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    Be Strong in the Lord and Do Not Give Up !

    in Spirituality

    Scripture Text : Ephesians 6:10-20

    Key Verse : Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might (KJV).

    Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power (NIV).

    Ephesians 6: 11

    Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Wherefore take unto you the whole armor od God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

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    in Religion

    BLESSED GREAT DAY OF UNLEAVENED BREAD TO ALL!  Let us therefore seek ALL required to PREPARE for HOME!
    HOW shall YOU know indeed the DIFFERENCE between the RIGHTEOUS and the WICKED?    Between them who SERVE YAH, and them who SERVE HIM NOT? (Mal.3:18-4:6 .. Mat.7:13-<21>-28, 24:10-25, 5:14-21, 1Cor.3:18-4:5)   YAH reveals the TRUTH to the MOST HUMBLY DILIGENT SOUL!   For BLESSED are they who are VERY CAREFUL that they DO NOT MOCK the NAME OF MOST HIGH YAH!  Know that it is the MISrepresentatives that HATE the fact YAH has foreordained indeed a sure CHOSEN but HIDDEN REPRESENTATIVE; that the MOST HUMBLE SOULS may DISCERN and escape the SNARES of BABYLON'S  MANY PRETENTIOUS and PRESUMPTUOUS DECEIVERS!  (Isaiah 48:1-<49:1-6, 45:15-<19-45:19>-46:8-13)   With an utmost HUMBLE HEART, PRAY constantly brethrenfor fullness of discerning knowledge of HIS will, that YAH shall delight in your diligent RESPECT for HIM!   Many are they who are already proven UNworthy to discern TRUTH in time!   Yet a word to the WISE in sufficient! (Romans 11:25-12:4)  For none has eyes lest YAH grant!
    Eph 6:10  Finally, be strong in YAH and in the strength of His power.  11  Put on the WHOLE ARMOR of YAH, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  12  For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the RULERS, against the AUTHORITIES, against the cosmic powers of this PRESENT DARKNESS, against the spiritual forces of evil in the high places. 13  Therefore take up the WHOLE ARMOR of YAH, so that you may be able to withstand on that evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.

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    Harvest New Life

    in Art

    Answer: Ephesians 6:17 instructs us to put on the whole armor of God and to “take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” When a soldier suited up for battle, the helmet was the last piece of armor to go on. It was the final act of readiness in preparation for combat. A helmet was vital for survival, protecting the brain, the command station for the rest of the body. If the head was badly damaged, the rest of the armor would be of little use

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    The Whole Armor, Life Is A Battlefield!

    in Politics Conservative

    Life is a battleground and a contact sport. It can be bloody. It can be hurtful. The Whole Armor of God is real, for the very real battles we face, and it can and does protect us from death. But in the church nowadays we pull each others armor off when we see another Christian… Read More »

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    Don't buy the lie! Put on the whole armor of God, and watch and pray.

    in Religion

    Many Christians are not living according to God's plan for their lives because they have bought the lies of the devil. How can we safeguard ourselves? By watching and praying with the whole armor of God, living lives consecrated to Him, and obeying His word.

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    Defiant against Satan, Breaking the Yokes of Bondage

    in Spirituality

    Understanding what is Spiritual Warfare, Looking at the conflicts between good and evil. Addressing Satan's weapons used against believers. Understanding Stronghold, what is a stronghold, identifying strongholds in our lives and bringing down Strongholds. Learning how to wear or put on the Appropriate Armor for Battle against Satan. Part three


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    "Put On The Whole Armor Of God"

    in Religion

    We need the armor of God each day we live to be able to withstand the devil.
    Rev. Darrell Albright
    Ephesians 6

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    Cultivating Work-Life Balance & Wellness Through Mindfulness w/ Jennifer Wolkin

    in Management


    In this age of mass distraction, honing our ability to cultivate work-life balance has never been more crucial. More and more, we are sacrificing our overall wellness by pushing ourselves mentally and physically in a quest to do it all.  We are working longer hours and never “turning off”.  This leads to chronic stress, which wreaks havoc on our mind, bodies, and brains.  As our stress levels spike, our ability to be present in our lives diminishes, and both our personal and professional selves feel compromised. By practicing mindfulness techniques, we can learn to tune into what we truly need to nourish ourselves, reduce stress, and thrive as an integrated and whole person. 

    Bio: Jennifer Wolkin, PhD is a NYC-based licensed clinical health and neuropsychologist, writer, speaker, and adjunct professor.  She recently founded her blog and online community, BrainCurves™, a space inspired by a mind-body-brain approach to living your best life.

    To find Jennifer Wolkin online:

    Twitter: @Braincurves

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/BrainCurves/

    Website: http://jenniferwolkinphd.com/speaking-and-workshops/

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    in Self Help

    Simple Wellness Hair & Day Spa's reputation is quite impressive (just check out our reviews), but why?!?!?!  On this show, I will interview the Rock Stars, who continues to take their Good to Great!  As you know, my shows dig deeper than most.  It's not enough to know what they do, but tonight; we shall learn why they do it!  Whether it is specializing in natural hair, being a massage therapist or choosing to be an expert skin care specialist, or operating behind the scenes as a support member...WHY?  What is the driving force in these amazing people that makes them want to continue to give of themselves on a daily basis?  We will discuss their own personal growth and beauty enhancing journey, the daily routines that they do to keep them reaching to a higher level of greatness and give a transparent perspective as to why it is extremely important for YOU to be selective of who you entrust your beauty and wellness needs to!!!!   

    Join us tonight in this exclusive discussion, as we share some industry trade tips and secrets, and reveal to you why your spa service technicians should be carefully selected!  You wouldn't just choose your surgeon based off of his/her availability would you, well listen and learn why it shouldn't be done in the spa industry either.

    Show starts at 7pm
    you may listen in by calling (646)929-0630 or online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/familyhealingcircle/2016/05/05/total-empowerment-presents-meet-the-team
    To join in on the conversation; call the same number, then press 1
    All business owners are invited to call and promote their service and/or business for FREE
    Total Empowerment may be replayed at any time, at the "about us" page at www.dayspasw.com

  • Everything coming up crimson on BAMS!

    in Sports

    NFL Draft has come and gone, and a whole bunch of Bama players are off to play professionally. We'll recap the draft, as well as discuss a recent basketball commitment. Also, the Bo Davis news broke in the past week, and the fallout from his resignation continues as we speak. The action kicks off at 7 with Drew DeArmond, Cary Clark & Thomas Watts. Be there or be Auburn.

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    'Overcome Allergies Naturally" - King Coy Dunston

    in Health

    Tune in to hear King Coy Dunston share his powerful testimony of watching his mother recover from cancer in both breasts, the liver and her colon after the physicians had given her only 6 weeks to live. Using a whole foods plant-based diet and prayer with fasting, Coy was able to witness the power of plant based nutrition as his mother completely recovered from the cancer diagnosis.

    35 years have passed and King Coy Dunston is still using and educating the public on plant based nutrition. Don't miss this exciting show!!

    Tune in from 7:00-8:00pm est. You may also call in to ask questions by dialing (347) 324-5727.    

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