulged in the fascinating lifestyle of a plant based foodie.  It was three years ago she has committed to changing her diet and living a life full of nutrients.   Andrea has experienced increased energy, mental clarity, and healthier looking skin, hair, & nails. She feels one of the best things about living a whole foods lifestyle is not having to worry about ruining a diet because you ate too much or had seconds!


    Treat your body to a new experience and gain years on your life! Brown Suga Radio will give you the secrets to a better body from Andrea Dixon-Moore, who believes the greatest wealth is health. Join us in our live chat.


    For more information Andrea J. Moore can be reached at:



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    Live An Extraordinary Life - 16 Week Holistic Whole Foods Program

    in Health

    Kathleen is the owner of Pure Choice Holistic Health Centre located in Blenheim Ontario Canada. She is also a Board Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Health and Lifestyle Facilitator Coach, a Certified Whole Foods Coach and a World Peace Diet Facilitator. 

    After her 50th birthday, Kathleen embarked on a journey of self transformation and personal development. Her experience was truly a mindset and lifestyle makeover and today she helps clients to take their next step toward an earth friendly way of life by educating and supporting them in transitioning to a whole foods, plant based lifestyle and to give them the tools necessary to bring vitality, love and joy back into their lives.

    Website www.pcholistichealth.com




    This show is sponsored by Penny Peddie, Law of Attraction Trainer and Founder of Penny For Your Thoughts at http://www.pennypeddie.com

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    Whole foods, Raw Foods & Superfoods for Babies & Toddlers

    in Moms and Family

    Bored of giving your kids the same old foods? Not sure how to make healthy food that they'll actually eat? Curious about raw foods and superfoods, but not sure where to start?
    Join Intuitive Mom, Ann O'Brien, and special guest Janabai Amsden and walk away with delicious new ideas for healthy baby food!
    Janabai Amsden is president and co-founder of Rawvolution, a raw, organic cafe and juicery in Santa Monica.  She is also co-author of the recently published book 'The Rawvolution Continues'.  Janabai has spoken extensively on nutrition, cleansing and wellness and is a leader in green business and socially conscious entrepreneurship. She is the mother of twin boys and daily designs menus for them combining raw, organic, whole foods and Superfoods to support optimal health.
    For more on Janabai and Rawvolution visit http://www.elrcafe.com

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    PAIRED: Guest Whole Foods experts talking turkey about Thanksgiving

    in Food

    It is time to start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner and for most of us that means creating the perfect turkey that not only tastes great, but looks magnificent on the table.

    Before you head to the store, listen to PAIRED and live this Monday Evening at 6:30PM EST here on CommDigiNews.com (click image below to launch radio player).

    This Monday, November 17, Chef Mary's guest is Whole Foods Turkey experts. Wine Expert Duane Pemberton will be there to guide you through choosing wines that will pair with your meal.

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    Whole Foods for Living Bodies

    in Pets

    Cassie Schuster, ND is an Equine & Traditional Naturopathic Doctor.   Dr. Cassie is dedicated to promoting holistic practices and the use of whole food as a platform for healing. She enjoys participating in clinics and community events to teach and give support to others on how to care for their horse in gentle, non-toxic ways.  She is a 2nd generation Texas Aggie and an advocate for abandoned and abused animals.   Click here to read Dr. Cassie’s credentials.  Click here to Meet Dr. C and read her bio.        

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    Whole Foods, Real Food

    in Environment

    Patrick Bradley, Regional President, Whole Foods Southern Pacific Region


    Whole Foods is what I call a needle mover. They are the hope for more organic produce and for more free range, hormone-free, cruelty-free meats. They are the hope for the little guy wanting to do the right thing. Patrick Bradley puts a face on all of that. As Regional President of the Southern Pacific Region, Patrick oversees the largest region in the company with 41 stores, a commissary, bake house and distribution center. One of the things I admire? In the past twenty-five years with Whole Foods, Patrick has worked his way up the ranks, having held Store Team Leader Positions at three California locations. I am certain he has some very interesting stories to share about his journey. This show  sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.

