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    The Event Jeannie's Fall "Wet Your Whistle" series - What's a whiskey really?

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    Get ready for a special treat because on Wednesday, October 15th at noon, our Fall “Wet your Whistle” series continues with a special guest, Chris Fletcher!  The assistant master distiller of the oh-so-eponymous Jack Daniel’s, will be schooling us on all things whiskey.  Have you ever wondered why almost half of the liquor at a bar fits under the category of whiskey?  Well Chris is going to help us unravel the mystery of what makes a scotch or bourbon different from other types of whiskey.

    Maybe, if we are lucky, he will even spill the dirt on how some of the tales of “mischief, revelry, & whiskey” came about.  You won’t know unless you join us this Wednesday!

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    Wet Your Whistle Series w/ Johnnie Walker's Master of Whiskey, Stephen Wilson

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    You break it, you buy it.  However, breaking a superior strength Johnnie Walker bottle may be harder than you think.  If you want to know why, tune in on Wednesday, October 29th at noon as we continue our Fall “Wet Your Whistle” series.  We will be joined by Johnnie Walker’s Master of Whiskey, Stephen Wilson, who since 2006 has been the host of the Johhnie Walker Journey and the House of Walker experience at events across the country. The company has been the winner of multiple international awards for quality and the recipient of the Royal Warrant. We will hear about that, and get the inside scoop on his travels to Cardhu, where he studied the Johnnie Walker art of blending.  An impressive feat considering the company has the largest collection of whiskies in the world.  It is no wonder why; the brand boasts six separate labels, from the number one Scotch Whiskey in the world (The Red Label) to the highly revered Blue Label.   

    Don’t underestimate the powers of scotch.  If it can save Indiana Jones’ life in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” who knows what Johnnie Walker can do for you? #keepwalking

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    In the footsteps of America's Founding Fathers & along the Whiskey Trail

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    Join World Footprints as we explore American History through the voices and houses of the country's Founding Fathers with award-winning author Myron Magnet.  In his book, The Founders at Home: The Building of America, 1735 - 1817, Magnet says that among all of our founders accomplishments the American Revolution has been the country's only enduring success.

    We are also going to review American History from another angle--America's Whiskey Trail.   Saturday Evening Post contributor Todd Pitock will take us to the birth places of America's native spirit.

    Finally, we will revisit our coverage of the Sochi Paralympic Games with a post script segment.  You will meet another favorite of the Games when we introduce two-time Silver Medalist Mark Bathum and his guide Cade Yamamoto.  Mark and Cade won their medals in the Men's Super G and Super Combined Alpine events for the visually impaired.

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    Whiskey Lube, Tasers and Lesbian Comics - Oh My!

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    In She Said, She Said #84, Genia and Andrea:
    * Review the Lezberados show
    * Discuss why Genia's buying a taser - and definitely plans to use it!
    * Review Whiskey Dick - a new sex lube
    The girls also discuss the 'gentleman' who fathered 30 kids with 11 baby-mamas and he's begging for a child support break.  FOR REAL?
    Listen to more SistersTalk Radio. Subscribe to SistersTalk Radio on iTunes. Follow Genia on Twitter. Become a SistersTalk Radio fan on Facebook.

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    12/16 - Fantasy Championship Week, It's All Good

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    Hey gang,

    Been on this road for quite a while now, so it's also bittersweet when we get to the end of it. From the draft to preseason to the home stretch and now into the final playoff games of the year, this is what it has all led up to. Waiver wire picks for this week could be the reason that you win or lose the all-important championship game. Trends can help you determine who to start over someone else in your lineup. We'll go over both and bring up a few other interesting topics along the way. Ah, football. Looking forward, we'll also discuss some ways to continue fantasy games past the usual post-season of weeks 14-16 and let you know about our plans going forward for 2015.

    Thanks for joining us,

    Dave and Jason

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    A Kind Voice on Music Hunter Monroe

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    This show features the blues rock diva and two time American Idol finalist, Hunter Monroe. Her honey and whiskey sound and her crisp vocals, at a time when female singers have been arriving in waves, she is a rarity; an authentic artist who brings an irresistible blend of musicality and lyrical insight to everything she touches.

    Host Mitch Ruth will visit with Hunter as they discuss, modern blues, growing up in Harlem, moving to Music City USA and the importance of having a good club to be your home base. Mitch may even get to ask the eternal question, "Why is it that your sinuses always act up right before a big gig?"


    Hunter's website http://www.huntermonroe.net/

    Hunter's Kickstarter Project Page

    Like Hunter on Facebook!!!



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    Sistahs on Lit speaks with Crystal Alexis

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    Crystal Alexis was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where she attended Richards Career Academy. While in school, she aspired to become an accountant, however she earned a degree in Automotive Technology and several certificates  in Pharmacy Technology and Bill Collecting. Crystal spent a few years as manager of Jeffy Lube.

     After years of reading and running a book club, she grew a passion for writing. In 2013 she signed to Creative Flow Publications, where she published Social Deception 1 & 2. More recently, Crystal has become a member of K Ellis Publications and part owner on SWAG Presents with Yara Kaleemah. She also co-hosts Gossip Village Radio and took part in developing  “Please Don’t Kill Me:  An Anthology against Domestic Violence.” Though Crystal’s greatest joy comes from being an outstanding mother to her two children, Tres’ore and Jalil, and being a caregiver to her mother, she would say that writing has changed her life.

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    Denny Carleton- You Tube Experiment

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          I have uploaded some new You Tube  Videos that have some good stories behind them. Whiskey Island which traces the history of Cleveland Ohio's first  settlers, This Is Your Life based on TV Game Shows, JourneyTo The  Manger an Advent Song and My Rust Belt a song that I wrote about my home town region and then recorded it  with Randy Klawon who I played with in The Choir (It;s Cold Outside)..First three callers will recieve a copy of  Randy Klawon's and I new CD Where Angels Sing

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    Whirl With Merle

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    You'll never think of an ice cream pop as common when you've tried Buzz Bar, pops infused with real alchohol and not simply the flavor.  There are presently six flavors.  Larry King Heart Bar of berry sorbet and merlot wine. The Buzz Café of coffee ice cream and Irish Cream. Blitzed Berry with strawberry ice cream and rum.  Bourbon Street Chocolate has chocolate ice cream and whiskey. Citrus Berry Drop with raspberry lemon drop sorbet and lemon vodka.  The Drunken Cookie of cookies and cream ice cream with bourbon.  Vanilla Daze has vanilla ice cream with cognac.  Amy Freeman will give us the lowdown. . www.buzzbaricecream.com  

    Going to Charleston, South Carolina?  There are various tours going but Bulldog Tours has a culinary tour that not only takes you for the tastes of low country cuisine, gives you history of the area as well.  Kathy will take us on this tour. www.bulldogtours.com

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    TCH-RIB Present The Whiskey Rebellion Ep 12: Banning the Redskins and More!

    in Current Events

    Tonight on The Whiskey Rebellion we'll be taking a look at all the troubles in the NFL, specifically the Redskins controversy, the suspension of Bill Simmons from ESPN over his Goodell rant and more!

    We'll also be looking at these stories:

    "Withholding Sex" Now Considered Sexual Violence at U of M

    Katherine Timpf - 350-Pound Woman: I’m Obese Because I Don’t Get Enough Taxpayer Money

    Incest a 'fundamental right', German committee says - Telegraph

    The stories and a list!






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