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    TIGER BAIT Raw Whole Foods for Pets

    in Pets

    Tiger Bait provides complete and balanced nutrition for dogs, cats, and other carnivores using a recipe made by nature itself. Our recipe is made from 10 all natural and organic human-grade ingredients, packaged raw, and frozen to preserve freshness.

    Feeding your dog or cat the best nutrition available just became easier with Tiger Bait All Natural Pet Food. Our nutritionally balanced recipe is modeled on the meal nature intended a carnivore to eat - fresh, raw prey - and is made with over 80% chicken and organ meat, ground whole including bones, plus our superhealthy mix of organic ingredients like carrots, spirulina, yogurt and eggs.

    Tiger Bait is premium quality pet food that's responsibly packed in reusable, returnable containers. Our customers and their pets love the delicious, nutrient-rich formula that provides a noticeably better quality of life. Conveniently sold in specially designed freezer-safe and resealable plastic containers, Tiger Bait's grain- and filler-free recipe allows you to feed your pet up to 50% less while still receiving more nutrients than a commercial canned or bagged diet could ever provide. 

    Available in 3 convenient sizes, Tiger Bait can be either picked up at the Mandeville Trailhead or Covington Trailhead on Saturdays, or purchased any time from Good Dog Naturally in Covington. Want more information? Contact us today at tigerbaitraw@gmail.com and let us know your questions, or come speak to us at either of the Farmer's Markets. You can check out the local vendors, eat some incredible fresh food, and talk to us about why Tiger Bait is simply the BEST choice for your pets!

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    Get Fresh in Your Kitchen! Eating Fresh Whole Foods

    in Food

    How Fresh are you?  How fresh is the food in your kitchen this month? Do you feel like your fresh fruit and vegetable choices are limited in the winter?  Thanks to imports, you can now find more in stores.  Question is, should you buy avocadoes from Mexico or grapes from Chili? Do you go down the frozen aisle to buy corn and strawberries instead? What is the best way, the most cost-efficient way to save money, to eat delicious ripe anti-oxidant filled mangoes, spinach and all those other power-packed fresh fruits and vegetables in the dark of winter? And, how do pick them out at the store and serve them to your family so they will gobble them up, keeping in mind you have no time to spare?  Learn to shop for and prepare fresh whole foods for a busy family without breaking the bank!
    This week, co-host Stacey Antine, RD (HealthBarn USA), author of Appetite for Life and I are so eager to introduce you to one amazing Celebrity Chef, Curtis Aikens, published author (Guide to the Harvest), Chef, Food Network TV Program Host and so much more. Vegetables and fruit are his passion. Come get fresh with us!
    Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen. Tune in, www.W4WN.com. Listen in while you are busy preparing or already enjoying your dinner. See you then! … for the health of your family, ellen (host) KidKritics.com

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    "Extraordinary Desserts"

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of "RENDEZVOUS with KENT"..."Extraordinary Desserts", Kent is Joined by two sisters that put the Haute Couture in Cake Designing! Their extraordinary designs were recently on display at THE WHITE HOUSE!

    Guest Co-Host Lauren from Nordstrom, Inc.

    Sponsored by:


    Whole Foods Market

    Visit us at: www.RendezvousWithKent.com

    Podcast: www.BlogTalkRadio.com/RendezvousWithKent.rss

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    "You Are The... ONE"

    in Romance

    On this episode of "RENDEZVOUS with KENT"..."You Are The...ONE!", we give you tips on how to find... "THE ONE" by being "THE ONE"! Stop looking for someone to complete you, complete yourself first!!

    Guest Co-Host: Nordstrom, Inc. Makeup Artist/Stylist Lauren

    Sponsored by:


    Whole Foods Market

    Visit us at: www.RendezvousWithKent.com

    Podcast: www.BlogTalkRadio.com/RendezvousWithKent.rss

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